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Episode 33.4 - Hurricane Andrew
June 24

Chico: Syfy movie of the week?
Gordon: Sure.
Jason: It could work.
Chico: Nice. Welcome back to WLTI. Thanks for being a part of the Best Radio Show You'll Ever Read. Now we're going to get out our little whiteboards... not because we're dumb but because it's time for 5 Good Reasons.
Jason: This is a mental challenge for all of us.
Gordon: And we start with Jason
Jason: Uh oh
Gordon: Jay - Give me 5 good reasons why...

Danielle is going to be memorable post -The Voice.

Jason: Ok I got this. 1. She is young. Young Sells. 2. Country's fanbase is LOYAL. Very loyal. 3. If Blake Shelton is legitimately guiding her career. He will help her make good choices. 4. She is the most marketable of the voice champions so far. 5. Country radio will promote her music more than any champion so far. Done.
Chico: Nice. Now Gordon... Continuing on the line of questioning...

Give us five good reasons why Danielle will go no further than any of her Voice champion brethren will.

Gordon: Here we go...Country is NOT mainstream. 2. She has zero personailty, and that also drives album sales. The label she did sign with does not have a lot of distribution. 4. 1/3rd of the people who follow American Idol follow the Voice and 5. You won't get the radio airplay because you have the music contestant stigma.
Jason: Not bad. Chico I have something for you
Chico: Okay. Good.
Jason: We all know that The Price is Right won the Emmy for Best Game Show

Give the "number three's" 5 good reasons why that was the RIGHT decision.

Chico: Id LOVE TO. 1) it is a tighter production than it was five years ago. All of the pieces are coming together. 2) Drew Carey is turning this into his baby rather than holding it for someone else. 3) It is growing the brand and the audience, and thus the show is relevant again. 4) this is the most invigorated the show has been in years. 5) You can see that everyone in production is taking this seriously, from CBS and Fremantle down. They're going all in to make it daily event television. There was an old saying back in the day: miss a day, miss a lot. This is starting to come round again.
Jason: And with the plans for next year, they seem to be upping the ante. Good on you, Mike. Good deal.
Gordon: Now Chico, give 5 to Jason
Chico: Okay put my thang down flip it and reverse it.
Jason: Let's hear it.
Chico: Jason.... you know what happened with Idol this year. It was a nearly total clean-house
Jason: I do.
Chico: Now we have a new staff on board and its all going to mete out in curiosity and all... but just for shiggles...

Give us 5 good reasons why they should just up and Old Yeller the show.

Jason: This one is EASY. (and for the record this will NOT HAPPEN)
Chico: No.
Jason: 1. The formula is TIRED. It is the exact same thing for 12 years...audition, top 10-13, vote winner. 2. The show has NEVER been a true search for talent. It has strayed away to that for years. 3. The show has become more about THE SHOW than about the contestants. 4. The talent has been weak. 5. The judges have been weak, and has been "rigged" to the producers wishes. Fixed would be a better word.
Chico: Okay.
Jason: Gordon I have something for you.
Gordon: Surely
Jason: We will review the show next week, but Whodunnit is a pretty fun, but cheesy show.

Tell us 5 good reasons why it's good enough to return next summer.

Gordon: I'll give them to you. 1. It's a fun 'catch the killer' show. 2. It's CSI in your bedroom. They don't cheat per se. 3. It does have 'The Mole' elements, for people who like that show. 4. The production values are fantastic. 5. It's refreshingly different.

Chico: Awesome awesome, and ...
Gordon: Finally, Mr. Chico. Let's talk about another ABC show.
Chico: oh no. Oh please no.
Jason: Here we go.
Gordon: I haven't tortured CHico in a while.
Chico: Please God no.
Gordon: Now according to Mike Fleiss, he's upset that people aren't watching his show The Bachelorette.

Give me 5 reasons why The Bachelorette should be the most watched show in the Summer.

Chico: Jokers wild jokers wild jokers wild jokers wild bowling sucks.
Gordon: Not acceptable. Funny, but not acceptable.
Jason: Come on you can do it.
Chico: 1. its not up against The Voice. 2. its been highly rated in summers past and nothing has changed. 3... everyone loves Desiree Hartsock. 4... women still watch ABC en masse...
Gordon: (sits back. Drinks an iced sweet tea)
Chico: And 5, Gordon Pepper needs more cannon fodder.
Gordon: Not really a reason. You can do better than that.
Chico: Seriously, 5... ABC pushed the hell out of it during the NBA Finals.
Gordon: And that's 5 Good Reasons. We'll give Chico a chance to recover while we watch this break.
Chico: And as Gordon takes a sip of his new favorite drink of sweet tea, strained it in my socks by the way... we're going to break.
Gordon: (spitooie)
Jason: ewwwwww
Chico: Next up... more pineapples than Dole and Del Monte combined.

(Presented by the Million Second City Quiz. Who has what it takes to answer 1 million questions about Chicago? The loop, the deep dish piazza, the Bulls, and of course, recalling the lyrics to "25 or 6 to 4")

Jason: CM Punk, the Cubs, the Hawks (congrats to them BTW)
Chico: Bill Murray, the Fire, the other fire...
Jason: Smashing Pumpkins
Chico: WGN
Gordon: Welcome back to WLTI. I have discarded the sweet tea strained through Chico's stinky socks. Ew. And I now have some pineapple juice.
Jason: Ah Pineapple
Gordon: We give you 3 topics. You get rid of 2 of them. I start...

The Voltaggio Family, The Hantz Family, The Reilly family.

Which one should NOT be involved in the pantheon of good game playing?

Jason: Take the Hantzes out. They are s**t stirrers and mentally unstable.
Chico: How about the Hantzes ... no follow through
Gordon: The Hantz'e have been to a unch of finals - but no hardware. I'll go with that. Next one?
Chico: Next one...

Ninja Warrior, Iron Chef, Exit.

All three are based out of the Land of the rising Sun. Which of these will we NOT be talking about in 5 years?

Jason: Too easy...Exit. Iron Chef/NW are established.
Gordon: Im going to go the other way. Ninja Warrior. Exit could be a cult classic. No one has ever won Ninja Warrior in the states and I don't think anyone will.
Chico: Maybe someone will win this year... Exit on the other hand is good but not really built to last. Move the show to LA from Orlando and then we'll talk._
Gordon: Let's talk about the next subject...

Power of Ten, Million Second Quiz, Duel.

All of these shows had million dollar plus Jackpots. Pick one that you would not want to be a contestant on.

Gordon: Power of 10. Duel had standard trivia. I'd rather do that than guess what America thought.
Jason: Duel. Weakest of the three shows (although I would like to be on all of them for real, but if I had to pick)
Chico: Power of 10 is more head scratching and challenging. Million Second Quiz ought to be exciting. Duel... Duel had a Greeny. That alone makes it the Pineapple. Apparently I'm an expert at what America thinks.
Jason: I'm not, apparently
Chico: Lets see what you think about this...

9pm, 9:30pm, 11pm.

One of these time slots is certain death for Total Blackout. Get rid of it.

Jason: 11pm. Too late for the target audience.
Chico: 9 was good. 9:30 is okay. 11 is just burnoff at this point.
Gordon: 930. 11pm is good because it's 8pm o nthe West Coast. 930. which is strange on the East coast and 630 on the west coat, is a bad choice for both slots. Next one...

Take Me Out, The Choice, The Bachelor

Our west coast brethren may do a Game Show Marathon West. If they do, which of these shows will we ask them not to recreate?

Chico: The Bachelor. Stay the hell away from that.
Jason: The Choice.
Gordon: Take Me out. i don't know if the group knows 40 women.
Chico: They have Travis Schario. They know 40 women. He's a lady KILLER.
Gordon: Last one?
Chico: Last one...

Junior Masterchef, Jeopardy! Kids Week, TPIR Family day.

Just.... pick one.

Gordon: TPIR Family Day. bringing out the worst in kids since 2013.
Jason: TPIR Family Day (weakest of the three)
Chico: And a triple. How about a retro one just for fun...

Card Sharks Young Players week, Sale Young Players Week, or The Jokers Wild

Young Players week?

Jason: TJW.
Gordon: Sale
Chico: Ill buy Joker's
Gordon: We wrap this one up with a break - NEXT!

(Brought to you by Kentucky Fried Tarheels. Now we have spicy hot Jalapeno Pepper flavor. The Jalapenos coming straight from the UCLA Campus, and the peppers for when you need to make it to Vegas. That's Kentucky Fried Tarheels. Rameses done right!)

(stands back)
Chico: Jason, hold me back...
Jason: (holds Chico back)
Gordon: I'm still getting rid of that sock aftertaste.
Chico: I'LL KILL YOU!!!... right after this Speed Round of course
Gordon: Of course.
Chico: Speed Round starts... now! Big brother this week. Any unexpected surprises?
Jason: Yup.
Gordon: It's Big Brother. I expect America to be heavily involved this season. Hells 's Kitchen - who's next to go?
Chico: Still Desperately sinking Susan.
Jason: She's the one.
Gordon: She's gone past the borderline. Jeopardy - another 5 days for our champ?
Chico: Nope. I give him two. Tops.
Jason: Something may trip him up.
Gordon: This is usually where we get a fall. I'll say he gets to humpday, Any Mail?
Chico: Nope. but we can get some if you follow us on Twitter @wltiongsnn. If we're good enough for Wheel of Fortune, we're good enough for you. Or if you cant limit your thoughts to 140 characters that's what email is for. Wlti@gameshownewsnet.com
Gordon: We are. And that ends the show this week. Special thanks to Jason Block for joining us.
Jason: Thank you.
Gordon: Next week, we get a taste of Big Brother contestants killing each other figuratively and Whodunnit contestants killing each other almost literally.
Chico: That and stupid human tricks for fun and profit with the debut of Minute to swim It ... and how far DOES Andrew Moore go? It's gonna be a good show. For Gordon Pepper and everyone at GSNN I'm Chico Alexander. Our time is up. We thank you for yours. Game over and spread the love.