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24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
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Episode 2.5
June 17

Another 24 brave souls... 23 of them are about to have their hearts, souls, and whatever else broken. The other one will win $50,000. It's time to Wipeout!

First as always is the Qualifier.

We're starting with the Breakaway Boards. Some solid. Others... Not so much. Then we have the world-famous Big Balls with the less-famous-but-still-famous-nonetheless Motivator. Please hurry your butt up unless you want to feel its wrath. Then comes the Log Roll, and this week, it's equipped with Rolling Stones and even smaller Blue Balls. Then we wrap it up with the Fender Benders, which will have your fenders bent. Fastest 12 times will move on to stage 2.

First is Vonti McRae with her halo and her cell phone in her bra. She's about to find out which boards break away... and her cell phone is probably toast right now. She hesitates on the Big Balls... and you know what happens next. I'm motivated just watching. And she's done. One down, 23 to go.

Next is Megan Weidelman, who played Winnie-the-Pooh in a school play... and oh poo, she lands in the mud. Twice. But she makes it past the... oh, bother. She finishes with 4:02.

Next up, Scott Howell, who was brought on this show by his wife... sadistic little wench. Party girl Caroline Erickson wants to get sauced and get more tattoos with her winnings. And she gets bent by the Benders. Wouldn't be the first time. She gets 2:39... and pukes. Next up, Karen Pietsch gets creamed by the Big Balls and the Blue Balls. Kristen Babiracki gets rocked by the Rolling Stones. Mat Devlahovich works produce, and today's special... mud and lots of it. Clean up on aisle 4!

Carol Davis is a 50-year-old grandmother who calls herself Supergrandma. And she gets supermuddy on the Breakaway Boards. And the Big Balls.

Half 2 begins with Kevin Thangchaipinyokul.. that's Thang-chai-pin-yo-cool. He wants to date Jill. Doesn't everyone. He'll have to get past the Big Balls first. And the Little ones. And the Fender Benders. Time: 4:34. Not impressed.

Dennis Sanchez uses muscles he didn't even know existed... and he's sprained himself. Next doctor... Nicolas Wieder... who speaks his own damn language. And I don't know what he's saying on the Big Balls, but it's probably not suited for broadcast. And before we can find out more about Robert Coslava... Jill is terrorized by a bee. Again. Robert's a sheriff's deputy... and he does the TJ Hooker recovery to go across clean. Jazz professor Jason Goldman gets interrupted by Jill's bee. Again. Catherine Jansen says she's bringing her guns to the party. But she shoots blanks at the Fender Benders to come in at under 3 minutes.

Finally, Forrest Vanderbilt runs... Perfect on the planks... Big Balls... almost. Log Roll... owned. Fender Bender... owned. 1:06 is a new record.

Party girl Caroline Erickson
Robert Coslava
Matt Devlahovich
Gayle Luker
Kristen "Boot Camp" Babiracki
Jason Goldman
Nicolas "Dr. Gibberish" Wieder
Deborah Lindner
"Obedient Husband" Scott Howell
Catherine "CJ Guns" Jansen
Forrest Vanderbilt
Karen Pietsch

Next up, it's the Sweeper. ROUND 2. Today, it's...

King of the Mountain. First six up move on to the next stage.

First up is Mat. And down goes Mat. Boot Camp gets booted... And Karen Pietsch gets cobblered. Scott mans up and gets on the mountain. Produce Man Mat and Sheriff Robert go next, but Robert gets on the mountain. Forrest takes his time and gets on the mountain. Scott is fourth. CJ Guns shoots her mouth off and tries to be the first woman... then gets back in the water. Caroline is rejected. Mat gets up in 5th. Finally we have... Caroline the Party Girl!

Party girl Caroline Erickson
Sheriff Robert Coslava
Mat "Produce Man" Devlahovich
Jason Goldman
"Obedient Husband" Scott Howell
"Run Forrest Run!" Vanderbilt

Next up, let's get Dizzy, dummy.  But first, Jason got Blue Balls at the last second, so replacing him... CJ "Guns" Jansen, played at random.

Stage 3 today is Dizzy... Dummy.


Once the players are all dizzied up, they go to the Spinner, where they'll have to go through a bungee web. Then comes the Teeter-Totters OR the Crazy Beams. Even heats get crazy, odd heads gets teetered. The winners of each heat go on to the Wipeout Zone.

And we go into Heat 1 with CJ Guns going through the web. Caroline and her friends get teetered on the totter and everyone swims back. Forrest and the Sheriff are on, but officer down! Forrest... is ON! He moves on to the Zone.

Next heat is the Crazy Beams. The sheriff tries to withhold evidence... and apparently is successful. Mat and CJ are on the beams... but Caroline is on the move. Mat, though beats her to get spot #2.

Back to the Teeter-Totters. CJ moves to the first Teeter-Totter. Sheriff's on as well.. but he misses the platform. CJ... also misses the platform. Caroline... ALSO misses the platform. CJ's guns can't hold on. Sheriff Robert is through to the Zone.

Finally, back to the Beams. But first, Party Girl is taking the Walk of Shame, but she's first to the beams. All three players are waterlogged, but CJ is back in the hunt. Caroline has one last jump... and she nails it for the final spot in the Wipeout Zone.

Party girl Caroline Erickson
Sheriff Robert Caslava
Mat "Produce Man" Devlahovich
"Run Forrest Run!" Vanderbilt

Now it's the moment you've been waiting for... the WIPEOUT ZONE!

First up, control your launch into the Wipeout Zone. Then control yourself on the Raging Rapids. Then control your footing against the Crazy Sweeper, and finally, the Turntables, controlled by waterfalls this time round.

Fastest time wins $50,000. But you knew that.

First up is Robert "the Sheriff" Caslava. Robert is going in the tube in the Aqua Launch. Good distance to the Raging Rapid, but he has no chance against the tidal wave. One thousand gallons of hydrotherapy. That tires him out. It shows in the Crazy Sweeper. He's the oldest contestant in the Wipeout Zone today. He was one stride short of the turntables, so he gets to swim again. And it's third time lucky. At the Turntables.. he gets slapped. He finishes the course in a time of 12:29.54.

Next up, Party Girl Caroline Erickson. She feels fierce. Her strategy: go. She too goes tubing. Not a good launch. She gets flushed by the tidal wave. She then gets socked by the Crazy Sweeper. She gets it second time around and beats the Turntables to clock in at 8:07.95.

Next into the Wipeout Zone is Mat the Produce Guy. Can he produce a good time? He decides to go bareback on the Aqua Launch. Excellent entry. He shows the Raging Rapid who's boss. But the Sweeper Arms get the best of him. Twice. Now it's just Mat and the Sweeper Arm for bragging rights... Sweeper arm wins.

There is a 12% chance of completing the Wipeout courses. Forrest beat the odds and had a flawless run up to this point. Last up is him and the tube. He's been on his game all day. Can he continue? A couple of missteps on the Crazy Sweeper... but he's on pace to beat Caroline. He has four minutes to beat her on the Turntables... Forrest is focused.. He... is on. Still has to get to his feet? 5:48 is the final time! Forrest Vanderbilt wins $50,000!

Next week, more crazy contestants, more obstacles... and more wipeouts. Until then... Good Night... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to, Keyword: Wipeout.