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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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September 24, 2005

Chico:  Bad, Gordon!
Joe:    A BOING 727?!?!:?
Chico:  Very bad!
Jason H.:   LMAO
Joe:    Do I want to know what that is?
Gordon: Well, thats what it did on the runway. Boingy, boingy, boingy.
Jason H.:   Gordon......*shakes head*
Joe:    <Jason Block>Boo-urns.</JB>
Jason H.:   LOL
Gordon: I have to keep up the Haterade Moniker, you know
Chico:  And they watched it on the inflight TV. That's what I call reality, and this is what I call Roleplay =p
Jason H.:   Awww Chico...That was a good segue, but you've done better. =)
Chico:  The game is simple, we give you a role and a question. You take the role and answer the question.
Jason H.:   *warms up voice*
Chico:  And since there's only five of us, this should be nice and quick.
Joe:    Nice.
Gordon: Let's start with Mr. Hernandez.
Jason H.:   Meep. *gets mask on*
Chico:  Okay, Jason... you are Todd Newton. Your show, Made in the USA, you like it a lot, but not many people are watching. Why is that?
Jason H.:   Well, I'll tell you guys....don't get me wrong, I really like the show, it's a novel idea....
Chico:  That's a big smile there, dude.
Jason H.:   ....but the fine folks at the USA Network decided to put my show up against another show I love very much, and a show I've hosted many times, and I hope to host again....
Chico:  In Search of the Partridge Family?
Joe:    ROFL
Jason H.:   ....and that the Price is Right!
Chico:  Agreed! Now explain your primetime showing.
Jason H.:   ....I don't know how to explain the prime-time one, though, honestly.....
Joe:    You know what the creepy part is?
Chico:  What's that?
Joe:    Jason's impression of El-Todd-o is spot on.
Jason H.:   LOL *gets back in character*
Chico:  Wow... that IS creepy.
Joe:    That sounds frighteningly like how Todd talks in interviews.
Gordon: ok - You ready , Victoria?
Victoria:   Dude, I'm SO ready.
Chico:  Dude...
Victoria:   Dude, I say "dude" a lot.
Chico:  Dude?
Gordon: Victoria, you are...a Daily Double.
Victoria:   I'd bet it all.
Jason H.:   You're making it true?
Victoria:   Absolutely!
Jason H.:   Whoohoo! Unlike someone who once bet $5 (FIVE DOLLARS!?) *cough*Madden*cough*
Victoria:   Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Gordon: On the show that the lovely Victoria was on, you were used very aggressively and it worked out very well for Victoria. Why don't more people use it as an effective tool to close out the game instead of using to be bet...ahem...$5?
Victoria:   Well, you have to keep in mind, it's a forced guess. I knew if I missed that question, I lost the game, period.
Gordon: If you're up, and you know that you have to deal with a Final Jeopardy topic that you may not be sure about, then why not go for the game right there on something that you are familiar with?
Victoria:   Personally, I think that's the right thing to do.  (Especially in my situation where the daily double was a low-valued clue in my best category). But then again, on Final Jeopardy, the other people might have to get it right too. I think it's a totally valid way to play, it just wasn't the way I approached the game.
Chico:  You've got to bet to force them into a right answer.
Gordon: So you play FInal Jeopardy not to hope you get it right, but that other people get it wrong?
Victoria:   Right. Certainly there have been lots of people who have been successful that way!
Gordon: Good answer - next person up - Joe.
Chico:  You are... the ghost of Johnny Carson.
Joe:    Ooooooh.
Jason H.:   Ahhhhh! Ghost! *hides*
Joe:    (I'd kill to do Sale of the Century in Studio One, incidentally.  Well maybe not kill...)
Chico:  Ed McMahon is touring the country with a tribute to you. As you watch down from the heavens, what are you feeling?
Joe:    I am greatly appreciative of my friend for trying to bring my memory to those who may not have been exposed to "The Tonight Show" while I was hosting it.  The current generation is more likely recognize Jay Leno as the King of Late Night than me. Not that I dislike Leno...
Chico:  You'll always be the king here, man...
Gordon: Carson > Letterman > Leno.
Chico:  Agreed.
Joe:    Carson > O'Brien > Letterman > Leno.   Three words: Max.  Weinberg.  Seven.
Jason H.:   Carson > Letterman > O'Brien > Sajak > Leno
Chico:  Ah.
Victoria:   Dude, all the hatin' on poor Jay Leno.
Joe:    He's better than Jimmy Kimmel.
Chico:  Jon Stewart uber the currents (with the exception of Letterman), but that's besides the point.
Gordon: I could get with that. Chico, you are...Noel Siegel.
Chico:  I am Noel Siegel.
Gordon: You are Noel Siegel, the new head of Programming of Fox Reality. Your job is to bring in shows - or create new ones - for the fledgling station. So what are you cooking up for us?
Chico:  I want to negotiate to bring a) the UK version of "The Apprentice"... b) The Rebel Billionaire, that underappreciated gem. and c) a show with a bunchof other reality show contestants playing a game to see who will be the next big reality star. And if that doesn't work, I'll just take whatever's on Fox at the time.
Gordon: I didn't realize that we opened up the wet bar early.
Victoria:   There's a wet bar?  And no one told me?
Jason H.:   Heh
Chico:  Actually, there's one show I've heard that takes a Jeopardy! champion and faces him off against other people. Did they do that yet?
Jason H.:   I make good use of the wet bar =) *hic*
Victoria:   My kind of people!
Chico:  Because I can totally come up with David Madden, and we can bring in Scott Lasky. I don't think he's doing anything nowadays...OR...I have an idea about former rivals becoming teammates a la some loser show on the WB...OR... aw, screw it, I'll just have a drink.
Jason H.:   Adda boy!
Gordon: We've taken the 'When you don't have anything good, steal it' classesfrom the Mike Darnell school of FOX trainees, haven't we?
Chico:  I don't have to justify myself to you.
Gordon: Well, Mike usually doesn't. Ok last, one - what do you have for me?
Chico:  Okay, Gordon, you're a video-game playing poker fan.
Gordon: Really and truly, I am
Chico:  No, you really are!
Jason H.:   9_9
Chico:  You have $50 that you just scammed off of the Magician.
Gordon: Antonio Esfandari won't mind that I took his money?
Chico:  He won't mind.
Gordon: ok
Chico:  There are four poker games either out or on the way out. 1) World Championship Poker 2) World Series of Poker 3) WPT2K6 and 4) Stacked with Daniel Negreanu. Question. Which one do you blow your wad on?
Gordon: Well, I played WSOP and I hate the pacing of the game. Way too slow. I have World Championship Poker and that's my game of choice, so I will want the sequel.
Chico:  You will want the sequel. Sounds righteous.
Gordon: I definitely would try out WT2k6 and Stacked before trying it out, but Id have to go with WCP2.
Joe:    I'll take WPT2K6 myself.
Victoria:   I'd take Stacked.  I've heard good things about the AI.
Chico:  Wow. Everyone's got a pick :)
Gordon: I've heard good things about both Stacked and WPT2k6, I'd want to see both and them maybe add them in my collection, but as I only had 1 pick, I'll go with what I liked in the first place.
Chico: Righteous. Time for a break.

(Brought to you by Madden Plays Everyone. David Madden takes on any and all challengers for a chance at $25,000. Coming this fall to Fox. It's totally original!)

Gordon: Ben who? Ken what?
Chico:  It's totally original! It's NEW! NEW! NEW! Sorry, had a case of old-school ATGS trollage here.
Jason H.:   Ok.
Chico:  Alrighty. In that case, let's go... right... to.... the BIG FINISH!
Joe:    Let's do it.
Chico:  Survivor. We know it's the suck, Joe. Still, who's next?
Chico:  And what happens now that Danni outed Gary's secret line? See, Secret Line is like "What's My Line?" meets "I've Got a Secret".
Jason H.:   Chico.....
Chico:  What?
Jason H.:   you know the line....
Chico:  I know the line. You have a life.
Jason H.:   *nods* =)
Chico:  So do I. I also have a TiVo. :)
Jason H.:   I wouldn't waste it on Survivor. :-p
Joe:    And I have enough dignity.
Chico:  So you're the one.
Gordon: I think Gary's still safe for now. I think the girls on both sides may have issues if they don't band with the guys. TPIR - do we have more surprises on the way?
Jason H.:   Oh yes, I think we do.
Chico:  I think we're still due for a new game.
Joe:    More new pricing games, Roger!
Gordon: Jeopardy - will we finally see someone hold the title for more than 2 days?
Chico:  Okay, I'll just say... Late October.
Joe:    Sure we will.
Chico:  Of course we will. It's Jeopardy!, not rocket science.
Jason H.:   My bet is Wednesday.
Gordon: Lingo - This week is the Week 'o Celebrities. Anyone watching?
Jason H.:   .........
Chico:  I'm going to, if only because I have to write it. Will I enjoy? Ehh.. not so much.  Actually, I might enjoy if only because someone's going to drown out Shandi's incessant blather?
Jason H.:   Instead of choosing myself & Matt to dominate on Lingo, they waste 5 perfectly good shows.
Victoria:   The nerve!
Gordon: Did you and Matt try out?
Jason H.:   Yep =(
Gordon: Awww =( Jason's sad. I have something else that will make him sad.
Jason H.:   *gasp*
Chico:  Wha?
Jason H.:   Don't tell me.....! No.....
Gordon: No E-mail this week.
Chico:  NO!
Jason H.:   NO!
Chico:  See, Jason's sad now.
Jason H.:   *cries*
Gordon: We had a really good streak going, too.
Jason H.:   :'(
Gordon: But the streak is snapped and the mailbox is empty. Where should people send their e-mail to, Chico?
Chico:  Yeah. Remember, guys, you can always reach us with your probing game show questions at So go on and do it. You don't want to make Jason cry... do you?
Joe:    Awwwwwwwwww.
Gordon: Cry again for the audience, Jason.
Jason H.:   *cries*
Joe:    BTW, on a more positive note, Monday is my birthday, friends.
Gordon: Yay, Joe! Happy Birthday!
Chico:  Happy happy, Joe! We get to put you on the front page!
Joe:    !SALUTE!
Victoria:   Happy birthday!
Chico:  How many candles, bro?
Joe:    27, gents.
Chico:  Very nice.
Jason H.:   Yea, I gotta treat ya good, Joey We gotta party it up. :-D
Chico:  A round for the birthday boy!
Jason H.:   Whoohoo!
Gordon: Yay!
Chico:  While we go get our party on, all that remains is for us to thank once again Victoria Groce for being here!
Victoria:   Thanks for inviting me.
Jason H.:   *applause applause*
Gordon: Thank you, Victoria. You are free to drop by whenever you want.
Victoria:   Aww, thanks!
Jason H.:   *grabs a Kleenex*
Chico: And thanks to Travis Eberle, James Dinan, Jason Hernandez, Jason Block, and the birthday boy!
Gordon: Yay birthday boy!
Jason H.:   We need another Jason here. Two isn't enough. :-p
Joe:    Word.
Chico:  He's Gordon Pepper. I'm Chico Alexander. The show is We Love to Interrupt, and until next week.... what do we say?
Jason H.:   Parfait?
Gordon: Spread the Love - and the Birthday Boy.
Chico:  Joe's right. And Gordon's right.

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