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September 23 - Upon Further Review / Really Big Board / What Were You Thinking?

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Episode 34.4: Chips Ahoy!
September 30

Chico: Now who has the Ofer Holes, G?
Gordon: I take pride in the fact that the Giants will win the services of Jadaveon Clowney during the off-season. If we aren't winning the Superbowl, I want to be as bad as possible. Go Eagles go!
Chico: Heh, And now a young Giants fan's attention turns to hockey, As Gordon grabs his Devils gear.
Gordon: Devils are 0-2. Let's talk about something else!
Chico: I got it! I got 6 things we think you should know about the fall season.
Gordon: I'll start it.

#1. With most tv shows, it's all about ratings. With game shows, it's not ALL about that - both good or bad.

Chico: No more perfect example than MSQ
Gordon: You can sell much more product with game shows than any other medium, if you do it correctly. Biggest Loser cookbooks, The Apprentice Video Games, MSQ's online audience and 300,000 personal information profile grab.
Chico: We may see it back someday, or we may not. But if it does, it'll be because of back end money.
Gordon: Very true. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

#2. Anyone and anything is fair game.

Chico: Remember when Khloe Kardashian was tapped to cohost X Factor? Expect more of the same here.
Gordon: Anything to get the eyeballs
Chico: Example, DeRay Davis, who could surprise. Already we have Alyssa Milano tapped to host Project Runway All-Stars.
Gordon: Next one...

#3. Real game show hosts? out. Comics? In.

Gordon: How are those Millionaire ratings so far, Chico?
Chico: No big change generally, but if you break it down into demographics, you see some improvement. Let me bring it up. The big change: women aged 25-54. Up 22 percent. And remember who stays home at 12:30. Housewives, shift workers and college kids.
Gordon: And what again do the advertisers target?
Chico: Housewives, shift workers and college kids. You know what the BIG anything goes moment will be, right? Who replaces Alex if indeed this is his time.
Gordon: There's definitely candidates which we'll get to on a future show. Next one...

#4. ALL of the syndie game show numbers are up across the board. That means more potential auditions for up and coming contestant - YOU. Go to the audition sites and try out.

Chico: The quiz show is back. You wouldn't know it, but think about this, Jeopardy!, Up. Millionaire, Up. The Chase, Solid. MSQ, Somebody actually took a chance on it. All we need now is just ONE to break out and be a hit on Primetime or basic. Actually, if GSN can break a million this fall with The Chase, who knows what'll happen.
Gordon: Only Conect? Please?
Chico: Gordon is begging,
Gordon: I am. 5th one...

#5. For some shows, it's more than ratings. It's results. Idol, and The X-Factor are BOTH on notice if they can't get a star this season.

Chico: It's make or break time. Of course it doesn't help if you don't get ratings either.
Gordon: Both shows ratings are declining. Which means to justify the money they are spending on the shows, they need money coming back in.
Chico: If they can't, then it may be time to concede to the new king in town, The Voice. They haven't created a star either, but they have the numbers, And thus the leverage.
Gordon: You can have more than one talent show IF they all have #1 singers. Right now, none of them aren't close to producing that.
Chico: Same can be said for DWTS to a point. This is a make it or break it season for them too, But cutting back to one show may just be the best thing that ever happened to the show. Because ratings are actually UP against a) the Voice and 2) the farewell season of How I met Your Mother.
Gordon: If there's only one show, you have to watch it. The star quality is also better this season.
Chico: Yep. Which beings me to my final point,

#6. The password is, Parity.

Chico: There is something for EVERYONE on the TV. And two hit series can occupy one time slot if both are done well enough.
Gordon: There's even been 3-4 shows that can do it.
Chico: Monday and Tuesday at 8. I believe Tuesday has NCIS, The Voice, and Agents of SHIELD. All of them respectable.
Gordon: Very true. our next game however...not so respectable.
Chico: We will get to it right after we get to this!

(Brought to you by WLTI's Agents of THUGS. Trivial Humans under Game Shows. They're winning all the games and winning all the quiche, If you see big winners, tread lightly, You may be dealing with THUGS. #GordonLives)

Gordon: Thug Life, yo
Chico: Welcome to level 7.69.
Gordon: The Secret Game Show Society.
Chico: Read into that what you will.
Gordon: And we'll now read between the lines - deciphering the spin in the game show community. Start us up.
Chico: Gladly. This is from Janice Marinelli of Disney-ABC Domestic Television about a guy with an impressive suit and hat collection,

"With his deep roots as a successful stand-up comedian and actor, (Cedric the Entertainer) will bring his fresh approach and unpredictable fun to the show."

Chico: Fanslate that, G
Gordon: Translation: Cedric is going to bring us the younger and women demographics that we need after forking over 320 million in a busted lawsuit.
Chico: Three words, Family. Feud. Money.
Gordon: I'm Steve Harvey and I approve this message.
Chico: YESsir.
Gordon: Next one...

The X-Factor 4 Seat Challenge is new and exciting! Never seen before in a musical competition!

Chico: EXCEPT THAT IT HAS. It's neither new NOR exciting!
Gordon: Translation: We need to do something to fix the ratings. And maybe we can change our name to the musical conveyor belt of love.
Chico: Yeah, the Four Seat Challenge! I've never seen a Battle Round of its kind on a musical contest! This is the FIRST TIME!
Gordon: And after what I saw, it needs to be the last time. next one?
Chico: Next up, from a man, who by all accounts will have job security for the rest of his life, even after last Friday's debacle, and walks around with the swagger of a man who knows he's the luckiest SOB in Hollywood, Mike Richards.

"I am very concerned about the run time. Plinko is a longer game. And then, because we're adding in prizes in addition to the small prices that they have to price, that extends the run time even longer. So even if we just played basic Plinko at its normal time, we would be long. In this way, we will be extraordinarily long."

Translation: Maybe we should've play-tested this whole Plinko day thing through one more time.
Gordon: Translation: We have to be ore creative next time - but there WILL be a next time, because most of our budget stayed in the shop. Next one - From a Survivor Promo:

This week, the game changes! Jeff: 'This is the first time I've ever seen an alliance shift so quickly!'

Chico: Translation: next week, the game changes, And in a day or so changes back. That's the thing about promos, They give you enough candy to lure you in, Then boom, sugar crash.
Gordon: Translation: We need to do ANYTHING to make you watch - including us telling you this so you can watch and hopefully forget Season #4 when everything switched after the last immunity challenge.
Chico: No switch yet. Too soon. While we're on reality shows on CBS, Hi, Julie Chen...

"I did hear that Aaryn was very concerned with how she was received by America and was very quiet and shell-shocked. As for Spencer and GinaMarie, I don’t think either realizes they did anything offensive. They’re probably finding out right now as they are combing the internet."

Chico: Translation: like it's MY job to say what America is thinking,
Gordon: Translation: I would tell them what I think, but I'd like to keep both my job ad my marriage intact.
Chico: Hey-o!
Gordon: Last one. This according to ABC's new game show, Lights, Camera, Christmas', which features 16 teams in a house decorating competition.

"These 16 families were chosen through an extensive nationwide search, based on their previous elaborate Christmas light displays, incredible choreography and over-the-top designs. The four finalists will be flown to a surprise finale city to compete for the $50,000 Grand Prize,"

Chico: Translation, From Eve. "Too Soon."
Gordon: Translation: it's dirt cheap to produce and it will get more eyebals than Take It All. And we know Chico doesn't want another Bachelorette special.
Chico: And besides that, we're going to ride this whole Christmas creep crap to the bank, you know what I'm saying? TURN UP!!!!
Gordon: And on that boobshell, we break.

(Brought to you by The X-Factor Remote Control Chairs. Bad singer? No problem. We'll drag them through paper walls and uplift them in the sky, deseating the singer in the process. Try them. If you dare.)

Chico: Does that mean that halfway through the four seater we have SNACK TIME!

(Rains snacks)

Gordon: ...Twinkes. That's where they've been hiding. And we get a Speed Round, which! DWTS: Bye bye Nye?
Chico: Bye bye Science guy
Gordon: Survivor: Does Tyson fall on his sword?
Chico: Nope, Family continues the blood letting. The Voice, Have we seen a star yet?
Gordon: Oh you funny guy. No. Jeopardy: Do we get a new giant?
Chico: Not for a while. Do we see a new million dollar question on Millionaire?
Gordon: I think we will because the First 10 questions seem a lot easier. Any email?
Chico: No sir. If they do have some email, where should it go?
Gordon:, or Facebook, Twitter or you Tube. That does it for this week. Special thanks to no one in particular because it's just Chico and me.
Chico: Well thanks to you for reading. Until next week when we have to talk about a quitter. There's no changing a quitter, man. Quitters are quitters.
Gordon: That's neither of us. We don't quit, but we will say Game OVer and Spread the Love.