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Happy Chinese New Year!
February 8

This is the middle of the 2 week Chinese New Year Celebration. In the spirit of the new year, I will put on the swami hat and see what game show you like if you were born in the year of the…

The Year of the Rat/Snake: You are obviously a Survivor fan. You also like Sue Hawk and her venomous speeches on Richard Hatch and Kelly Wigglesworth in Survivor 1. You are someone who likes to plot, but woe be to those who betray you. Planning on betraying others though: No problem.

The Year of the Ox: Ox's are strong, sturdy creatures who can burden a long challenge - such as spending 75 days on a game show. You are a Jeopardy fan and are very intellectual; but beware of things that have to do with sending out packages.

The Year of the Tiger: Sharp, calculating, but in pursuit of humanitarian causes. A jetsetter as well, a Tiger would be an Amazing Race fan, to see teams attempt to race around the world and see humanity.

The Year of the Dog: A natural competitor, someone who will fare well in both events of athletic feat and in the mental game. So what's the right challenge for you? Dog Eat Dog, of course.

The Year of the Rabbit: Are you quick? Are you fast refluxed? Are you lucky? Then spin an electronic board and try to avoid the Whammy, because Press Your Luck is the game for you.

The Year of the Pig: Lose some weight. Get on The Biggest Loser and shed some pounds. You don't want to be on anyone's breakfast menu.

The Year of the Rooster: The rooster, the only animal who's voice is used as a tool to help others (specifically farmers) is the person that likes the singing shows, especially American Idol. You also hope that most of the contestants don't sound like real roosters.

The Year of the Dragon: Dragon's are known for being quick-thinking and spewing fire. The one show that accomplishes both of these things: Match Game, where you could argue that the people back then with the best verbal jabs felt at home here. You could also feel at home with American Idol…well, to see the jabs that Simon Cowell would throw out.

The year of the Monkey: Yes, we could consider 1 Vs. 100 here because of Jake the chimp, but monkeys are also shrewd and the smartest of the business. Hence the term 'Monkeys in Suits'…which would describe your taste in business and deals. You guys are the most likely to turn on NBC on Thursday nights and see what The Donald is up to in The Apprentice after you see what Howie is up to in Deal or No Deal.

The Year of the Horse: The horse is quick-witted, determined and inquisitive. They are also good at recognizing patterns - such as letter structure. Something like Wheel of Fortune or Lingo would suit your verbal personality.

The Year of The Sheep: The Sheep, or Goat, is thought to be the most artistic or creative sign of the zodiac. The Sheep is artistically talented and has a great sense of fashion. You would be perfect for America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef, or any of those artsy shows.

Thus, I am done swamying for this year. If I am accurate about you, don't send any money. I just want to try my luck at being Miss Cleo for one day. The rest…is in the stars….

Gordon Pepper's favorite UK show? "Saturday Night Takeaway." E-mail him at