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May 27

24 people, $50,000.  Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Santa Clarita, CA
Airs 8p Wed, ABC
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Episode 2.2
June 3

Another round of 24 contestants... another round of obstacles... and another audience just waiting for wipeouts. Let's not keep you waiting.

Today... it's raining in Southern California... yes, really, so this promises to be extra slick. We start on the Qualifier Course, and today...


First up, some planks in the face called... Plank in the Face. Then comes our trademark... the Big Balls, equipped with the Motivator. Stop and think too long, and the Motivator will do the hard work for you! Third up, the Log Roll with our old friend the Wrecking Ball... Mwahahahaha! And finally, the Fender Benders. You have to finish these off to finish the course.

Only the top 12 of the 24 will move on to round 2.

First up, Peter Weiman, a welder who grew eight months of mutton chops. He gets chopped by the Planks in the Face, some of which are stationary, and some of which are... well, not. And it looks as if on the Log Roll, he just fell apart! And same thing on the Fender Benders! He clocks in at 3:10.3.

Next, Rasheed Lathief, who just became an American citizen. And he salutes the Red, White, and Blue... of the course. He went for the second ball first... and gets punished for it.

The course has been doing more damage than usual being as wet as it is. Will experience serve Jack Craney, at 69 the oldest Wipeout contestant ever? Umm... no.

Plank in the Face seems to be this week's Ninja Killer.

Jeff "Buzz Man" Buzzard actually jumps on the first ball, bounces off the second, and lands on the third, only to fall off the fourth. Oh well.

This week's youngest contestant is Torrey Streed, who is going on TV more than once for her Fender Bender bender.

Michelle Hart is hoping not to move out of her parent's house, but rather to go to Vegas to rip it with her friends. And on the Planks, that's what we call "failure to launch".

And it's raining some more with Didi Wong from Hong Kong. Starting out strong. Tossed around like salad tongs. One ball and out like Lance Armstrong. Wrecking ball plays ping pong. Gets watered down like day-old Oolong. At 3:33, she's not all wrong.

Next is Raegan Phillips. She's only seen tiny bits and pieces of the show. And she figures that's enough. She also hears voices in her head saying "Run". And she does... right into a plank. And one of the stationary ones! And it just goes downhill from there... "There goes my shoes... and my dignity."

Theresa Rivera can bench 180. She can also do a 180 off of a plank in the face. Debby "the Diesel" Chop gets chopped by the Big Balls. We haven't seen the Motivator all day today... Wait, there it is!

Sam Griffith starts the course... and misses the mark. Claudia Morel, a stay-at-home desperate housewife who gets nailed by a wrecking ball. She clocks in at 3:31.7.

Finally, all 6'3, 280 lbs of Markus Lindlar, who dedicates the run to his son Maximus. He says "Push through".... and he does... over... and over... and over.... and over again. He sneaks into the top 12 with a time of 3:18.

Joining him...

Sam "DW" Griffith
Shannon Eagle
"Desperate Housewife" Claudia Morel
Angel Reed
Didi Wong from Hong Kong
"New American" Rasheed Lathief
Debby "The Diesel" Chop
Michelle "Deadbeat Daughter" Hart
Markus "Maximus' Dad" Lindlahr
Theresa Rivera
"Treehugger" Torrey Streed
Peter "Thanks for Mutton" Weiman

Next up, it's the Sweeper. ROUND 2. Today, it's...

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN! First six contestants to get on the platform, avoid the clubs, and get onto the top of the mountain will move onto Round 3. But if you wipeout, then you're going to have to go back to the start.

Three people try... and three people fail. Four... No one is willing to get their feet wet... No problem for Michelle, who gets the first spot! Second is Peter. Third is Didi Wong from Hong Kong. Following her, Theresa Rivera, Claudia Morel, and ... it's a wrestling match for the final spot! Sam got two feet into the circle before Debby does... so he's moving on.

Sam "DW" Griffith
"Desperate Housewife" Claudia Morel
Didi Wong from Hong Kong
Michelle "Deadbeat Daughter" Hart
Theresa "The Female Firefighter" Rivera
Peter "Thanks for Mutton" Weiman

Next up, Round 3... and we're bringing out the Dummy...

Six players go on the Dizzy Dummy, get all dizzied up, and then head to ...


... the Spinner. This time, there's a door on it to go through. take one of two routes, either through the Tippy Tables or over the Barrel Run. The first person in each heat to make it to the platform will head to the Wipeout Zone. The others have to spin again.

And they're off... WAY off. Sam's the first through the door and to the Tippy Table.. But has to go through it again, because he takes a fall. Didi, the second one through the door... is hanging on for someone to counterbalance. Strategy works because she's the first through.

Next up, everyone spins off the ground, while Sam, first to the barrels... pulls a Poseidon. Claudia, the second person onto the barrels... is also the second person in the Wipeout Zone.

Heat 3, and ladies are served... down to the water, though. Deadbeats and Muttonchop are neck and neck. Peter takes a leap... and falls off the platform. Going for another nap, eh? And Michelle sneaks from behind to make it to the Zone! And Sam? Quitting.

Theresa is getting the cheers from the other three, because if she makes it through, there'll be out first all-female Wipeout Zone. It's close between her and Muttonchops... who falls into the water. Theresa makes a jumps.... and ALL-FEMALE WIPEOUT ZONE!

"Desperate Housewife" Claudia Morel
Didi Wong from Hong Kong
Michelle "Deadbeat Daughter" Hart
Theresa "The Female Firefighter" Rivera

And now... it's all about business... Time... to ZONE!

First up today is the Aqua Launch. You have to control your launch perfectly if you want to make your way to the Raging Rapid. Then it's onto the Crazy Sweeper. And finally, whatever fight you have left in you, you're going to have to use it on the Bumper Turntables.

Fastest time wins $50,000. But you knew that.

First up, Desperate Housewife Claudia Morel from Rancho Cucamonga. She goes flying off of the Aqua Launch. Next, just getting onto the Raging Rapid is an obstacle. She makes it to the top and catches her breath in good time. Crazy Sweeper knocks her back. She tries outrunning the sweeper twice. Can't. Third time's a charm, but now she has to face off against the Bumper Turntables. And then... "I QUIT!" DQ.

Next woman will set the pace, Michelle Hart, who's swept away by the Raging Rapid. Michelle makes a break in the Sweeper... and loses her footing. She almost makes it to the platform... and gets knocked out. She's third time lucky. But the Turntables smack her back into the water. She finally clocks in at 17:02.50.

Next is Female Firefighter Theresa Rivera... But a problem right away... Ankle gets hurt and the safety team swims in to assist. Unfortunately that means the end of the line for her.

Finally, hoping to beat a quarter of an hour is Didi Wong from Hong Kong. Didi's knocked by the tidal wave in the Raging Rapid. Didi sneaks under the cut in the Sweeper. She has eight minutes to finish the Turntables. Good thing, too, because she gets pummeled. A Wipeout now could ruin her day... And there it is. Third time, and she only has 20 seconds... and she doesn't make it.

Michelle Hart is tonight's Wipeout Champion with $50,000!

Next week, more new obstacles, more crazy competitors, and more Wipeout. Until then... Good night... and Big Balls.

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