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March 14


Sixteen celebrities are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate to play out the ultimate job interview for charity.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
Web nbc.com/apprentice 
Airs 9p ET Sun, NBC
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Week Two
March 21

Carol Leifer is gone. (or more accurately, she has been spared the rest of The Donald’s treatments)

Interestingly, show 2 stars with Cyndi saying that while she couldn’t fire Carol, “Money Talks, BS walks.”

If Carol Leifer heard this, she has every right to set Cyndi’s bird’s nest of a hairstyle on fire. Amazing the gall some people can have after the boardroom. Mind you, I would have fully advocated such speech in the boardroom in front of Carol.

Bret Michaels makes his six-figure donation to the American Diabetes Association and the game is back on.

Each team will have to create Kodak storefronts so that consumers can create their own Kodak moments.

The teams get to pick their own PMs this week and RockSolid chooses Sinbad and Tenacity chooses Maria Kanellis (After Sharon backs down from taking the role because she feels ill.)

This should be interesting…

First up, the executive meetings. RockSolid meets with the Kodak execs and gets a lot of valuable information as far as the expectations during this task. Business as usual, but the guys do think Sinbad is a little flighty and unable to communicate his creative vision as a leader.

Tenacity gets their chance to meet with the execs, but spend the first 5 minutes talking about shoes. Why? Not because they are women (stop being sexist), but because Cyndi has to pee and if they start the meeting without her they are afraid they are going to have to repeat everything.

When Cyndi returns from the little girls’ room she asks how to turn the camera on. Oof. This is only contradicted by Cyndi coming up with a slogan the women think is fantastic:

“Share Kodak moments, celebrate the champion in you.”

And now what you lick you lips for, the Drama:

Bret Michaels feels like the grunt. He sweeps, he cleans, but he does nothing of creative value. The cameras follow him doing little to nothing and he freaks out, “knowing” how the editors will make him look like a buffoon. He complains to Sinbad about this and Sinbad and Michael Johnson think Bret has flipped his lid

As crazy as it may seem, Bret is being the rational one here. He felt he was being underutilized and he went to ask for more work. Sinbad didn’t give it to him. This early in the game, that should indemnify him.

Sharon Osbourne gets sick to the point that she has to take a day off from the task. She returns feeling better the next day, so no harm no foul unless Tenacity loses and needs a scapegoat.

Maria receives praise as a project manager for carrying the idea from conception to execution. Holly has pointed out that maybe Maria should be the target because in essence, either way, everything is Maria’s fault.

Oh, and Sharon is coughing her sickness all over a stack of cupcakes Tenactiy is serving to their customers. As she quips, a third of NYC probably has the runs now.

Now for the fun part. The customer experience as told through the words of the Secret shoppers Kodak sent to

RockSolid used their celebrity allowing each customer to take a picture with their favorite celebrity in their environment. A wrestling ring for Goldberg, a piece of Track for Michael Johnson, etc. After taking you picture you would get a card sending you to the Kodak gallery where you could download your pic.

The bad for RockSolid was a lack of product display and promotion as well as the cards to get to the website not being handed to every person who took a picture.

Tenacity has a nice presentation where you could pick a WWE belt and step into the wrestling ring to celebrate being a champion. Also, you could get your picture taken with Cyndi Lauper. While waiting for your picture to print you could get a cupcake from the sickly Sharon Osbourne and get Kodak product information from saleswoman extraordinaire Summer Sanders.

The bad for Tencity came in the form of two power outages and the inability to manage an unruly crowd.

So what did the Kodak executives prefer? They prefer to sell products. And Summer did that effectively while RockSolid did not.

Tencaity wins and evens the score 1-1.

This sends the meant to the boardroom in what is one of the most fair, clean-cut and clear firings in Apprentice history.

None of the men were mean about it, but is became evident that Sinbad was an ineffective leader and the poor salesmanship at their storefront could only be blamed by a lack of organization, again the fault of the PM. Yes, Bret Michaels was a little unruly, but Sinbad shot himself in the foot.

Trump asked Sinbad once down to the final 3 of Sinbad, Rod and Bret, do you believe that Bret is manageable? Sinbad said yes. Facepalm. If you are fighting to stay in this game that may have been honest, but that was the wrong answer.

Sinbad, You’re Fired!

Next week we travel to the land of internet security for a Norton Anti-virus related task. I’m sure Bret could use some anti-virus for the next season of Rock of Love. With that, adieu.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/the-celebrity-apprentice.