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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!


We go from Croatia to Tuscany, and after driving, flying, and getting inked, we arrived at the Pit Stop with Kynt & Vyxsin dead last, but still hanging on. How will they fare when we throw a Speed Bump into the mix?

PIT STOP: Boboli Gardens; Florence, Italy

After 12 hours of sampling the fine dining and sleeping arrangements, Nic & Don are first out the date at 10:12p.

Fly almost 4000 miles to the city of Mumbai, India (formerly known as Bombay). Upon landing, travel by auto-rickshaw and purchase a copy of The Times of India from Mr. Naik’s newspaper stand. Then find an advertisement containing your next clue. You have $105 for this leg of the Race.


Right now, Nic & Don have to find a flight to Mumbai via the internet. They leave at 6:50 the next morning.

Nate & Jen are on the up and up at last, as they, along with Ron & Christina, head to the airport.

TK & Rachel keep mellow as they begin their departure. At 3:23a, Kynt & Vyxsin are the last to leave.  Meanwhile, the teams arrive at the airport... which finally opens at 4:30a. And while Nic & Don take their time, the other teams just hang out at the airport until counters open.

Nic & Don arrive with reserved seating and tickets in hand. The other teams follow suit, but the flight quickly fills up. TK & Rachel and Kynt & Vyxsin are scrambling to find a flight.

1st Flight to MUMBAI on Air France via Paris: arrives at 10:35p
Nicholas & Donald
Nathan & Jennifer
Ronald & Christina

2nd Flight to MUMBAI on Lufthansa: arrives at 10:55p
Kynt & Vyxsin

3rd Flight to MUMBAI on Northwest: arrives at 1a
TK & Rachel

Air France flight... delayed, which means that Kynt & Vyxsin are the first to arrive in...


Ten minutes later, the other teams arrive (sans TK & Rachel). Now it’s a race to the paperstand... which opens at 6a. “Looks like it’s going to be a long night.”

At 1:05a, the final team arrives in India and camps out at the paperstand.

At 6a, here’s today’s paper, and here’s today’s clue.



TRAVEL BY AUTO-RICKSHAW TO CHAUHAN ALTERATION TAILORS, located at Saint Joseph Church Road, AB Nair Rd, corner Juhu.



Nate & Jen get harassed by a dog, but Vyxsin finds the clue. Once there, the tailors will have to find their next clue. Ron & Christina are next, followed by TK & Rachel, Nic & Don, and Nate & Jen.

Nic & Don are the first to find the tailors, but they also find the Speed Bump reserved for Kynt & Vyxsin.  But back to Nic & Don…




PASTE ‘EM: Go to Dadar west bridge and paste a Bollywood movie poster (broken up in several pieces) to a wall. If one piece is out of alignment, you must take the display down and start again. When completed, the assistant will give you your next clue.

THREAD ‘EM: Go to Dadar flower market and find a marked flower store and create a 100-flower wedding garland. When the judge decrees it acceptable, teams must deliver it to a bridegroom in exchange for the next clue.

Ron & Chris and Nic & Don paste. TK & Rachel thread. Kynt & Vyxsin... are doing the bump...



Make your way to a yoga master in Daria Mahal and perform a series of complex yoga poses. When completed, they can continue with the Race.

At the poster, Ron slips into some bad old habits, namely the pulling of rank after a stool breaks.

At Daria Mahal, the Goths do some yoga. Kynt gets a strange high from body contortions.

At the flower shop, TK & Rachel must remember Red, Orange, and Yellow.

Kynt & Vyxsin get a clue from the Yogi after finishing their Speed Bump.



Make your way back to Chauhan Alteration Tailors and continue with the Race.


Kynt & Vyxsin head to the flower shop. Meanwhile, Nic & Don are the first to complete their post.



Make your way to Kabutar Khana, where you will find your next clue.



Ron & Chris can’t get past an issue of the eye, while TK & Rachel do what Nate & Jen can’t, finish their garland. Kynt & Vyxsin start on their garland. The Goths are now focused on the task at hand.

B ack with the poster, Nate & Jen still can’t get past the issue of the whole sexual mores such as learning how to row on a boat and sewing flowers together. And things aren’t getting any better for the Hsus, who have to tear down their entire poster. Christina takes charges of the rebuild and much to Ron’s surprise, they get it done.

At the U-Turn, TK & Rachel decide not to use it, and get this clue.



Make your way by taxi to Bharatgas Colaba Gas Service, where you will find your next clue.


Nic & Don opt not to U-turn either. Neither do Ron & Christina.

Nic & Don are first to...


After loading a delivery bike with six tanks of propane gas, deliver it to two addresses in exchange for your next clue from your foreman.


Nic, TK, and Ron decide to play the Road Block.

Meanwhile, Nate & Jen finally finish their garland, but give it to an elephant before finding the bridegroom. Kynt & Vyxsin follow.

Ron enlists some locals to help while Nic gets lost and found. The only thing is, now he’s got to lift heavy tanks up stairs. TK thinks, no problem.

While Nate & Jen are looking for the clue box, Kynt & Vyxsin are looking frantically for Nate & Jen’s picture to exercise the U-turn.



Kynt & Vyxsin U-turn NICHOLAS & DON!


Yeah, guys. About that.  They’re doing the Road Block right now. Nate & Jen head out relieved that they don’t have to poster a Bollywood flick.

TK’s the first back to the foreman. He rewards him with...




Make your way by taxi to the next PIT STOP, the Bandra Fort in Mumbai, India. WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

TK & Rachel are first to head out, followed by Nic & Don, who’ve been u-turned. Ron & Christina are third.

Kynt & Vyxsin find the Road Block, and Kynt heads to the delivery. And when Jen begins her deliveries, Vyxsin comes to the stark realization that maybe... just maybe... they U-turned the wrong team. 

Meanwhile, Nic has to stop on the side of the road to puke.  He ain’t looking too good.

PIT STOP: Bandra Fort; Mumbai, India.

TK & Rachel are the first to be greeted by the local and Mr. Host Man. And their reward for completion: a vacation in St. Maarten. Phil assumes they’re going with each other. And that is why he’s the host.

Meanwhile, Kynt gets help from the locals to complete the Road Block. So does Jen.

Nic & Don are #2 at the Pit Stop.

Jen’s getting tired of stairs, so she takes the elevator after Kynt leaves the doors open on purpose. Jen, on the other hand, forgets receipts. Receipts are crucial.

Ron & Christina are #3 at the Pit Stop.

Jen’s the first back to the foreman, so they get to find the Pit Stop... though they have to find a taxi. Kynt has to go back to the houses he delivered and get receipts on account of forgetting those the first time around.

Now it’s a cab race. Which will be first to the fort? The cab with the ever-bickering cheaters or the cab with the serene, peaceful Goths?

Cheaters. They’re #4. Which means that Kynt & Vyxsin are the last team to arrive... and this is as far as they’re going to go.  Unfortunately, they’re heading to the Race depot, but at least they’re heading there together.

After leg 8: ITALY - INDIA
1) TK & Rachel – trip to Japan, trip to St. Maarten
2) Nicolas & Donald – trip to Mexico
3) Ronald & Christina – catamaran
4) Nathan & Jennifer
ELIMINATED) Kynt & Vyxsin