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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 17, 2005

Victoria:   Jesus Juice?  Wine?
Chico:  Because network programmers are drunk, you think sometimes.
Victoria:   Ah, gotcha. I gotta tell you, I'll take wine over milk any day of the week.
Chico:  The secret weapon For your success on Jeopardy!?
Victoria:   Dude, that was me SOBER.
Travis:  I bet she has a huge thumb or something.
Chico:  Ah.
Victoria:   I'm a little more animated when I'm drunk.
Travis:  That's a scary thought.
Gordon: And welcome to Secrets of the Jeopardy champions. This week's hint - use wine. Lots of it.
Chico:  But you were animated when you won. You were thrilled. :)
Travis:  That was the BEST victory celebration I've seen on Jeopardy since...a long time.
Victoria:   I was. It was definitely a tense game.
Chico:  I sensed that. Like...whoa.
Gordon: We welcome everyone back to WLTI and we welcome Jason Hernandez to the show .
Jason H.:   Yay, hi. It's great to be here as the usual sleepy subject.
Gordon: I know we all want to know more about Victoria, so the next segment is 20 Questions. We all pepper Victoria with questions until we reach 20. You ready, Victoria?
Victoria:   Dude, I'm always ready.
Chico:  Dude!
Jason H.:   Dude!
Gordon: Sounds good to me. So then...1). Let's start from the beginning. How did you wind up getting on the show to begin with?
Victoria:   I auditioned in Atlanta last February.  I'd put in a few times before and never gotten an audition. The funny thing is, I had a raging migraine. So I was actually blind through the entire test and audition.
Chico:  Wait a second... I auditioned in February in Atlanta!
Victoria:   Really?
Chico:  You think we could've met and not noticed?
Victoria:   It's possible!
Chico:  I was the bald guy in the suit who missed "Fez, Morocco".
Victoria:   Definitely no bald guys at my session.
Chico:  ... Oh. Well, there was at least one bald guy at mine.
Victoria:   I think there were six in my group that passed, four guys, two girls.
Chico:  There was like five in mine.
Victoria:   I got "the call" in June, I think.
Chico:  2) Were you always interested in quizzes and such?
Victoria:   Yeah.  I'm a nerd from way back :).  I did quiz bowl for ten years, if you count elementary school.
Joe:    Coolness.
Chico:  Word.
Victoria:   Or nerdiness :).
Joe:    Na'ah.  Around here, nerds are cool.
Victoria:   SWEET.
Chico:  We be geeks from way back.
Gordon: Nerds are always welcome.
Travis:  3) What category would you like to have seen in your two games?
Victoria:   I would've loved to have seen a baseball category.
Victoria:   I got a pretty good bit of literature, so I was happy with that.
Joe:    Braves fan are we?
Victoria:   You know it!
Jason H.:   *GASP*
Chico:  Yes!
Joe:    Sorry, sweetheart...Angels fan here.
Victoria:   I have no problem with the Angels.
Jason H.:   .........
Victoria:   Anyone who can beat the Yankees in the playoffs, I'm cool with.
Jason H.:   Ha! Take THAT, Gordon!
Gordon: Grumble, Grumble, Grumble
Jason H.:   I'm a Dodgers fan who just got eliminated last night...
Victoria:   Condolences, dude.
Joe:    4) Do you think you could have beaten Ken Jennings?
Victoria:   Geez!  Let's put it this way: I went in feeling like I had a shot against just about anyone.
Chico:  Wow...
Victoria:   I don't think that feeling like you have no shot against someone you're playing against is productive.
Chico:  So you were just ready to go head long then.
Victoria:   I was playing to win.  Absolutely.
Joe:    Now that's we call the Eye of the Tiger, friends.
Victoria:   But I'm not arrogant enough to believe that I could've kicked Ken's ass around the block!
Jason H.:   5) What do you plan on doing with your winnings?
Victoria:   The major thing is a grand piano.  I had to sell the one I grew up with when I moved up to Pittsburgh.
Joe:    Awww.
Victoria:   There are a few groups we've supported for a long time, and I'm sure we'll continue to do that.
Jason H.:   You play piano well?
Victoria:   I'm a pianist.
Chico:  That's nice.
Jason H.:   Awesome! 6) How long?
Victoria:   I started playing nearly 20 years ago. As far as getting paid for it.....I think since I was 12 or 13.
Jason H.:   Wow, very impressive.
Gordon: That's very cool. 7) - A little Birdie told me that you are involved with TRASH. Is this true and at what level do you participate in?
Victoria:   The little birdie is correct.  I'm a member and an editor.
Gordon: Do you actively compete?
Victoria:   Not anymore.  I stopped competing when I graduated from college.
Chico:  So you report directly to James then.
Victoria:   Yup, more or less. He's our fearless leader!
Gordon: I think it could be fun to see you in action. When are the regionals?
Victoria:   Second weekend in November. You can check out for information on sites.
Joe:    Too bad there's no TRASH here in L.A.
Chico:  That said... I know how you feel Joe. 8) Take us to game day. When they told you about David Madden... first thoughts?
Victoria:   Well, I'd heard about the games from the tape date before mine because there were a couple of holdovers on the shuttle to the studio. I'd seen a few of his games, and I knew he was good.
Chico:  So you knew what you had to do then.
Victoria:   But the way I felt about it was, I was going to be playing against a returning champion no matter what, and I wasn't going to let the fact that it was someone on a very impressive run change the way I approached the game.
Chico:  Good way to approach it.
Travis:  9) What advice or insight can you give someone who would like to pass a J! audition in two months?
Gordon: I can't imagine who he's referring to.
Travis:  The Brain Bus is coming to the Emerald City in November.
Victoria:   I'd say three things: 1.) There are things that always come up that you can memorize.  World capitals and currencies.  U.S. Presidents.
Travis:  The Coryat List.  I've seen that. :)
Victoria:   Make sure you know those things cold.
Travis:  Done.
Victoria:   2.) Don't get rattled if you miss a question on the test.  Some people miss something and it really throws them.  There's plenty of time to recover; just move on.
Travis:  Sage advice. Lotta help it did me for "Millionaire," though.
Victoria:   And 3.) Just have a good time.  Enjoy the people around you and
be excited about the process.
Travis:  Excellent.
Victoria:   You'll be more relaxed and you'll look better in the mock game.
Joe:    I'll take it under advisement.  I'm still mulling over trying the test a third time.
Travis:  Why not?  It's free. :)
Chico:  I'm mulling a second go at the test next year myself.
Victoria:   Oh, one other thing --- there's no penalty for guessing on the test.  So if you can't be right, be funny!
Travis:  Hah!
Joe:    10) What one thing about modern game (and "reality") shows do you think could be most improved?
Victoria:   Wow, that's a good one.  I should probably say that I watch almost no TV, and the reality shows I've found the most addictive are the ones that are really, really heinous.
Gordon: Like what shows?
Victoria:   I watched the entire run of both Temptation Islands - RELIGIOUSLY.
Gordon: Ah.
Chico:  Oh my =p
Gordon: So Youre the one
Victoria:   That's me!
Joe:    Hmm...
Victoria:   I think what I'd say is, most things on TV are most entertaining when they don't take themselves too seriously.
Chico:  Sage advice, especially given what we had to put up with THIS summer
Victoria:   You know that thing when it's down to the final two on Survivor, when they walk down the path with the other people's torches?
Gordon: yep
Victoria:   That always cracks me up.
Gordon: Agreed - #11 - Let's go back to Jeopardy and your day #2, which you may want to forget. Was there one thing you'd like to change about that, or was it just not going to be your day and there's nothing you could have done?
Victoria:   Someone told me that if I hadn't buzzed in on any of the questions I missed, I would've had a lock game. That said, I have to say no. Obviously I would've preferred to have won; I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed! But I was 100% happy with the way I played, and I totally tip my cap to Ray and Stacey.
Chico:  Cool 12) What's next life-wise?
Victoria:   Well, we just moved, and I have a baby, so I'm taking care of her and trying to find some more writing and music work. But my big plans are to go to grad school for public health.
Travis:  13) "Buzzing digit... Thumb or index finger?"
Gordon: lol
Jason H.:   Hey, that's a very good question!
Victoria:   Lemme remember......Thumb. The way the Jeopardy buzzer works, it's kinda hard to do with any other digit.
Chico:  Yeah.
Joe:    14) Speaking of the buzzer, what did you do to help you practice to help you get ready to use it effectively?
Victoria:   They recommend you practice with a ballpoint pen while watching the show, and I did that when I could. But most of my practice was the practice on the taping date. My husband had already moved, and I was taking care of a six-month-old on my own while I was prepping, so my free time was VERY limited.
Jason H.:   This is an odd question, but 15) what kind of extracurricular activities (like band) did you participate in during your school years?
Victoria:   Chorus was the big one.  I played for some musicals in high school.  And I played quiz bowl.  That was about it.  I wasn't a "joiner."
Chico:  What voice?
Victoria:   In high school I was a second soprano; now I'm an alto.
Jason H.:   You did musicals? Huzzah! Same here! *high-five*
Chico:  Ah. High tenor here.
Gordon: Same.
Jason H.:   High bass here, believe it or not, guys. Yes, I can sing that low. :-p
Gordon: Very nice, now we get to the final 5 questions that we ask everyone. Mr. Alexander, if you will.
Chico:  16) What's your favorite game show, past or present?
Victoria:   Jeopardy. (predictable, huh?)
Gordon: Never would have guessed
Chico:  Heh.
Jason H.:   I thought she'd say Joker's Wild, for sure!
Chico:  17) Favorite host, past or present?
Victoria:   Hmmmmm.  I do have a soft spot for Marc Summers.  Double Dare was a big part of my childhood.
Chico:  No argument here.
Chico:  18) If you could bring back one show from the past, what would it be?
Gordon: And no, you can't say the Art Flemming version of Jeopardy
Victoria:   Geez, I don't know.
Chico:  Wow... We've never had that answer before.
Victoria:   I'm sorry!
Jason H.:   (Psst, Victoria!)
Victoria:   (yeah, Jason?)
Jason H.:   (Why not mention that show by that favourite host?)
Chico:  If I can't, in good conscience, feed her "Blockbusters," you can't feed her "PYL"
Victoria:   Oh, dude, Press Your Luck!
Victoria:   That show fricking rocked.
Jason H.:   LMAO
Joe:    What, no Sale of the Century?
Jason H.:   I totally didn't expect THAT
Joe:    :p
Jason H.:   I was gonna help her say Double Dare, guys :-p
Gordon: Sigh.
Victoria:   I thought the Whammies were cute.
Jason H.:   Yay!
Victoria:   But I'm a dork.
Chico:  Heh. 19) What game would you like to challenge next?
Victoria:   I've half-jokingly talked about trying out for American Idol.
Chico:  You can go to Greensboro for that, you know? Lord knows I can't. Work really does suck =p
Victoria:   But probably Millionaire.
Chico:  Okay, the final question...
Jason H.:   Awwww
Chico:  20) The Create-a-Question: Basically, if you have something to get off your chest, now would be the time to do it.
Victoria:   There was a story that I wish I'd told the J! folks for my interview. And it's this: When I was in college, the National Science Foundation used to pay me to do animal calls. As in "sooey, sooey, pig, pig, pig."
Chico:  What they call in the Dirty South "Hollerin'"
Victoria:   You know it! I am a genteel Southern lady!
Chico:  That makes one of us.... I'm a transplant from the west coast =p
Victoria:   Well, I've been transplanted up north, so.....
Chico:  Okay, continued success as always, Victoria :) And Jeopardy season 22 continues, check your local listings, this is your WLTI show. Roleplay next!
Jason H.:   Hehe
Gordon: We'll be transplanting Victoria and other people...into...well, you're just going to have to stick around and see what, after this!
Victoria:   Oh, Lordy, Lordy!
Jason H.:   [I'll have you guys know, I wasn't trying to get her to say PYL, you guys did that on your own. :-p Thanks! :-D]
Chico:  Dork :-D
Jason H.:   Hey!

(Brought to you by America's Next Top Model Airplane. You ever see a sexy Boeing 727? Well now you can as they change it to the Boing 727 and remodel the new landing gear, because goodness knows it needs to be remodeled)

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