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Fourth Annual Articles of Atonement
October 6

As most of you know (or have figured out), I am a Jew and I celebrate the Jewish holidays. This is the middle of the time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which is the time that you atone for your various misdeeds and transgressions. For the fourth straight year, I decided to include the atonement to this website, where I am known as 'Haterade'. The assignment for this column - to say nice things about seven items, provided by some of the staff here at Game Show News Net. If it comes from them, you know it's not going to be easy.

Fox Thursday shows on Friday: We know they are very good shows. If they weren't, we wouldn't care as much about them. Here's hoping that FOX comes to their senses and moves them to Thursday, where they will flourish.

Howie's Emmy nomination: Howie Mandel is one of the better primetime hosts on television. The blame for sticking him in the wrong section should be more directed at the people who categorize the Emmys, but Howie definitely deserves the prime time Emmy nomination.

Fan Overreaction to... well, everything: I love our fans. I love a zealous fan base, because that shows their loyalty to a product. We only get zealous because we care about something, and that demand for greatness is what keeps a show going for years. So please, be zealous, because that is what makes a show get long as the show listens to its fan base.

Spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers: Spoilers make the world go 'round. And in that sense, spoilers are good because it points people to what they should be watching. If you had a choice on what to TiVo on October 14th, the fact that history will be made on Wheel of Fortune may convince you to make sure you snare it. By knowing what's coming up, you will be guaranteed to watch history and not be at a loss during the next conversation by the water cooler.

Why they won't just cancel Crosswords... I mean, the site was taken down and everything: We all know that Crosswords the TV show is probably dead. But 'Crosswords' has a lot of licensing properties - the pc game, the cell phone game, the web site, etc. So the reason why I would keep it on the air as long as I can is to try to get more people to pick up on the other properties. I could still pick up money there, and if I get enough of an audience, maybe campaign for it to return to television. It worked for The Family Guy...

CBS' fleeting penises: The PTC has issued a statement of how CBS didn't blur out Marcus's 'General Winky' coming out to participate in an Immunity Challenge in Survivor. The show is called 'Earth's Last Eden', and in the Garden of Eden, everyone ran around naked anyways. Why should this be any different? Kudos to CBS for keeping with Survivor's theme.

Hole in the Wall: There is something good about the show, and that goes back to a few years ago, when the Sumos on Extreme Dodgeball played in season 1...and lost every match. At least now there's been some redemption, with Americus (who was the sumo sub) finally getting a win and splitting $25,000 - his share more than what the eventually winners of the show (The CPA's) received per share. Bravo to the sumos!

For the final atonement, however, I open the floor for you. What items do you want me to be praising? Let me know, and I will write up the results in a future column. To all Jews everywhere, have a wonderful New Year, and to all non-Jews, the best of health to you as well. L'Chaim!

This is your big chance to really stick it to Gordon Pepper. E-mail him to