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Sixteen celebrities are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate to play out the ultimate job interview for charity.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
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Week Seven
April 25

More Apprentice, less other crap. That's what I always say. Ok, maybe that is a more generic statement for more reality TV, but things are about to get really good. Goldberg left us last week and now RockSolid is a paltry 2 members.

Until the Donald throws some insults. As he puts it, Rock Solid has hit rock bottom and things need to be shaken up. As a result, Curtis is moved to Tenacity and Maria and Sharon now call themselves members of RockSolid. Get it, the "rock" personas are now on RockSolid. Clever.

Best of all, Sharon will now stay on the show. Believe it or not, Sharon was ready to quit the night before because she was sick of the cattiness of the women's team. Well, as she puts it, today is a new day and she is ready to play. Really? Because you've only played half of this season being sick and all...

The task: Each team will have to create a celebrity workout for 24HR Fitness. People who take the class will be charitable donors and the team that raises the most money will win. Two wrenches. One, Any donation must have a human with it that must participate in the workout and Two, 24HR Fitness will give $24,000 to the team they feel crafts the best workout.

Now usually I am a fan of synergy, but does anyone think that Curtis might be a little too close to this task? With his Biggest Loser ties, can he really lose a 24 HR Fitness task?

We'll see... The teams select PMs and it is going to be Sharon vs. Holly. Holly is trying to finally bring home that win.

The new RockSolid is sticking to their team theme. The decide almost instantly to create a rock star workout. The creativity is bubbling over and the sexuality is well, ahem. I don't think I've ever heard the word thrust used some many times on a single program.

Tenacity is loving the addition of Curtis to the squad. He stays very task oriented as he feels that he needs to prove to the ladies that he is a good businessman and Holly appreciates it. Curtis makes the schedule very clear and Tenacity plans everything down to the last minute. It'll be tight, but at least tehy are focused.

Back at RockSolid.... Thrust, thrust, thrust. Not kidding. They make gynecological jokes and references to ménage-e-trois. Their graphic designer arrives and Bret thinks that Maria should be put down as a diva/thrusting expert. The ladies think he should be listed as a gynecological expert. The FCC is probably licking their lips thinking about the fines they will soon be able to impose.

Sex aside, RockSolid does create a nice package around the rock start theme including backstage passes that each class participant will get to take home after the workout. Maria is confident in her abilities to craft the workout after keeping in shape for the WWE, so there are on track (and in the gutter)

Tenacity has chosen to go with a more traditional theme of Buns & Guns. They develop simple logos and their product at least from a graphical perspective seems to fall in line with the 24 HR brand. So we have a battle of traditional vs. alternative on our hands.

Remember though that this task is all about fundraising. Sharon has taken the responsibility upon herself to bring in the big bucks. She has put Bret in charge of making sure that they have bodies to represent each of the donations and Maria will keep the workout purring. Everything is hunky dory at RockSolid. They keep thrusting along.

That is until Bret picks up the flyers, and other promotional materials they have made and realizes they are littered with typos. He shakes it off and thinks that the concept still comes across. No biggie.

In the realm of donations, Sharon is calling in the big dogs and bringing in a great set of donations. Many in the 5-10K range. Sharon is confident that if they can get to 100K they will have done their job. As another piece of fortune. Ozzy is doing a WWE event and with Maria on the team, RockSolid decides to leverage their position. That results in 3 separate donations of $10K, one from the WWE, one from Vince McMahon and another from wrestler John Cena. Way to rake in the cash.

Tenacity is also raking in the dough. Holly knows what she is up against and is calling all of her donors on upwards of 4 cell phones. Wow. She is scared that Cyndi's absence to assist Lady Gaga with a launch (really, how many absences are you allowed?) will hinder the team, but Cyndi is remarkably composed when she returns and even secured $25K from Gaga. Ass that to a last second $50K donation from business magnate Ron Burkle and Tenacity is kicking some tail.

Now all they need are bodies to take the class and cash those donations. Well Houston, we have a problem. There are only 3 people in Tenacity's first class. Cyndi and Curtis are running like crazy to get more people, but class 1 is a bit of a bust. To complicate things, the 24HR Fitness exec comes in during this first class to evaluate. Uh oh. Summer still carries the class off quite well and it is pretty professional, but the lack of participation may sorely hurt them if they don't do better in alter classes.

Meanwhile, RockSolid's class looks like a rock concert. they have people and Sharon is tacking down all of her donations. The class is sexy, it's fun, it's edgy and it actually has fitness elements. The 24HR Fitness exec isn't too sure how she feels about the "Tour Bus Thrust" of Praying to the Porcelain God" movements, but at least this room is poppin'!

Tenacity does manage to pick things up and fill their classes as the day goes on, but will it be enough? Boardroom!

This boardroom starts with the usual love fest. In fact Holly cries over how inspired she was by her team, saying that all the effort they put forward knowing that they were working for her charity was amazing. She even openly praises Cyndi for her efforts with Lady Gaga. In a last breath, Holly Mentions the $50,000 check Ron Burkle wrote and Sharon gasps.

Holly is convinced Tenacity has lost. Sharon is convinced RockSolid has lost. Where is the confidence?

Ivanka takes the times to give the 24HR Fitness feedback on the classes and says that 24HR fitness found the RockSolid workout very innovative. When given each other's class descriptions, Bret says taht he finds Tenacity's class a little bland.

That said, RockSolid thinks Tenacity's workout is more professional and in 24HR Fitness' vein so they believe Tenacity won. Tenacity disagrees, and believes RockSolid will triumph.

What the hell! If you think you lost you can just go home!

The Donald reveals the final result and RockSolid won the $24,000 prize! (As they should, hands down)
RockSolid is stunned, but of course they take the money. Can Tenacity overcome the bonus?
And now for the totals:

RockSolid (with the 24K bonus): $131803
Tenacity: $206090

Tenacity crushes it.

Add to that the 10K from the basketball shootout a while ago and the HollyRod foundation will get $347893. More importantly, Tenacity avoids the boardroom, leaving RockSolid to pay the piper.

Trump zeroes in to find the weak link and Sharon refuses to point any fingers. Trump asks Cyndi who should be fired and she balks. Trump says he wants to fire someone like a dog. Cyndi continues to balk.

Trump presses Curtis and he won't choose but says that he wouldn't fire Bret because of loyalty. He does suggest Maria has issues.

Trump asks Sharon if she wants to go home. Sharon says no. Holly smells blood and says that Sharon did want to go home the other night. Sharon snaps back calling Holly a tattler and Holly does not step down. Sharon explains the situation and reiterates that she does want to stay. So it looks like Trump is stuck.

He says he has a problem with the fact that RockSolid raised over $130K. Yet he hates to do what he is about to do. Sharon as PM knows what is coming....

Sharon... Trump has decided not to fire anyone tonight!

Trump is so proud of the record setting fundraising that he feels no one should leave. Holly then pipes up and says that she is going to cut a check to Sharon's charity (but she's doesn't say how much).

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/the-celebrity-apprentice.