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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...again! They tried before and failed...so this is Unfinished Business!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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We Had a Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently
March 6

Going to a mining down in the Outback of Australia after a "gas-and-go" PIT STOP put the Racers in Aboriginal art class and studying the periodic table in kangaroo outfits. At the end of the class field trip, however, Zev & Justin (Team Puzzle Pieces) hold on to their passports and win the Leg while Amanda & Kris (Team Amandakris) again fall victim to a U-TURN and were Philiminated. Ten teams remain to try to win the million dollars that eluded them...who will be out next?

Well, once the teams were all checked in, they hoped on a train ride from Broken Hill back to Sydney. After enjoying the view during the ride, they arrive at...


The two friends stand at the platform and start the third Leg of the Race with this clue:



Fly nearly 5000 miles to your next stop: Tokyo, Japan. When you land, head for the Rotating Parking Garage to find your next clue.

You have $607 for this Leg of the Race.

Zev is reminded of their LAST visit to Japan, when he had to eat a spice wasabi roll. They take a cab to Sydney International. The other teams' depart times (all local):
Flight Time & Big Easy (Herb & Nate, Team Trotters): 1205
Jet & Cord (Team Cowboy Bebop): 1208
Kisha & Jen (Team Cardinal Sisters): 1209
Margie & Luke (Team Hear My Song!): 1210
Mel & Mike (Team West Hollywood): 1214
Kevin & Vyxsin (Team Dating Goths): 1216
Jaime & Cara (Team Hollaback Girls): 1224
Gary & Mallory (Team KY/Dad): 1226
Ron & Christina (Team Who's Your Daddy?): 1228

The first three teams decide to take an express train to the airport...but the girls arrive too late. Margie & Luke find a travel agency and Mel & Mike follow them in. The goths go to an internet cafe and check out Travelocity.com(TM) for flights and the cheerleaders find a different agency. The beauty queen and her father take a cab while the (we learn recently-engaged) Chinese girl and HER father go online.

Team Hear My Song and Team W. Hollywood find that the earliest flight into Tokyo arrives at 6am...but there's a connection to be made in Hong Kong. Margie is worried about cancellations or delays and would much rather take the direct flight arriving at 6:15am. Team Cowboy Bebop and Team Trotters find Team Puzzle Pieces using free Internet access at the airport and find the same quandary: direct flight arriving at 6:15...or connecting flight arriving at 6am? Jet & Cord decide to play it safe and get on the direct Quantas flight. When Team Cardinal Sisters arrive on a later train, they likewise take the direct flight. Team Who's Your Daddy decide on the same at their Internet cafe, as do Team KY/Dad at the airport. But Kevin & Vyxsin, ever the contrarians, decide to chance the Cathay Pacific flight with connection, as do Jaime & Cara. The b-ballers and friends waffle while the mother/son and father/son teams at the agency take a calculated risk and choose the connecting flight.

The four men go to Cathay's office...and they find that there are only two seats left on the connecting flight. Herb & Nate say they owe Zev & Justin for helping them at Manly in Leg 1...so they gave the friends the seats on the Cathay flight and booked their OWN flight on the Quantas. When Gary & Mallory see some of the teams at the airport, they ask if there are earlier flights...and everyone gets tightlipped.

Kent & Vyxsin, Jaime & Cara, Margie & Luke, Mel & Mike, Zev & Justin
Jet & Cord, Kisha & Jen, Ron & Christina, Gary & Mallory, Herb & Nate


(Well, at least they won't be chowing down fake food or looking for boats in the dark like the LAST Race.)

The Cathay flight lands...and, wouldn'tcha know it, there's a problem with one of the engines. The five teams will be delayed (possibly for a good while)...and they definitely wished they had taken the surefire flight to...:


At 6:15am, the Quantas plane touches down and the ten Americans who were once behind are now ahead. It's a quick jog outside the terminal to the parking garage with what looks like a Ferris-wheel-esque machine turning cars around and around. Gary & Mallory, Herb & Nate and Kisha & Jen arrive to see this next clue:



Ask the garage attendant for a car in the rotating garage and drive yourselves to the city of Kamakura (over 30 miles away). Once there, find your way to Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū and go to the Yabusame Dojo to find your next clue.

Team KY/Dad split first...but the sisters had other plans for Team Trotters. The girls pressed a button to get their OWN car BEFORE the guys did. So Cardinal Girls leave in 2nd...and the tall men CRAM themselves into their car and leave in 3rd. Ron & Christina leave in fourth (though slow as hell) and Jet & Cord in 5th.

65 minutes after the Quantas flight lands, Cathay Pacific's ailing plane touches down. A 15-minute lead has become and over-an-hour deficit for the five teams. When they arrive at that garage, Margie & Luke get everyone to agree to wait for each other. But there's confusion concerning Kent & Vyxsin's car and Jaime & Cara's car...and, more importantly, getting in front of each other en route out. The leaders of the last Leg leave in last (after a "Press Your Luck" reference as they awaited their car).

Now it's a matter of navigating the busy Tokyo streets (yes, apparently, even busy in the early morning) to get out of the city. Christina asks a fellow motorist where to go...and Ron thinks they could be lost because of said driver's "ineptitude". The other teams (save for the cowboys) were following Gary & Mallory (like THAT'S a good idea) while Team Cowboy Bebop find their own way to...


As it turns out, the motorist was NOT so inept...and Team Who's Your Daddy are the first to find Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū. They pass by what looks like a demonstration of jousting-meets-archery as a horseman shoots targets while riding on horseback. No time to admire it too much, though; they run to the dojo and find:



One team member must dress in a Samurai costume and take part in a Yabusame Ritual. First, you must copy a ritual form shown to you by a Samurai, including a part with a bow-and-arrow, before a master. Once cleared, you must then mount a wooden horse that will be spinning slowly and hit a target with an arrow. When you hit the target correctly to launch confetti behind it, the master will hand you your next clue.

Christina has faith that Ron can do this, so he goes in and gets dressed...but he worries about the precession needed to hit a target. The teams following Team KY/Dad arrive, but Kisha & Jen get lost finding the dojo. Gary is chosen to be the second Samurai-wannabe, and Flight Time goes in third. But the men aren't exactly coordinated. Jen goes in the dojo in fourth and likes the outfit. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord...are lost in Tokyo...along with the back five, who pull over to discuss over a map like Shogun going to war. Zev & Justin decide to go their own way.

At the dojo, the men and woman still have problems, though Gary and Flight Time DO pass the first part of the form. The bow-and-arrow part...not so much. Zev joins the others in 5th while Justin reacquaints himself with the front-runners. The other four have trouble finding someone who speaks the lingo...and, by that, I mean THEIR lingo. Mike & Mel suggest to Margie & Luke to break up to convoy and find their own way as well. Aaaaaand the cowboys are STILL lost, thanks to the Japanese signage.

Back at the dojo, it was the lone female who stuck to the details. The form: fine. The bow-and-arrow part: acceptable. The shot to the target (complete with "YOSH!" shout): perfect! Team Cardinal Sisters are the first out of the ROADBLOCK. And their reward?



Drive yourselves to Minamiashigara area, and find the Daiuzan Railway Station. There, find the Kintaro statue to find your next clue.

(Somehow, I...doubt it's a statue of a four-armed cat-creature from "Mortal Kombat II")

The ladies leave the men in their dust. Justin uses a different approach; instead of memorizing the form, he worked out what each move MEANS so he could best fake it. The arrow hits the target dead-on and Zev & Justin make up the hour-long delay and leave in second. Gary finally gets on the horse and splits the board, meaning he and Mallory leave in 3rd, right on their tails.

Team Dating Goths, Team West Hollywood and Team Hear My Song arrive at the ROADBLOCK, where Kevin, Mike and Luke take on the task. Apparently, unlike the other teams, Margie was allowed in to sign for Luke. Meanwhile, Flight Time hits the target and he and Big Easy split in 4th. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the cowboys FINALLY find their way, arriving in 9th at the ROADBLOCK and letting Cord have his way. Ron finally gets on his horse and ALMOST flubs the shot...but he and Christina leave in 5th.

And what of the cheerleaders? Well, they've been delayed again...by an accident they caused. The driver's mirror is cracked and shattered...and he's calling the police and his insurance company. Looks like Jaime & Cara are gonna be there for a good while....at least until after the commercial break. The cop shows up, some minor paperwork is filled out and the Hollaback Girls are back on the road...though unsure of where they're going and QUITE sure that they're going to be eliminated.

Kisha & Jen get directions...from a funeral home owner. But it's Mallory who finds the statue of Kintaro (aka "Golden Boy", a strong but kind boy in Japanese folklore) along with two boys waving Japanese flags. She yells at Zev & Justin to follow Gary's driving towards it. As it is, they are pretty much tied for first .

The second flight lands and the other ten Racers get THEIR clue to the reserve/ And, for ONCE, Team KY/Dad know EXACTLY where they're going. It's Team Who's Your Daddy that's clueless this time around)


Zev & Justin are the first to spy the clue box, with Kisha & Jen and Mike & Mel right on their bumpers. And they open to find the Race's first...



PRAYER OF PURITY: Teams must drive to a waterfall and take part in a Shinto cleansing ritual. They will wear the garb of Shinto priests or priestesses (with your names on them) and then learn a prayer that is both vocal and physical. Then head INTO the waterfall (fed from the snows of Mt. Fuji) and stand under the 45-degree stream of water for one minute. Upon doing that, you will receive your next clue.

FROG OF LUCK: Teams must drive to a nearby mud pit. There you must strip down and wear Japanese undergarments before wading around in the large mud pit. While onlookers pelt you with mud, you must find a ceramic frog (a frog is a sign of luck in Japan). Bring the luck frog to the Grand Master looking over the pit and he will give you your next clue.

The two teams decide to dig for frogs in the mud. When Herb & Nate arrive, they and Ron & Christina prefer to go the PURITY route. Kisha & Jen find their way and choose FROG OF LUCK.

As five do the DETOUR, the last team to the ROADBLOCK arrive. Still seeing teams there gives them hope as Jaime goes in to start the task. But no sooner than she starts to learn the form than Luke nails the target and he and Margie leave in 6th. This is swiftly followed by Cord in 7th, Kent in 8th...and Mike in 9th. So much for that.

At the FROG OF LUCK part of the DETOUR, the first two teams go in to don their QUITE revealing undergarments. Team Puzzle Pieces are first to get into the pit...and the mud starts a-flyin'! Team KY/Dad show up (Mallory in a tasteful bra) and freak out at what they've gotten themselves into. Still, unto the breach they go.

Meanwhile, at PRAYER OF PURITY, THOSE first two teams arrive. Christina hopes the prayer will give them serenity that has been lacking as of late. Team Trotters look...KINDA ridiculous doing the prayer at the shrine and SOUND even worse. But they get the nod. As Team Who's Your Daddy do the shrine part, Herb & Nate do the bo staff part, which includes a lot of yelling.

Back at the DETOUR box, Margie & Luke and Jet & Cord spot Kintaro and both choose LUCK. Back FURTHER at the ROADBLOCK, Jaime quickly works on the form and does it well...but her archery leaves much to be desired. Still she manages to nail it after a few tries and she and Cara depart in last.

"I found one, Zevy," shouts Justin as he hauls up a frog from the muck. :



Drive yourselves to Kurihama area of Yokosuka and find the monument commemorating the first arrival of Commodore Perry in Japan. This is the PIT STOP of this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

The friends leave (after a good spritzing off) to try to win back-to-back Legs. A short while later, Gary finds a frog as well and leaves the DETOUR in second with Mallory sloshing behind. As they leaves, Team Cardinal Sisters arrive, complaining that they "don't do bikinis". The mud must not do much for their esteem, either.

Back at the DETOUR box, Team Dating Goths go for FROG OF LUCK, thinking it'd be fun. Team West Hollywood think the same thing. And Team Hollaback Girls? Same thing.

Back at PURITY, though, Team Trotters are freezing their b-balls off as they get dunked in a DIFFERENT way in the icy pool. As they stand under the waterfall (grimacing, no doubt), Team Who's Your Daddy do the Bo staff portion of the ritual. As the two players leave the pool, Big Time shouts, "I want my mama!" They are about to leave...but they need their backpacks...and they pick up Christina's fanny pack. As Ron & Christina get dunked, Team Trotters leave the pack in the dressing room. Of course, Christina doesn't KNOW this and freaks out. After a few minutes, they think the GTs took it by accident so they head back to the dressing rooms...and there it is. Ron is NOT happy!

At the mudhole, Kisha finds a frog...and accidentally flashes the camera like it's Mardi Gras. She gets the Grand Master muddy with a clue and then head off. As they change OUT, Jet & Cord and Margie & Luke change INTO the "diapers". Since Cord seems to know all about "giggin' frogs", he stays low near the mud and, lo and behold, finds it fairly fast...even before Team Hear My Song steps in! They leave in 6th and the mother/son team are joined by Kent & Vyxsin in the "theater in the ground". Mel & Mike join them a little later.


At the spot where Commodore Matthew C. Perry all but forced open Japan to the Western world in order to get good whaling spots, Zev & Justin spy Phil and TWO Shinto priestesses at the PIT STOP. Phil gladly appoints them, again, Team #1! The Travelocity(TM) trip THIS time is a five-nighter to Costa Rica!

The mudslogging continues as the sun starts to set and lights illuminate the field. It's Vyxsin who finds the next frog and leaves the DETOUR in 7th. Somehow, Kent's make-up held up...and Vyxsin gives Kent a jab about not working hard enough. Margie finds the next and she and Luke leave the father/son team in the dust...er, mud. After a while, Mike is ready to give up the ghost, even if it includes a six-hour penalty. But Mel refuses to surrender, knowing Jaime & Cara are behind them.

As nighttime sets in, so do the teams. Team KY/Dad is Team #2, Team Trotters is #3 and Team Who's Your Daddy is #4. Oh, wait a sec...Christina complains about the Trotters taking her fanny pack...and Phil decides to make Ron & Christina Team #3 and give Herb & Nate a 30-minute penalty. Because of that, Team Cardinal Sisters is #4. The Trotters finish the penalty at #5 and Team Cowboy Bebop nab #6. Team Dating Goths are #7 and, as the rain comes down, Team Hear My Song takes #8

As Mel & Mike take a breather in a warm hospital van, Team Hollaback Girls arrive and get to digging! After warming up a bit, the men are ready to get back into the fray...but the girls find the frog and depart in 9th! Mel is heartbroken...but the girls didn't even KNOW that Team West Hollywood was still THERE! So what a surprise to the girls when they arrived at Phil, expecting to go home...and find out they're Team #9!

Whether or not Mel & Mike finished the DETOUR is unknown. The next we see are them jogging up to Phil in the rain and getting the bad news: they're last...and they're gone. Still, they think they've grown closer together...and that Mike TRULY cares more for Mel than about the Race...and that's a great feeling.



1) Zev & Justin (EVEN) - Cancun, Costa Rica
2) Gary & Mallory (+7) - Express Pass
3) Ron & Christina (+7)
4) Kisha & Jen (EVEN)
5) "Flight Time" & "Big Easy" (-3)
6) Jet & Cord (-6)
7) Kent & Vyxsin (EVEN)
8) Margie & Luke (-3)
9) Jaime & Cara (-1)
ELIMINATED) Mel & Mike (-4)

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace