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Sixteen celebrities are chosen by the most powerful name in real estate to play out the ultimate job interview for charity.

Recaps by Eric Pierce, GSNN
Host Donald Trump
VO Joe Cipriano
Judges Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Creator Mark Burnett
EP Mark Burnett
Donald J. Trump
Jay Bienstock
Packager Trump Entertainment LLC & Mark Burnett Productions
Origins Trump Tower, NYC
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Week Four
April 4

So let's catch up. Last time Michael Johnson was given the biggest gift in Celebrity Apprentice history when Darryl Strawberry quit, saving Michael's hide.

Shortly after Michael escaped by the skin of his teeth, Trump called both teams back into the boardroom and made them select new project managers for the next task.

The women select Selita and the men put Rod in the hot seat (why God, why?)

The task: To create and immersive 3d (as in walk-in) experience to promote the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida. In essence each team will need to create the road show version of the park attraction. The teams will be judged by Potter fans and Universal execs.

Now the teams nor PMs knew the task prior to PM selection. In fact, Selita and Rod have been whisked off in a private jet to a destination unknown (Orlando). On the plane, The Donald via video informs the PMs, but the PMs can't tell their teams what is happening until the plane lands in FL.

So that puts a lot of pressure on the PMs who now have about 3hrs to start work. Selita takes full advantage, drawing a sample display and brainstorming while Rod spends the first couple of minutes trying to figure out how to operate the computer. Apparently, the former governor of Illinois has worse technological skills that a 150 yr old grandma. For those of you who are following, that would mean grandma is dead.

As the PMs land the calls come in and Selita does a much more thorough job of informing the ladies than Rod does the men. Shocker. Why? because it takes Rod multiple attempt to operate the cell phone too. No joke.

The one thing that is evident is that Rod has no intention of doing any real work as he delegates design to Bret, communication to Curtis, finances to Michael and graphics to Goldberg.

The guys with little information go to the construction area and Bret is fully taking responsibility. No one else seems to know what is going on and everyone seems ok to let Bret potentially fall on the sword. To his credit, in a phone call with Rod, Bret asked the right questions as far as what it should look like, should it encompass all of Harry Potter or just a piece, etc. Rod just never provided any answers.

Selita, on the other hand, has already forwarded a picture of her plans to the team and used her tour of the Universal park to give the ladies a more clear vision. On the flight back, Selita is using the time to craft the story of their display and their presentation. Rod? He's sleeping. All jokes not intended, it truly is black and white here. At least Selita is not falling into the model stereotype.

George Ross checks in with Tenacity and says that he's never seen a team so calm and collected. Good for them.

Erin Burnett from CNBC comes to check on RockSolid and Bret ::ahem:: "Turns on the Charm". She is not deceived as she discovers Rod's technological issues and Bret's ownership of the project.

The PMs get back to NYC and get to for the first time see the work their teams have been doing in their absence. Rod finds Curtis and Michael eating their dinners and uses it as reason to criticize them. Selita uses her time to edit the vision and make corrections in accordance with accuracy to the Harry Potter story/exhibit.

After some trips to the prop house and final construction both teams have their final products and it is time to present.

And now the part of the show you've all been waiting for. The typecasting of Cyndi Lauper into a Harry Potter role.

Sharon welcomes each child into Hogwarts and Cyndi is the ham inside the main gate outfitting each kid in wizarding apparel. Then Maria helps the kids select a wand (or the wand selects the kid) smoke flies ad pictures is taken and the kid gets a pile of swag. Overall, pretty cool, but maybe a little stiff aside from Cyndi. Cyndi should get cast in the next movie. Seriously!

Now the men decided to cast Goldberg as a tree and he feels that his getting into the costume marks the stupidest moment on the Celebrity Apprentice (apparently he already forgot Darryl's quit) Bret welcomes the kids wearing his usual rocker regalia but Curtis pops out as the professor. His goofiness level is good. Then Rod starts "Acting" and Goldberg the tree starts talking as if he is the sorting hat. The kids are having fun, but it all seems a little amateurish.

Rod decides that things could be more realistic if he adds more smoke. Rod adds so much that Curtis and Goldberg begin to gag. Genius. Shear Genius (Wait, that's a different show...).

And then Rod proves how little he paid attention at the park. HE botches the name of the attraction, the rides and who knows what else. As Bret puts it in the end (in front of the kids!) it was a debauchery.

Miraculously, the kids actually thought the guys were more entertaining. But all the accuracy scores went to the girls. Tenacity also scored for doing the best job informing the kids about the attraction.

See where this is going? Helen Keller does. Congratulation Tenacity on a 3rd straight win. Gentlemen, enjoy the boardroom. Again.

Rod is exposed for his tech issues and Goldberg politically says that Rod was not as good a PM as some other PMs. The Donald gives Rod credit for being nice saying that he believes Rod is more competitive than he is showing because he is afraid of upsetting potential jurors. Everyone acknowledges that Bret was the actual PM on this task, but should he take the fall.

Trump asks Rod if he plans on bringing Bret back into the board room based on this fact. He says no. Numerous times. Another gift, but at least this one is a little more deserved. Rod brings back Michael and Curtis. Oops. Both Michael and Curtis target Rod and while there is much blabbing, Rod did no work, his research was inaccurate and he didn't being Bret back into the boardroom.

Game set match, Rod you're fired.

Can RockSolid stop their slide? We'll see next week.

To see this episode in its entirety, visit the official website at www.nbc.com/the-celebrity-apprentice.