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24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
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Airs 8p Wed, ABC
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Episode 2.4
June 10

Welcome back to the show, if you've stuck around. If not, where've you been? You just say Chuck Trout take ABC for $51,000... Now it's time for another set of 24 to take on the world-famous obstacles of Wipeout.

We start as always with the Wipeout Qualifier.


We're going to start with three sweeping bars called the Sweeper Run... Then comes everyone's favorite... the Big Balls, and it looks like the Motivator is in play. Don't dawdle, or you're going to take a dive. Next comes a new obstacle, the Shish Kebab... on a giant spit... and finally, the Fender Benders. This week, we had an incline. Because it wasn't hard enough before.

First up is Andi Canseco, who plays rugby and jiujitsu. Her kung fu grip is not strong enough. She takes the first ball... but not the second. Shish Kebab coming... and she crawls... right into the water. And finally, she ends up on the DL with a time of 3:55. And one lost shoe.

Next is Dean Osuch, who is a rapping reverend... The first rapping reverend we've ever heard. He gets separated by church and stick. Today's Wipeout Killer... Big Balls.

Michael Abrahams starts with a little dance. He's been graying since 27. But he's very spry at the first half of the Sweeper. Adam Lohnes, a fan of Pirates and balloon sculptor has a gift for Jill... a balloon rendering of the show's logo. And this guy has never had a girlfriend.

Next, three sisters, the Gipe sisters Lauren, Gigi, and Gillian. Oldest first, that's Lauren. Firstborn becomes airborne. Lauren has the best time going into the Big Balls. Youngest Gillian... almost made it through the Big Balls. She's the fastest going to the Shish Kebab. Gigi... gets slammed. Fastest time going into the fender benders with a time of 2:41... beating BOTH of her sisters!

Next, getting it... is Scotty Granger, a background singer, who thinks that this is another show on another network. Well, it is. Here's the first big hit.... on the Big Balls. Because he passed the Sweepers. He's got a great time. He finishes at 1:47.

Next is 6'4 basketballer Bree Mannert getting dribbled by the Big Balls. Patsy Chambers says that she's been abducted by aliens... And she QUITS before she even goes through the Sweeper. Wow. Next is Sean Leute, expectant father. Brittany Lawless gets skewered by the Shish Kebabs. "Bored Brittany" gets a great time... 1:50.5.

Last and not least is Chris Pholyotin, who thinks that he can beat every girl's time. He... doesn't. He's been beaten by six ladies so far. ... make that seven. ... eight. 4:41 the final time. End of the road for him, but the beginning for these 12...

Adam "Balloon Pirate" Lohnes
Sean Leute
"Bored Brittney" Lawless
Scotty "Songbird" Granger
Nicole Nicastro
Alyssa Oepompa
Dean "Rapping Reverend" Osuch
Michael "Father Time" Abrahams
Matthew Booher
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Pants (All three Gipe Sisters)

Next up, it's the Sweeper. ROUND 2. Today, it's...

The King of the Mountain! Looking for the first six up to the Mountain.

Dean makes the first moves and gets... wiped out. The Gipe Sisters... wipeout as well. Reverend Dean... gets knocked out again. And so does the songbird... and Gillian is first! Bored Brittney gets another spot, followed by Scotty. Dean's trying to join the holy trinity, but here comes the Pirate... Pirate Adam gets spot #4. Michael gets #5. Now to complete the circle of love. And number six is...Gigi! Unfortunately Lauren Gipe will be watching from the sidelines.

Adam "Balloon Pirate" Lohnes
"Bored Brittney" Lawless
Scotty "Songbird" Granger
Michael "Father Time" Abrahams
2/3 of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Pants (Gianna "Gigi" & Gillian Gipe)

Next up in Stage 3... the Dizzy Dummy... 2.0.


Once the players are all dizzied up, they go to the Spinner, where they'll have to go through a bungee web. Then comes the Sack Launch. Make it through to the platform, you're in the Wipeout Zone. The others will have to get back on the Dummy and head to the Zigzag Buoy Run. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Heat One sees Adam take the lead... Brittney launches Adam... into the Wipeout Zone!

Heat Two. Bored Brittney launches into the course first again... but gets knocked again. It's a slow race, with Scotty dropping trou for all the world to see. And we have a collision. Later, Gigi.. need a tan. Gillian wins the race.

Back onto the Dummy. Scotty's about to chunk. Brittney gets thrown again. Scotty gets launched... into the water. He gets his revenge... two for one style. Michael... not doing much. Bored Brittney is getting a handful of Songbird's butt... and Scotty has something to crow about... Let's get it let's get it let's get it let's get it!

Once more into the breach, and Michael slides. Brittney makes a move. Gianna gets onto the buoy.... and no one is going to catch her! She's going ... she's pushing... she's.. going to the Wipeout Zone!

Adam "Balloon Pirate" Lohnes
Scotty "Songbird" Granger
2/3 of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Pants (Gianna "Gigi" & Gillian Gipe)

And now, a moment 43 minutes in the making... the WIPEOUT ZONE!

First up, control your launch into the Wipeout Zone. Then control yourself on the Raging Rapids. Then control your footing against the Crazy Sweeper, and finally, the Turntables, controlled by wedges this time round.

Fastest time wins $50,000. But you knew that.

First up is Baloon Pirate Adam Lohnes. He's nervous, but all he has to do is go out there and swash a few buckles... He gets the distance heading into the Raging Rapids. He's setting the pace. But he gets swiped by the Sweeper. He doesn't know how to do it... but second time lucky. Now to the Wedge Turntables. He has to climb up and over each wedge in order to pass the element. He gets logged once... logged twice... but third time's a charm with 15:18.

First Gipe sister into the Wipeout Zone is Gianna Gipe. Not very good distance into the Zone, but this should be the middle sister's time to shine. She's trying the Rapid again... and she loses her footing AGAIN... Another shot... and missed again... and she gives the signal. Stick a fork in her, she's done.

Scotty is next... and it's time to... "Awwwwwwletsgetitletsgetitletsgetitletsgetit!" A little overshot on the landing there. He experiences a watershed moment in the Raging Rapid, getting socked by the tidal wave. One time on the Crazy Sweeper is all he needs. How many times will it take for the Wedge Sweeper? Once. 5:55.47.

That leaves Gillian "Dark House" Gipe. She says that she's got a Wipeout Zone in her house.... yeah. Can she win one for the Sisterhood? The time to beat, 5:55. She gets good distance. Here comes the wave.. and there goes Gillian. She's on pace with Scotty, and there's no margin for error. And SHE only needs one try. This is going to be close. She has two minutes to clear the Wedge Sweepers. And she takes a drink. She needs to hustle... 40 seconds left. ... 30... Past the first wedge.. 20... 10... One more jump, and one more climb... and no.

Scotty Granger just gititgititgitit to the tune of $50,000!

Next week, more new obstacles, more crazy competitors, and more Wipeout. Until then... Good night... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to, Keyword: Wipeout.