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Episode 34.5: Shutdown
October 7

Jason: We deserve that
Gordon: I don't want mediocrity. I want the #1 Draft Pick. I want 0-16.
Chico: Jacksonville called dibs on that one.
Gordon: Hey, they are tied so far.
Chico: For the Worst. Thing. EVER!
Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your week and for allowing our week to be a part of you. Now Chico, is that a price catalogue you have?
Chico: It is. And you know, we are all about entertainment for the masses.
Gordon: I'm guessing you have objects that we can price?
Chico: Yep. It's our version of the world's strongest game show. We call it, NOW How much would You Pay? First up...

Two tickets to the America's Got Talent tour! They are worth $180. How much would you pay?

Jason: Thats more like How much would you pay me? Sorry. $0
Chico: Whoa. Burn.
Gordon: This season's crop isn't that bad. I'd spend $20. Now if you said Idol, I'd wait to be paid $20.
Jason: Double Burn
Chico: Agreed. They're on sale for $180, If you buy through ticketmaster. I'd buy cheap for $20 elsewhere. Next up...

The 30th anniversary 3rd edition of the Wheel Of Fortune home game! It's at $30. How much would you pay?

Jason: I would pay full price $30. Collector and player here.
Chico: You could do that, But you overbid, so it's coming home with me. $15
Gordon: I would take the $20 from AGT and spend $15 on the game and then $5 on snacks for the friends I'm inviting over.
Chico: Gordon, always the gracious host...
Gordon: Then they can help clean my apartment.
Chico: And our Gordon is back.
Jason: Ha!
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next up...

GSN would never think of importing the Chase board game. We would. $35. How much it worth to ya?

Gordon: Id spend the whole $35. Its my second favorite UK Game show out there.
Chico: The first of course being, Only Connect.
Gordon: Yep
Jason: Me too. Only Connect is 18.70 Pounds Sterling at $29.79 plus shipping
Gordon: MINE.
Jason: A damn steal if you ask me.
Gordon: Someone knows what to get me for a birthday present.
Jason: You would probably pay more than 35
Gordon: I would.
Chico: I'd pay the 35. Next...

A trip to Korea for a pan-Asia/Australia quiz event.

Gordon: Which one?
Chico: Quiz on Korea. An international competition designed to test your knowledge on all things Korea. A New Zealander won it this year.

Gordon: Korea is not exactly American-friendly. I'll spend $50 to watch it online.
Jason: $25 for the online stream
Chico: Same here. I'd watch. I would never win.
Gordon: Next...

How much would you pay for Holiday decorations to win an ABC "seriously? You greenlit THAT?!" Contest, "Ligjts, Camera, Christmas"?

Gordon: 69 CENTS.
Chico: Here's an extra 31. Go get a star.
Jason: A lump of coal. Seriously.
Chico: Last one...

Any single from the Voice Blinds. Seriously are we going to see star power this season?

Jason: Nope. Stream from Spotify
Chico: Pandora.
Gordon: Stream from Soundcloud.
Chico: And those are our streams of choice. Next week, our get hyped playlists.
Gordon: I sense a Songbook next week. For this week though, watch this!

(Brought to you by Capture: Sleepy Hollow. The teams caught will run throughout the town. The team that can keep their heads about them advances.)

Jason: (GROAN)
Gordon: Thank you. I'll be here all week. Seriously, it's a fun show. Watch it.
Chico: What If we don't watch it? I mean we will but what if we don't?
Gordon: Something terrifying will happen - I'll set Quisla upon you.
Gordon: Ok so we set the stage for this (Grabs Swami hat and crystal ball). Time for a little What If. I set the stage up and you tell me what happens. Starting with...

What If...the audience figured out who would make the audition rounds and not the judges?

Gordon: There is a game show where there is voting done in real time. If you get a 70% approval rating, you advance.
Chico: That would actually be pretty cool
Jason: I like that. Like a Live Gong Show
Chico: I would be careful with that. The last time we had "live" and "Gong Show", we got "Extreme Gong"
Gordon: They tried that on GSN years ago and it tanked. That being said, it's a new era now. I think it would work. Next one...

What if a second season of Million Dollar Quiz WAS greenlit, but the scene was in LA?

Jason: Different vibe, I dont know. It COULD work.
Chico: It would sink harder than the Queen Anne's Revenge. Think about it, Part of the allure was New York, Capital of the world, greatest city on the planet...
Gordon: The problem that I have - and YES Im showing bias - LA is not as intelligent nor as sophisticated as NYC - which means it may be a problem finding contestants who are as good as season 1.
Jason: You have a lot of good people out in LA too
Chico: You do, but are they as seasoned as NYC players? Or are they seasoned in a different way? It would be a different show, that's for sure.
Gordon: I'd say different way. Next one...

What if...we get a Celebrity Version of Big Brother, like they have it in the UK?

Chico: Did I already say "harder than the Queen Anne's Revenge?"
Jason: It would bomb worse than the MSQ
Chico: Let's just say it would make this past season look like a polite disagreement by comparison.
Gordon: I think if it's 'C' level celebs, it's done. I think if you can get LEGIT A level celebs, it can work. Miley, Lindsay, Hayden, James Franco, Seth Rogan, etc. would be cash money
Chico: Gordon's waiting for an explosion of ego.
Jason: No A-lister would do it.
Gordon: But you need an explosion of ego.
Chico: In that case, Throw in Angus T. Jones. Just to balance out the crazy with MORE crazy.
Gordon: See THAT would be a crazy A lister. Next one...

What If...GSN's next imported game is...POINTLESS?

Jason: Then GSN would have another major hit. DONE and DONE. Have the same marketing people who did the Chase do this.
Chico: Thank you!
Gordon: It would be huge. Family Feud is one of their big staples. This is very similar in format.
Chico: Pair it up. Put it in Primetime. With the success of Feud and Chase, this needs to happen. We gon' play, Alexander!
Gordon: Next one...

What If...we got a Daily Soap opera featuring reality contestants - but unlike FOX's debacle, put it on during the day time as a soap opera rather than a one hour a week cramfest?

Jason: Soap operas are a dying genre,
Chico: I'm running out of famous shipwrecks to compare things to.
Jason: It wouldn't work
Gordon: I think it could work but it would have to be an AM show and you'd need to feature the contestants good qualities. Part of the reason why the Paradise Hotel series worked was because the cast was likable - which is why the Eden series tanked because they weren't.
Chico: Fair point.. But who'd watch it? Especially when there is a perfectly good episode of the Maury show on the other channel.
Gordon: I think the college kids, if they had a chance to get on, would watch at per se 1pm, with nothing on against it is a good time slot
Chico: Yep. Last one?
Gordon: Last one...

What if...Maury Povich created a Paternity Test Game show?

Jason:It could work, if on the right channel and late at night
Gordon: Maury has enough skits (Lie Detector, etc.) that he could do his own rotating game show segment.
Chico: That would be Bad Wolf, the End Times, Endgame, This Is The End, and the Worst Possible Thing, All rolled into one.
Gordon: Youd watch though, wouldn't you?
Chico: Well yeah, I'm not stupid.
Jason: In a perverted way, yes.
Gordon: And with that, we roll into the break with this!

(Brought to you by Hillbilly Family Feud. We asked 100 hillbillies questions and boy would you be surprised at the answers. )

Gordon: (DING!)
Chico: That was an actual answer, folks. YouTube it.
Jason: LOL
Chico: Okay, we had a great time this week. Hope you did as well, But all good things must come to an end,
Gordon: That also answers the question 'What don't I want to see during a Speed Round', which we'll Survivor: Is Brad in trouble?
Chico: YES
Jason: Oh YES . Playing too hard too early.
Gordon: He's got problems. Who has problems on the Race?
Chico: Joseph & Shane
Jason: The oil drilling buddies are not in good shape either.
Chico: The Voice, One person who will definitely win in Battle.
Gordon: My favorite dance club media ho. Lillie McLoud. DWTS: Who's next?
Chico: Bill Engvall
Gordon: Miss Harper has NOT looked good, and that spells trouble for her.
Jason: You could be right.
Gordon; Do we have any email?
Chico: Not here. You?
Gordon: Nope. where can they go to get it?
Chico: They can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Or they can drop a line at
Gordon: And that ends this week's show. Special thanks to Jason for joining us.
Jason: Always fun. Thank you.
Chico: Next week, Double double Brad's in trouble.
Gordon: And we celebrate a birthday.
Chico: Until then for Gordon and everyone at GSNN, I'm Chico Alexander, Game over...and spread the love