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You Can't Handle the Truth!
January 25

If you've read WLTI this week, you know our thoughts on The Moment of Truth. I decided this week to take a different spin on the column this week, and not harp on the show - but rather, if they do a celebrity version, who I would want to see on the show.

Roger Clemens / Barry Bonds - We all know that steroids have been used rampantly within Major League Baseball. Most of us not only want to know if they have done it, but we want names. Now. If they get strapped in the Lie Detector, we'll get those names.

Criss Angel / David Blaine - I don't know about you, but I want to know how they do all those magic tricks. And no,. I'm not talking about the 5 and dime ones that we saw in Phenomenon. I want to know the real good stuff.

The head of the AMPTP - Are you really giving the writers a fair deal? Or is this just you guys eating up most of the pie and giving them a sliver. You can replace the AMPTP with any major corporate group, for that matter.

O.J. SImpson - This would have gone up just because of the Ron Goldman mysteries many years back, but now he's finding out that what happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas. Come to think of it, we want to know what happened in Vegas, too.

George W. Bush - I want to know if he's hiding the U.S. economy in the same place where he put the real weapons of mass destruction. Just having his family there while he has to tell the truth would be priceless.

Paris Hilton - You know you want to know everything about her family business. And you know you want to know all about her night life activities. And you know you want to know about what she does with her...assets. You also know you'll never be man enough to admit it, so I'll do it for you. See? Painless.

All of the 2008 Presidential Candidates - Just offer the $500,000 as a campaign donation. Though I expect all of them to flunk out before they hit $10,000.

So those are my top people that I want to be on The Moment of Truth. But now, I switch the forum to the audience. Who do you want to see here? Email me for your answers, and the best ones will see some web time in a future column.

Gordon Pepper does a mean Don Mercer. E-mail him a few good jump-offs at