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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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Donkeys Have Feelings, Too
November 4

Just when you thought it was safe to travel the world again, eleven more teams of two are set to go on a frenetic race around the world for one million dollars. Who'll be the first to finish? We have to start it to see who ends it. Time to begin this, the 12th running of the Amazing Race!

As usual, bonds will be tested, forged, and even strained as these 11 teams begin their assault on the world. And they are (C-Note: in grand and glorious Wolvie tradition, we've given them cute nicknames as well)...

Ronald & Christina Hsu (Team Who's Your Daddy): a father-daughter team from Tacoma, WA. He's a sales executive. She's a policy analyst.
Kynt Cothron & Vyxsin Fiala (The Dating Goths): dating Goths and wait staffers from Louisville, KY.
Lorena Segura & Jason Widener (Ebony & Ivory): dating couple from SoCal. She's a bartender. He's a wedding videographer and actor.
Azaria & Hendekea Azene (Team Fix-It): engineering siblings from New Orleans.
Kate Lewis & Pat Hendrickson (The God Squad): married lesbian ministers from SoCal.
Shana Wall & Jennifer McCall (The Blondes): friends from Los Angeles. Shana's an actress. Jennifer's a legal assistant.
Donald Jerousek & Nicolas Fulks (The Grands): a grandfather-grandson team from Wisconsin and Chicago. Donald is retired. Nic is a pilot.
Jennifer Parker & Nathan Hagstrom (Team Cheaters): an on-the-rocks dating couple from SoCal. She's a student. He's a volleyball coach.
TK Erwin & Rachel Rosales (The Hippies): also a dating couple, also from SoCal. He's a substitute teacher. She's a florist.
Marianna & Julia Ruiz (The Miami Heat): sisters from Miami. Marianna's an art gallery manager. Julia's an office production assistant.
Ari Bonias & Staella Gianakakos (My Big Fat Greek Couple): dating restauranteurs from SoCal.

Because you haven't seen this in a while, here's a refresher of the rules...

These will be the bulk of the Race. Teams must find Route Markers (red-and-yellow flags) which will give them info to the NEXT Route Marker. Eventually, this will lead them to a PIT STOP where they must rest for 12 hours...and, for the most part, the team that arrives last will be eliminated. These have to be followed to the letter, lest teams be incurred a penalty for non-compliance.
A choice between two different tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Both team members must decide to do one of the tasks. If they cannot do their chosen task, they MUST do the other. One task MUST be completed before the next ROUTE INFO is handed out.
Only one team member does this task. They're given a SMALL clue as to what's involved, but they cannot read the details until they decide which one will do it. Like the last Race, no one member of a team may do more than six ROAD BLOCKs during the whole Race.
There are only two FAST FORWARDs in the entire Race. If the team chooses to perform it and do so, they can go straight to the PIT STOP and bypass all other tasks. A team can only use one FAST FORWARD during the entire Race, so they have to decide when it's best to utilize it.
On each leg of the Race (or so says the official site), a YIELD is placed. A team may use this to make another team stop for a pre-determined amount of time (denoted by an hourglass) before they can continue. Any team can be YIELDed any number of times, but a team may only utilize a YIELD once during the course of the Race.

STARTING LINE – Playboy Mansion, Los Angeles, USA

The 11 teams are being driven to this landmark of... good taste. When Phil gives the signal, they will race to their bags, pick up their first clue, and be on their way. There are 11 legs in the 12th Race, eight of which are elimination stops. Whoever arrives at the Pit Stop last at one of these will be sent home. The players will receive cash at the beginning of each leg to cover expenses except for tickets which are already paid for (and no upgrading to business class).

And as always, the first team to cross the finish line will win ONE... MILLION... DOLLARS.

I think I’ll turn this over to Phil now.

“The world is waiting for you.

"Good luck...

"Travel safe...


And… stop. We have a traffic situation at the Playboy Mansion. After a bit of a stop... and go... and stop again..., we’re finally on our way. Amazing Race 12 is ON!

Fly to Shannon, Ireland. Then head to Rosseville Ferry Point to take a ferry to Ins Mor Island, where you will find Teampall Bheanain. You have $400 for this leg of the Race.

The cars are already split into two directions as they head to LAX. A lot of the teams went right on Sunset, but they were supposed to go left. This coming from the Blondes.

The players are on the 405 heading to the airport now. All except for a handful of teams that went the wrong way and ended up… somewhere else. Lorena & Jason are first to the airport… and the ticket counter. Shana & Jennifer are #2.

On the British Airways flight (first to leave)
1) Lorena & Jason
2) Shana & Jennifer
3) Kate & Pat
4) Nathan & Jennifer
5) Marianna & Julia

And the flight’s full. So sorry for ya, Azaria & Hendekea, but it seems like an alliance is in order with Ronald & Christina. That’s good.

On the Aer Lingus flight (second to leave)
1) Azaria & Hendekea
2) Nicolas & Donald
3) TK & Rachel
4) Ari & Staella
5) Kynt & Vyxsin
6) Ronald & Christina

All of the teams are on their way.

British Airways – Shannon via London
Aer Lingus – Shannon via Dublin


The London flight is delayed due to heavy traffic at Heathrow. Meanwhile, at 12:42p local time, the Aer Lingus flight has made it to Ireland. And Ari & Staella are the first to hitch a taxi to Shannon, much to the dismay of Ronald & Christina, who were ordered TWO taxis, one for them and the other for Azaria & Hendekea... who is in the second cab in second place.


At the temple, the teams must reserve one of three ferry times to leave tomorrow morning at 8a, 8:30a, or 9:30a.

Azaria & Hendekea are first at the ferry point. Ronald & Christina are the second. One by one, the rest of teams arrive, and we’re level pegging once again. Until one group is told to take a right to get to the church, and the other is told to take a left.

Did we mention it was raining? And that Nathan & Jennifer are arguing about distance running?

Lorena & Jason are first to the church, where they sign up for the early spots.

8a: Lorena & Jason, TK & Rachel, Kynt & Vyxsin
8:30a: Ari & Staella, Nathan & Jennifer, Azaria & Hendekea

And we have a man down in the form of Donald.

9:30a: Shana & Jennifer, Pat & Kate, Marianna & Julia, Nicolas & Donald, Ronald & Christina

So now we have a night at a B&B to prepare mentally and spiritually. Many of the later teams are feeling broken, but not giving up.

The next morning, we’re on our way to the ferries, taking us to the next clue, atop each of 11 cars…

Drive yourselves 42 mi to Cleggan Farm. Then ride a tandem bike through a muddy trail to your next clue.

Lorena & Jason are first off. The Goths are second, followed by TK & Rachel. Althought Lorena will swear that they’re going the wrong way. They stop to ask for directors. And it seems like they looped around the wrong way.

The second ferry arrives to take three more teams to Cleggan Farm as TK & Rachel are leading, followed by Kynt & Vyxsin. Nathan & Jennifer are in third, followed by Azaria & Hendekea, and Ari & Staella. And in dead last... Shana & Jennifer. Next…

Who’s ready to pedal for their partner?

One person must take a high-wire bike along a windswept ravine to claim the next clue. The other person must hang by a pole eight feet below.

TK & Rachel are the first to complete the task and get... donkeys!

Choose a donkey from the hitching post and fill its baskets with 15 pieces of peat. Then walk your donkey to the entrance of the farm to receive your next clue.

It’s a bike race meanwhile between the Goths and the Cheaters. The Goths arrive in ... second. Nathan & Jennifer win the micro-race and get their clue first.

Meanwhile, with TK & Rachel it’s “Won’t you take me to... Donkeytown.” The Cheaters are in second, Fix-It is in third, and the Goths drop to fourth. The teams criss-cross into Jason & Lorena, who are still pedaling their tandem. They arrive in 6th to the highwire.

Azaria & Hendekea are second, while Nathan & Jennifer are dragging their dead donkey, fighting all the way, ha ha ha. So it’s time to push... literally. Things are getting so bad that other teams are passing them and the captions on the TV screen are switching AS THEY PASS THEM.

(Shrek) “What are you doing, Donkey?” (/Shrek)

TK & Rachel are first to...

Drive yourselves 13 miles through the Irish countryside to Connemara Heritage Centre, the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.
WARNING: the last team to check in will be eliminated!

Luckily for Azaria & Hendekea, they know where it is, because they passed it on the way here. The Goths are in second, and TK & Rachel are in third.

Meanwhile, it’s back to haulin’ ass.

PIT STOP – Connemara Heritage Centre; Shannon, Ireland

It’s a race to the black mat… and first up, it’s Azaria & Hendekea. They are officially the first team to check in! And the Travelocity prize for winning this leg: a trip to Alberta, Canada.

Meanwhile, Ari & Staella are still… haulin’ ass.

Second Place: Kynt & Vyxsin.

Third Place: TK & Rachel.

Ronald... is singing “Danny Boy” while biking. Lorena & Jason are leaving, and Nathan & Jennifer are arguing... again. The Blondes finally arrive at the Roadblock, while Nicolas & Donald get their Pit Stop clues.

Fourth Place: Lorena & Jason.

The caption typist is having a field day at the donkey trail with all the place changes

Fifth Place: Nicolas & Donald.

Sixth Place: Shana & Jennifer. “You’re safe.”

Meanwhile, Nathan & Jennifer finally get their ass in gear. Literally. They arrive at the hitching post in 10th.

Seventh Place: Ronald & Christina

Eighth Place: Kate & Pat

Both teams are all emotional as they come in seconds within each other.

Crossing cars at the centre mean that this will all come down to speed…

Ninth Place: Marianna & Julia

Tenth Place: Nathan & Jennifer

Which means... Ari & Staella are the last team to arrive after stealing a cab to get here. They are the first to be eliminated. “It just sucks. Karma came back and bit us in the ass.” They may have pushed each other to the breaking point, but this is as far as they go in the Race.

After Leg 1: USA to Ireland
1) Azaria & Hendekea – trip to Canada
2) Kynt & Vyxsin
3) TK & Rachel
4) Lorena & Jason
5) Nicolas & Donald
6) Shana & Jennifer
7) Ronald & Christina
8) Kate & Pat
9) Marianna & Julia
10) Nathan & Jennifer
ELIMINATED) Ari & Staella.