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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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March 5, 2005

Mike: ROFL! I'm setting the TiVo for that series!
Gordon: Hey Joe - I didn't know you were a reality show star!
Joe: Girls...whoa...(drools)
Gordon: OK - While we are waiting for Average Joe 2005 to start, when do we have, Chico?
Chico: We have a new game, it's called 5 Good Reasons. Basically, I give out a subject and a panelist, they come up with five good reasons for the subject. Then they give out a subject and another panelist. Continue for five rounds. For example... Gordon, come up with Five Good Reasons why Family Feud was renewed for a seventh season.
Mike: Give him an hour.
Gordon: Sure, give me THAT one.
Chico: Why not? You like a challenge, right?
Gordon: 1. It's loyal to the traditional one, which is a classic. 2. Richard
Karn is the best host in the current incarnation. 3. The special themed shows are fun to watch. 4. You have gotten a lot of classic moments with
ridiculously dumb answers. 5. It sure beats watching an hour of Life and Style.
Rob: Believe it or not, that's what is opposite Feud here in Washington.
Chico: Heh. I like that last one. Okay, Gordon, continue on, please.
Gordon: How's that?
Chico: Very nice.
Ryan: Well done Gordon.
Chico: *applause*
Gordon: Does the panel want easy - or a challenge?
Rob: I'll leave it alone.
Gordon: Joe.
Joe: Pass.
Gordon: No passing, Joe.
Joe: Pass. :-D
Chico: Judges? (BZZZ!)
Gordon: Joe - Give me 5 good reasons why more people should be watching the Ultimate Fighter.
Joe: Anyways: five good reasons why people should be watching TUF... 1)
Authentic UFC fights with newcomers. 2) Interesting storylines. 3) It's right
after WWE Raw. 4) Willa Ford is kinda hot. (I like brunettes better). 5) It beats the hell out of The Bachelor. Literally.
Chico: Only her second game show, if you want to count "I Bet You Will".
Joe: turn to make someone sweat?
Gordon: Yep. The choices are Rob, Ryan and Mike.
Joe: Ryan...
Ryan: Be nice :-) I've just gone through a stressful eBay war.
Joe: Why? Did you win an auction for the Forrest sisters' underwear?
Ryan: lol
Chico: O_O
Rob: I guess that was a great birthday present for you.
Joe: Whatever happened to Jackie and Sammy anyways?
Chico: No clue.
Mike: They're in bed with me right now. BWAHAHAH
Joe: ROFL. Ryan - Gimme five good reasons Wheel of Fortune sucks less than Survivor.
Ryan: Excellent!
Gordon: Hey! =(
Ryan: Gimme a second.
Gordon: Reality Hater.
Ryan: 1. There is more play along factor on Wheel than Survivor. 2. No smarmy Probst, only smart aleck Sajak. 3. I don't have to watch for umpteen weeks to find out who wins in Wheel. Nice and over with in 22 minutes. 4. Wheel doesn't have social politics as its main game frame. 5. Last reason? I've yet to see naked Richard Hatches on Wheel...
Joe: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Chico: O_O
Gordon: Well, there's an image I'd rather not have in my mind this early in
the morning.
Chico: Moving on...
Ryan: Yes but it proves my point :-)
Joe: Touche.
Gordon: Rich - I'd like to buy a vowel. Pat - But you have no money. Rich -
I'll buy it with my pants.
Rob: Control Booth: Quick, fade to black
Ryan: Ah, my pick eh? Okay... who would like to go next?
Mike: Oh what the heck.
Ryan: Okay... hold on...Five reasons why...TPIR should continue doing prime time specials.
Mike: 1. Ratings, ratings, ratings! I believe every special has been #1 in
its time spot.
Gordon: It has, Mike.
Mike: 2. People love Bob Barker. He's an American institution. 3. Because
TPiR hasn't honored every profession. I'm waiting for TPiR's salute to
Joe: ROFL.
Mike: 4. The cost of an episode compared with its rating is low. An
unscripted show like TPiR costs a lot less than any scripted show.
Chico: True.
Mike: 5. Exposure for Rich Fields. Even though I don't care for him, any
exposure to a mainstream audience who is not home in the daytime is only
beneficial for Fields.
Chico: Fields is coming into his own, I think... I attribute that to writing.
Mike: I hate how he laughs at everything and you can hear it over his mic.
Ryan: Do you think they should revamp how they give out the big prize? I do believe that the Aussie mega showcase is a better vehicle for it.
Joe: I still would've preferred Randy West, but Fields is surprisingly good.
And he respects the fans.
Mike: It screams unprofessional to me. You never heard Rod, Johnny, or even the other subs laugh during the show.
Gordon: OK - Mike - toss one to Rob.
Mike: Rob, here's one I'm gonna toss to you.
Rob: Bring it.
Chico: And it's the last one, so make it a good one.
Mike: Give me 5 great reasons...why Street Smarts should see a sixth season. Not good reasons. Great reasons.
Ryan: Excellent.
Mike: I have standards.
Rob: OK.
Chico: Heh.
Rob: 1. Frank Nicotero is really coming into his own as host. 2. Who doesn't love to laugh at the street savants horrible answers? 3. The in-studio contestants are just as enjoyable as the street savants. 4. They are finally starting to get a budget with the $100,000 Tournament. And 5. It would prevent Scott St. John from producing any more really crappy docu-dateries like Blind Date and 5th Wheel (why did you take out Aisha Tyler).
Gordon: Very good (clap clap clap).
Chico: *Siren* I'm sorry, Rob, you used an illegal compound word. *Dunce cap*
Gordon: lol
Rob: Docu-dateries.
Gordon: Well besides the illegal compound word
Chico: And that is Five Good Reasons... very good round all around :-)
Gordon: And we will get to a very good BIG FINISH - right after the Break

(Sponsored by The Price is Right - Lady of the Night Edition. Next up - the lovely Sasha. 24-36-24. You can have her...if The Price is Right.)

Rob: One dollar, Bob!
Mike: 24-36-24? She's shaped like a bong?
Chico: She's apple shaped. We call her Miss Applebottom.
Gordon: And with Sasha - you get a year's supply of Bongs!
Chico: Okay, not much time left, so we're going into the Big Finish, with the perennially late Jason Hernandez! Amazing Race. What do you think so far?
Rob: Pretty good, worthy of the renewals.
Gordon: Excellent first episode. You have a lot of good characters so far.
Ryan: Enjoyable - I like the change to giving out the cash prize instead of a
vacation, just for variety's sake.
Jason Hernandez: Ditto for me on that.
Chico: Yep. I had to say "no loser trip this year" Today... you get CASH!
Ryan: Wait, the trip is good - anything is better than those Kodak Easy Share cameras from a few years ago.
Gordon: You win a trip to Belize, you win $10,000, and you win..DIGITAL
CAMERAS! Hardly seems fair, does it?
Mike: I love this edition of The Amazing Race, even though the fat guys got
the boot on the first episode.
Gordon: AI4 - who's next to go bye-bye?
Rob: Amanda Avila.
Chico: If there is a god in heaven, Janay will go next week.
Gordon: I'm waiting for Joe's response to Rob's answer - lol
Joe: Janay's goin.' Rob, don't you be baggin' on my woman! :-D
Rob: Stop hogging them.
Gordon: Does it really matter which woman is leaving, and do any of them have a chance to win?
Rob: Nope.
Chico: Nope. How about the Survivor? Will the Ulong get out of their slump?
Jason: *look up, Chico* =)
Rob: Knowing how Survivor usually goes, they will win both challenges next week.
Gordon: Ulong have no prayer.
Joe: I've said it before, I'll say it again: Survivor = teh suck.
Gordon: They've gotten rid of two of the strongest players on their team - I don't see how they win without a team reshuffling.
Ryan: Which knowing Burnett, is just down the road...
Gordon: Speaking of another Burnett show - The Apprentice on Thursday will be doing a show promoting another reality show - Fuse's search for a DJ. Will the promo work?
Rob: Nope.
Chico: Not that many people get digital cable, so... no.
Rob: Will go over as well as Crystal Pepsi.
Jason: ...... *look up, Gordo*
Mike: No because how many people know what Fuse is, besides something that needs to be changed when you run the toaster and the microwave at the same time?
Joe: Anybody else watch that Video IQ show they have?
Mike: Is it like History IQ?
Joe: No.
Ryan: Wasn't Fuse MuchMusic before?
Joe: Yep.
Gordon: yep
Joe: Whatever happened to Ed the Sock?
Mike: He's washed up
Ryan: He's still up here. He hosts "Fromage" - a once a year show that shows the worst videos of the past year.
Rob: Last year's opening theme: Sorry 2004
Gordon: With that, do we have any mail, Chico?
Chico: Sorry, Just looking at the mail. This one's from Laudelino Garcia.



"Where can I find out the rating for the game show family feud? And do you think it will last another year? Thanks"

Jason: Maybe I might actually watch or go see a taping. I haven't seen one in a couple years, to be honest. (Feud, that is)
Chico: Well, first off, thanks for writing, Laudelino. We take our ratings
from numerous sources, Mediaweek, B&C, Zap2it, so you would have to basically take it as they come from those numerous sources...
Mike: Some of the ratings for shows can be found at Mediaweek, located at
Chico: And as for next year, Richard will be back.
Mike: Do we have more mail? Can we do like Karn and DOUBLE THE E-MAILS?!?!
Jason: lol *GASP!*
Chico: Why not. You got more mail? We've got time for some more!
Joe/Jason: MORE MAIL!
Mike: The slide itself has been living comfortably in a landfill since late
Gordon: This is from Nat Dykeman...


This is Nat, I was a contestant on Ultimate Film Fanatic. I was the Midwest
winner. Don't be surprised if you get some E-mails this week. All the
contestants became such good friends, we all keep in touch, and, someone posted a link today about your rundowns. We're gearing up for the next film festival, April 1 - 3. Thanks for writing all that, Nat Dykeman

Gordon: If you are in the Lake County, Wisconsin area and wish to go, or if
you are interested in attending, go to the link and check it out. Okay, time
for one more mail. TRIPLE THE MAIL!
Ryan: Bring it on.



I am quite a Fear Factor addict, so I wound up reading the romance article
Gordon wrote and enjoyed it. Some thoughts: I don't think the show ever really was about love in the first place, but you are right it used to be much more interesting. Now who was gay from this season, and how do you know this? From the few episodes I saw all the guys seemed pretty creepy. I have a somewhat unrelated question for you. I was watching Survivor tonight and I am confused why they don't seem to have clothes. Please enlighten me. - Bonnie

Mike: Sorry, my Gaydar is in the shop.
Chico: You didn't need it. There were several reports out and websites with Fabrice's picture on them, one of which is from a report on TVBarn, who referred it to a Chicago Gay Pride Organization.
Gordon: As for the clothes issue, when Survivor says that you only start off with the clothes on your back - they mean it. The survivors only started with that - and since they have been cutting it off to use for swaths, etc...
That's why for themost part they are bare - of course, most of the guys don't mind seeing barely dressed women. Except Fabrice - maybe.
Chico: Or Coby.
Gordon: True.
Chico: But that's another story for another day.
Gordon: Yep - If you wish to join the legion or mail people, where should
they write to, Chico?
Mike: Tickets c/o The Price is Right, 7800 Beverly Blvd....sorry.
Ryan/Jason: LOL
Chico: That would be  ... 7800 Beverly Blvd.,
Hollywood CA, 90036.
Jason: LMAO
Chico: Okay, Bob.
Mike: I think we found Rich's replacement.
Joe: Yeah: RANDY WEST!
Gordon: And with that, we end another jam-packed exciting episode of WLTI.
Joe: Incidentally, big ups to all the TPIR Live guys, should they be reading
this - Randy, Todd Newton and Mark L. Walberg, especially.
Gordon: Next time - we review the new shows that premiered over the past 2 weeks and we give you the first update of this year's Game Show Congress.
Joe: It's been real. See you on the next show.
Jason: CLANG! CLANG! Whoo Whoo
Ryan: Vickers... OUT! *slaps himself*
Chico: Okay, big thanks to Mike...ahem... *radio voice* Mike Klauss, Ryan
Vickers, Joe Van Ginkel, Rob Seidelman, Jason Hernandez, Travis Eberle and James Dinan. That wasn't the show we planned on, but that's the show you got. And of course, thanks to you for reading. You know, we do this all for you, and we appreciate hearing from you.
Mike: We're done? I want more WLTI! Can you send WLTI to my cell phone?
Chico: For Gordon, I'm Chico. Until next time, take it Joe...
Joe: Godspeed for now. Spread the love, and remember... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME OVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!
Mike: Over is this game indeed.
Jason: *whammy buzz*
Gordon: Game Over and...OUT!

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