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Sixteen celebrities are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate to play out the ultimate job interview for charity.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
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Week Nine
May 9

This episode is brought to you by Karma, and yes, for THAT reason.

After Summer leaves the show and Curtis returns to the loft, the teams head to Trump's apartment. It's opulence can not be matched, but the teams are about to be re-matched up.

Curtis had mentioned that he thought the reason Sharon and Maria didn't like him was because they hadn't worked together. Well, now they are all a team. So now with our teams reset it's time for PMs.

Holly will lead Cyndi and Bret while Sharon will lead Maria and Curtis.

The teams will now have to design and furnish an apartment for an executive. They will be judged by Lee Curtis of BridgeStreet Worldwide and celebrity designer Jonathan Adler. And as usual, someone on the losing team will be fired.

This week, Donald Jr. returns as Trump's eyes and ears along with Trump friends and apartment builder Richard LeFrak

Tenacity has decided to go with a New York Zen theme with a Balinese twist. Holly wants to use colors that evoke serenity and calm. Holly also wants a new team. She is afraid that her teammates lack a certain sophistication of taste. This is what we call foresight.

Cyndi wants to put in a couch that looks like lips. Umm, yeah. Holly strikes that down. That said, she does assign Cyndi the celebrity room and gives her near carte blanche to go wild. This should be interesting.

The caveats given by the executive are that the spaces must be able to serve as a home to executives for a 60-90 day span, and that while they usually fall into the middle of the road as far as style and design, they are looking to push past that and offer something unique.

Now for shopping. Holly and Cyndi hit the prop store. Cyndi sees Egg Chairs, disco balls, Roller Coaster Couches and she wants them all. Holly is rolling her eyes and trying to rein Cyndi in. This will probably be a theme for the rest of the episode.

Bret is carrying the rest of the weight for Tenacity directing the crew around. He comes up with the idea to take pictures of the New York skyline and turn them into art. Holly loves it, but hates the fact that Bret needs to leave to go to a concert. Bret will be back in the evening though.

Interestingly, Sharon Osbourne has taken on another job in addition to Project Manager. She is also a super spy. Via phone, Sharon calls the prop shop only to learn that other apprentices have already been there. She lets the lady on the other end of the phone gab her face off and as a result learns that Holly and company are going with a Balinese theme. Sharon is giddy to hear this as she thinks it's a rubbish idea.

Another thing that is a rubbish idea, at least according to Maria, is leaving Maria alone to paint the walls. She feels like a grunt and is frustrated by being forced to do manual labor, but she is still working hard.

So let's Paint the RockSolid picture fully. Sharon does not truly have a theme, but she is pushing a New York swank. Sharon and Curtis are about the city shopping for furniture, much of which they get for free (and I mean 6 figures worth of free furniture). Maria is may have been frustrated by being forced to paint, but...

Ring Ring!

Hi Maria? This is Sharon, I've been thinking and I really don't think that Purple color I told you to paint on the wall is the right way to go. We need to switch to the gray.

Now Maria is pissed. Yet she's a trooper and begins covering the Purple with the gray. The amount of time lost by the switch, however, is palpable.

So with all this madness at RockSolid, what is Tenacity doing? Glad you asked. Holly and Cyndi have their furniture. They are carrying it all upstairs as much of it does not fit in the elevator. Cyndi focuses on her singular celebrity room and Holly takes on everything else. They are much more on track than RockSolid, which should be too surprising considering Holly's no-nonsense business sense.

Bret comes back after his concert and gets his prints from his new York Skyline photos only to find that everything is WAY too small. He jumps on the phone with the printer and orders a rush fix.

Speaking of rushing, RockSolid is behind the 8-ball and has made a switch. Maria is now shopping for amenities while Sharon and Curtis handle more of the manual labor. As a result, Sharon realizes how far behind they are and it's the to call the troops! All the RockSolid members call their friends in and soon enough there's a crew of 10+ painting and arranging the apartment.

While shopping for amenities, Maria and Holly run into each other. They share pleasantries, but Holly has bigger concerns, and in a total shocker they center around Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi is being so pick and eclectic shopping that after 2 hours Holly is forced to jump on the PA system and call Cyndi to the front of the store. We can now officially equate Cyndi to a 5-year old child.

As time ticks down the teams make a final push. Bret gets his reprints and due to a non-responsive elevators runs them up 18 flights of stairs. Holly arranges the rooms with a fervor while managing Cyndi who is all but cussing out the hired help. Holly reminds Bret that Cyndi is not all sugar and spice and Bret acknowledges the difficulty of working with her. Maria is painting and cleaning to the last second. Curtis is taking cabinet doors down in the kitchen and making it a gourmet's paradise by adding fruit and baked goods. Sharon is freaking but pushing hard while tossing together a generic celebrity media room .

And against all odds, both teams manage to finish on time.

Jonathan Adler and Lee Curtis come in and it is judging time. Here are the praises and criticisms:

Tried to be serene but made the space seem smaller.
Over furnished
What was with the seafoam green in the bedroom?
A fantastic, vibrant (red) Celebrity room.
Living space seemed a little cheap

Looked expensive
Kitchen and living room very open
What's up with no dresser in the bedroom?
The celebrity room seemed like a throwaway

So, we have a battle of which is more important, the flavor and uniqueness of the celebrity room or the quality furnishings of the main portions of the apartment.

In the boardroom, Trump delivers his usual pressures and both teams are proud of their jobs and believes that they have won. Holly praises both Cyndi and Bret and Sharon and Maria both eat crow over their criticisms of Curtis.

Holly and Bret both state that they believe Cyndi should have been Project manager to which Cyndi says that she is taking the gloves off. Miraculously, Cyndi pulls together a coherent object stating that she did manage much of the task even though she didn't have the PM title. Holly retorts that part of the reason Cyndi should have been PM was so that she could win money for her charity. It's not a big fight, but it is a slight glimpse into the soreness between Holly and Cyndi.

Anyone want a verdict? You've heard the criticisms and in Trump's words the judges thought that one team was ok and the other team did a very "solid" job. Yes, that is a hint. RockSolid wins! Sharon gets $40,000 for her charity and Tenacity gets a one way trip to a 1 in 3 chance of being fired.

Here we go.

Trump asks Holly if she is nervous and she says no. Trump is surprised, but Holly stays calm as steel. Trump then presses Cyndi for why she didn't choose to be PM. Cyndi says that knowing Jonathan Adler was going to be a judge and that Holly knew about Adler that she was a better choice. Holly defends against this and Trumps question of whether she should be fired because she is PM by saying that knowing who Adler was does not mean she knows what Adler likes and that the leadership role was thrust upon her, not one she demanded.

Trump then redirects the interrogation to Bret and asks who should be fired. Bret balks and Trump threatens to fire him if he does not answer the question. Bret compliments Cyndi's celeb room, but also "suggests" that Cyndi should be fired. Trump points out he didn't answer directly.

Trump then asks Cyndi who should be fired, she targets Holly. Holly retargets Cyndi saying that she can not be managed. Cyndi says that Holly is difficult and that Holly would even tell Trump to shut the *ahem* up.

After extensive back and forth, Trump sees that the ladies are fiery and Bret is much more calm. Trump suggests that Bret should be fired because he doesn't have the same energy/passion as the girls. Bret retorts that he is as passionate even though he maintains a calm demeanor. Trump then suggests that maybe Bret should be fired because he left during the task I will stay impartial and not call Trump a manipulative hypocrite, but only because Holly points out the Cyndi received a pass for missing parts of a previous task and to fire Bret for the same reason is crap.

And then the key error is made. Cyndi admits that in the design of the Celebrity room that it was Holly's idea to make the room red. She offers this information without prompting. Then Cyndi fights to say that she had a hand in the rest of the apartment as well (something that was panned by the judges and was being placed on Holly's shoulders).

In the end, these tactical errors lead Trump to those magic words...

Cyndi, You're Fired!

Next week things heat up as there will be an instant firing to create the final 4 that will be interviewed by Bill Rancic and Joan Rivers. It's time to fight for the final 2 on the Celebrity Apprentice.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/the-celebrity-apprentice.