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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is NOT a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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September 20, 2004


Gordon: Lets talk about something that's also chump change considered to a million...A billion. Did anyone see Pepsi's Play for a Billion? What did you think?
Alex:   No, I didn't see that.
Jason:  LOL
Alex:   So I'll just listen.
Chico:  I saw it.
Jason:  Didn't see it, either. I HAVE a life, hello? :-p
Alex:   I went to see a movie.
Jason:  When the heck was that, anyway?
Chico:  Sept. 12.
Jason:  Ohh
Gordon: Way to be reading our GSNN boards, Jason.
Jason:  Sorry, but that was the weekend I missed out on, with it being my 21st and all.
Chico:  Oh! Happy belated, J :)
Gordon: So you can now play Super Pan 9 legally
Jason:  .....yes...that's right! So far, I have lost $5 total to the PiR slots. I think I played that thing for a couple hours. THAT is your video crack, right there
Alex:   lol
Gordon: Just as a personal note - the California casinos policy in terms of making sure you are over 21 is.. shall we say...nonexistent.
Jason:  ...I think that was pretty evident when you were here. :)
Gordon: Well, Chico, that leaves you and me. what did you think?
Chico:  I have a life.. and a DVR. Anyway, you have to admire ABC for teaming a rookie with a veteran. Kinda like the buddy cops of game showdom.
Gordon: I thought that it was fun, but not nearly as good as last year, and ABC clearly cut costs on this.
Chico:  They had to pay off Destiny's Child is what it was.
Gordon: Nonsense. They had more stars when it was on the WB.
Alex:   ABC might be the most idiotic network ever.
Jason:  As an aside.... Recently, Disney's California Adventure had their "ABC Preview Weekend" and it was.... terrible! WAY too much "extreme
Gordon: Well, this is ABC's way, isn't it  - take a hit show, ruin it into the ground and not worry about creating new shows to foster it.
Alex:   I am actually going to watch a show on the WB this year... which is scary.
Jason:  Which show would that be?
Alex:   I am really looking forward to Green Screen In October.
Jason:  Personally, I watch "7th Heaven" just coz I like watching Bev Mitchell. :-p
Alex:   I am a huge fan of Whose Line. So any show like that, I'll be watching.
Jason:  Same here.
Gordon: Green Screen is on when? Thursday at 9?
Alex:   Yep.
Jason:  There's TV on Thursdays???
Gordon: Airing against Apprentice, CSI, Extreme Makeover, Tru Calling and the WWE?
Chico:  Yep.
Gordon: Enjoy your two episodes of Green Screen before is gets yanked after getting pummeled by everything else on at the same time.
Chico:  In any event, while we're on the subject of lame decisions, we had TWO this week. 1) The Apprentice. Two bad decisions there.
Gordon: Do tell.
Chico:  First one was on the part of Bradford, who was a lock for round 3... but chose to waive his immunity. This is when his team lost, mind you. And he was not supposed to be fired if that happened again.
Gordon: Agreed - that was an incredible stupid move on his part.
Chico:  He waives immunity and is taken to the board.
Gordon: and bad decision #2?
Chico:  Never mind the fact that he now has guns for days due to the fact that he was carrying his team on his back for the past two weeks.
Gordon: Was he? I disagree with that.
Chico:  Well, he did better than the other two that were carried into the board room.
Gordon: I think he was going to carry them to doom in the first episode until the team overruled him on the toy. The car was a much better idea than the football gig. I think his ego got in his way in both this and the second episode.
Chico:  #2 - Stacie and Ivana completely screwed the pooch, but Bradford's cojones overrode any good he did, as the Donald put him out of his misery.
Gordon: Do you think the Donald made the right choice?
Chico:  Not by a freaking longshot. He just wanted the attention.
Gordon: So you think the Donald made a bad decision.
Chico:  By not going for the weakest link, yes.
Gordon: I completely disagree. I think the Donald made the right choice. You have someone who is blowing off both the group and the boss's authority, completely not listening to his group - and then waiving off the rules. You don't want someone like that running a business. I think Trump did that for 2 reasons - 1. He knew he wasn't going to hire him, so he figured to get rid of him, and 2 - He sent a message to the team that that sort of behavior will not be tolerated.
Chico:  Sometimes going against the grain works.
Gordon: Going against the grain is good. Doing it by setting the silo on fire is bad.
Chico:  Well the way he was going about it, you'd think otherwise. We'll see when the extra footage comes in. Meanwhile, we go to second lame mistake of
the week. The Play-Op is revealed... as Boston Rob.
Gordon: Rob is the player operator - at least we know where their budget went to now.
Chico:  Dawn's dresses! But believe it or not, there could've been other choices.
Gordon: I'm sensing a Big Board coming on...
Chico:  You sense correctly.
Gordon: Light it up!
Chico:  Today's topic: End of the Line. I'll explain this for JD and Alex: on the game, there was a player operator that basically acted as ...the Inquizitor... A Charlie, if you will. This Big Board will explore what would be different if there were other people on the line. Feel free to jump in with suggestions.
Alex:   OK
Chico:  Gordon, please begin..
Gordon: For example, if Ken Jennings was the Player Operator - then you'd either have Computer Geeks or Mormons as the contestants.
Chico:  Personally, I've never heard a geek outside myself say "spit mad game" before.
Gordon: It could be fun to see that - even worse than Average Joe.
Chico:  WORSE?! How could it get any worse?
Gordon: My next PO could make it worse =)
Chico:  Okay, I got one. Mark Thompson. The voice of Fox could resound in a booming voice and have the players do something incredibly stupid (and more than likely ripped off from another show) for money.
Gordon: What about Phyllis Diller? Then we can have dating for 80 year olds. The Bachelor - Octogenarian Style.
Jason:  *shudders*
Alex:   I think I would literally scoop out of my eyeballs.
Chico:  I stand corrected. That was worse.
Gordon: Would you like to dance - or would you rather suck face?
Josh:   Depends whose face I'm sucking.
Gordon: Anyone have any other suggestions?
Chico:  Ben Stein. He's got the cred, you know.
Gordon: A show with Smart we have enough people to fill that show?
Alex:   Get Kennedy then. Give me a reason to watch.
Jason:  Kennedy!!!!
Chico:  Of course!
Gordon: Who would she fill the show up with?
Chico:  I'm sure she has female.. Republican... friends..
Alex:   I would hope so. Then lets put it on Pay Per View.
Gordon: The Player - Republican Lingerie Edition featuring Kennedy! Brilliant!
Josh:   I'd suck Kennedy's face.
Alex:   Who wouldn't?
Chico:  Or here's a switch-up. How about Gordon as the Play-Operator?
Gordon: I am sick of the dopey Bachelor shows. Since no one is looking for love anymore, let's throw a nasty twist into the genre. I would make STEVE from MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS FIANCE the player and then the game would be to try to get eliminated from the show so that you DON'T get married to him.
Chico:  Seppuku is allowed, right?
Gordon: no - no Seppuku allowed.
Chico:  Damn.
Gordon: The person who is eliminated the last wins $50,000 - and the person who he picks has to live with Steve - forever!
Jason:  .....maybe he's a good cook. :p
Chico:  Go to commercial! GO TO COMMERCIAL!

(This commercial has been brought to you by MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS BACHELOR - You DON'T want him to pick you!)

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