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Bonds will be forged, tested, and strained, as eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Phil Keoghan
Creator: Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri
EP: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Hayma Screech Washington
Packager: Jerry Bruckheimer TV, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions
Airs: Sundays at 8p ET on CBS


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We’ve Really Burned Bridges, For Sure
December 2


Chickens were all over the place on the last leg of the race as the Racers found themselves dancing and delivering up and down Burkina Faso. Now it’s time to head to our next destination... sans Lorena & Jason.


PIT STOP: Hotel de Ville; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


After the 12 hour break, Azaria & Hendekea, the first to arrive at the Pit Stop with chicken in hand at 6:45p, will leave first at 6:45a, followed shortly by Nathan & Jennifer.

Fly more than 3000 miles to Vilnius, Lithuania. To book your tickets, you must use an official airline ticketing office. When you land, find the marked cars and drive yourself to St. Anne’s Church. You have $25 for this leg of the Race.


Surely enough, their taxis head to the airport 1, 2. They arrive at the airport, 1, 2. They discover that the counters are closed... Equalized. The nearest ticketing office opens at 9a...


Plenty of time for the Hsus to make their way to the airport. “Lithuanians make some great pastries as I understand it.”


Nic & Don are on their way, as they search for the first taxi that doesn’t have anyone is it. It’s stolen… by Kynt & Vyxsin! They’re on their way.


They arrive at the airport and meet the other teams, while Nic & Don look for ticketing offices on the internet.


The good news, they’re all on the same flight to Paris. The bad news: it arrives at 10:45p.


Shana & Jennifer have plenty of time to catch up. They’re on the way. TK & Rachel are the last to ship out. They need to change their game.


All of the teams meet at the airport, while Ronald & Christina head to the ticketing office. The rest of the teams scopes out ticketing offices elsewhere.  Ronald & Christina find an open office and book a flight to Vilnius via Paris and Prague. Ronald calls Christina naïve (as usual), and doesn’t want to wait until Paris. “This is unacceptable.” We don’t have to use Air France, do we? Christina asks to check another airline.


Bingo. And they’re booked. They’ll be at Vilnius at 2:10. The others will be there at 1:45 thanks to a flight that TK & Rachel found. Don & Nic arrive to the office as Ron & Chris leave. The others follow suit. Nic tries to be sneaky about it. Doesn’t work.


Azaria & Hendekea get the flight via Paris & Amsterdam, arriving at 1:25 tomorrow, narrowly beating Nic & Don. They’ll have to settle for a 5:35 flight through Brussels. Karma, dude.


Meanwhile, the rest of the teams opt for two-ticket flights, the same flight that Azaria & Hendekea are taking.


Back at the airport, Nic & Don are hoping for more tickets. They plan to arrive 10 minutes after the other teams, only to find out that Nathan & Jennifer are on the same flight that they were looking for initially, much to Nic’s ire.


The Goths opt for the Frankfurt flight, same as Nic & Don.


Over at the airport, the blondes start to get a little nasty about allowing other people to invade the offices. Shana tries to talk Jennifer out of it to no avail.


Now boarding… all flights to Paris. Here’s the rundown on the trips...











The first flight arrives from Amsterdam. The three teams off the plane are Nate/Jen in first, then Azaria/Hendekea & Shana/Jennifer. The next flight from Frankfurt finally arrives with its teams. Nic & Don head out in second, then TK & Rachel, Shana & Jennifer, Azaria & Hendekea, the Goths, and somewhere above Europe, Ron & Christina. Remember, they’re all on their way to the St. Anne’s Church.


Ron & Christina finally get help from the taxi driver. But Nic & Don are first to the familiar clue box.



Choose one of the women working outdoors. She will give you a package and tell you where to take it. Then travel by foot through the Old Quarter to the proper destination. They will give you another package to deliver to your final destination.


The ladies take our Racers to Vilnius University Courtyard, and from there, one of four places.


If you remember the CBS promos for this particular episode, you may have seen Shana & Jennifer almost get hit by a bus. Rest assured, they’re fine. I don’t think CBS would ever show Racers get killed on camera.


Back to the deliveries. Nathan & Jennifer are bickering as they try to find their clue box, while Kynt finishes his deliveries.



Drive yourselves to Lietuvos Liaudies Buities Muziejus. Then follow the marked road to Dzûkija Village and your next clue.

What they’re looking for is a Lithuanian museum.


Back to the deliveries, as TK gets some help form a local. Jennifer gets another local to help out. Ronald... tells his daughter to be quiet.


TK & Rachel are done and out to the museum. Ronald/Christina, Nate/Jen, and Azaria/Hendekea are next, leaving the Grands and the Blondes. Don thinks that they could very well be the next team eliminated.


… but when all hope seemed lost, Nic finds a guide!


Let’s go to the leading Goths, who find... GNOMES!



Gnomes gnomes everywhere. Lithuania is famous for sculptures of gnomes. Teams must scour this traditional Lithuanian village and find the vacationing Travelocity Roaming Gnome hidden amongst 100 other lesser known gnomes. Teams must help him return home by returning him to the Pit Stop.


Back to the deliveries, as the Blondes beat the Grands. Nic thinks they can beat them. Let’s see.


Meanwhile, Kynt & Vyxsin find their Gnome and head to a...





COUNT DOWN: Teams make their way through a mid-summer festival to a marked picket fence. Then they have to count each picket and reveal their calculation to a villager, who will give the next clue to the correct answer.


STEP UP: Teams must stilt-walk through a course to a finish line to receive their next clue. If you fall off the stilts, you must go back to the beginning and start again.


Kynt & Vyxsin go stilting, while Ron/Christina & Nate/Jen arrive to look for the Roaming Gnome.


Kynt & Vyxsin are made to feel normal thanks to the many costumed revelers. Unfortunately, Kynt keeps falling.


TK & Rachel stilt. Ronald & Christina… stilt. Kynt… falls. TK… falls. Vyxsin… falls.  Stiltwalking. Looks easy. Isn’t. The Goths head to the fence, as do Nate & Jen. With all the Racers sans the final two in the mix, it’s a veritable party, Lithuanian style.


TK & Rachel are the first to complete the Detour and get…





Make your way by foot to the next PIT STOP, Aukstaitija Windmill. REMINDER: You must have the Roaming Gnome in your possession to check in. WARNING! The last team to check in MAY BE ELIMINATED!


Kynt & Vyxsin calculate the number of pickets... 717 of them. So now it’s a race…


PIT STOP: Aukstaitija Windmill; Vilnius, Lithuania


Local: “Welcome to Lithuania!” Phil gives the number one slot to TK & Rachel, and with it, a trip to Japan! Kynt & Vyxsin will have to settle for second.


Azaria & Hendekea decide after the tallish Azaria can’t stop falling to count. Seems like a good idea for Ron & Christina after Ron takes a hard tumble.


Nathan & Jennifer start with 727… Doesn’t do it.


Rather than count out pickets, Ron keeps on keeping on to win third place.


Back with the gnomes, Don & Nic finally pass the blondes.


Azaria & Hendekea get fourth place for their counting skills... “I love me some numbers!”


Three teams left. Two of them decide to count (the two arriving), while Nate & Jen, still bickering about the count, decide to do a little walking. Turns out to play out in their favor, as they come in fifth.


So now it’s a race to see who can count up to 717 first. Thanks to some quick math (okay, not so quick), Nicolas & Donald run to the next Pit Stop, heading to the next leg in sixth.


Finally, we have an official count from the Blondes, who are the last team to arrive. And contrary to what they hope to be, this is an elimination leg, so this is as far as the journey will take Shana & Jennifer. This was a heartbreaker for the blondes, but as a person much wiser than I once said... “Payback... is rough.”



1) TK & Rachel – trip to Japan
2) Kynt & Vyxsin
3) Ronald & Christina
4) Azaria & Hendekea - trip to Canada, trip to Bermuda, motorscooters
5) Nathan & Jennifer
6) Nicolas & Donald
ELIMINATED) Shana & Jennifer