Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out
Season 4
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Catch it: 10p ET MTV Thursdays

Today is

Episode 4-5: Fabolous - July 5

DJ D Wrek being replaced and now bartending for Biz Markie? Nick Cannon replacing his braids with a fro? If it will help him actually get win #1 of the season...

Guest Star - Fabolous

Red Squad
Nick Cannon
Spanky Hayes
Affion Crockett
Brandon T. Jackson
Leonard Robinson

Black Squad
Mikey Day
Corey Holcomb
Rob Hoffman
Taran Killam
Biz Markie

Based on that line-up, Nick is going 0-5.

Round 1 - Don't Push Me Cuz I'm Close To The Edge. Members of both teams will stand on a 'building' ledge and tell the audience why they nothing else to live for, if you're line is more pathetic, you get pushed off the ledge by 'The grim Reaper' (ooooh) and score a point. Mikey listened to all of Nick Cannons albums. Leonard has Nick as a Homeless guy who sold him all of his movies. Both of them get pushed off (1-1). Affion got, instead of the doctor removing his gall stone, got his balls gone, while Rob, Mikey and Taran are all 3 Hanson brothers. Affion gets pushed (2-1 Red). Brandon sees his girlfriend in a Valtrex commercial, while Corey left his cellphone with his woman. Brandong gets pushed (3-1, Red). Affions girl left him for a WNBA Ballplayer, while Mikey's sister had a 3 Way with Flava Flav...and Shawty. Both get pushed off again (4-2 Red). Nick's car gets a scratch and Fabolous could only get his chauffeur a house and they can't get the name on his jet. Nick can
Round 2 - Breakin' Up is Hard to Do. It's time to tell off a WNO Girl. Nicks new girl gets paid to wear Victoria's Secrets (DING), while Biz sings, 'Oh Baby you,...don't got what I need' (DING). Shawty looks in her eyes and wonders if her mouth is too small or if she has too many teeth (BUZZ). Fab says that her home girl is a Ryder and not he's trying to get with her (DING). That's 2-1 Black, and it's enough to tie the match at 1.

Round 3 - Star Sightings. Nick has found Haley Joel Osmond and 50 Cent (DING), while Corey and Biz finds JHermaine Dupri (DING). Spanky and Leonard find Fantasia Barrino (DING) while Mikey and Taran find, and I quote, 'The creepy voodoo witch doctor lady from Pirates of the Caribbean 2' (BUZZ). Nick shows us Spike Lee (DING) and Taran and Mikey give us James Blunt (DING). Leonard and Spanky find Barrack Obama (DING) while Fabolous gets Brandy Norwood and Eryka Badhu (DING). The Red Squad wins this one 4-3 and Nick actually has a 2-1 lead going into...

The WildStyle - Nick calls out Biz and Fab for chewing Rocks (DING, 3-1 Red) Biz says that Nick sucks (BUZZ) while Shawty makes love to Fab's wife (DING, 4-1 Red). Rob tells Shawty that Spanky got him pregnant (DING, 4-2 Red) and Shawty pulls down Rob's pants (DING, 5-2 Red). Fabolous decides enough is enough and he goes after the Red Squad, starting with nic, who he accuses of having erectile Dysfunction (BUZZ) but his Victoria's Secret is he's doing Nick's girl (DING, 5-3 Red) calls Spanky on overweight Ja Rule (Ding, 5-4 Red), says that Shawty was trying to get lap dances on Lay away (DING, 5-5) and wonders when Toys R Us fired the Giraffe. Nick wants a counter, but he doesn't get it when time runs out and Fabolous pulls it out, 6-5 and drops Nick to 0-5 for the season.

Next Week - Nick gets invaded by...Brooke Hogan. Nick has to win this one...doesn't he?


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