Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out
Season 4
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Today is

Episode 4-3: Lloyd - June 21

Two games for Nick. Two losses for Nick. That's no good. Will he finally get a win this week?

Guest Star/Musical Guest - Lloyd

The Red Squad
Nick Cannon
Biz Markie (??!!?!?)
Spanky Hayes
Rob Hoffman
Affion Crockett

The Black Squad
Mikey Day
Leonard Robinson
Corey Holcomb
Brandon T. Jackson
Benji Brown

Apparently, Nick is tired of losing, as he gets THE Biz Markie on his team, while newcomer Brown shows up on the Black Squad.

Round 1 - Let Me Holla. It's time to pick up a Wild'N'Out Girl. Rob says that since most guys brains are in his pants, that he wants her to blow his mind (DING). Benji is looking for measurements so he can lay down his pipe (DING). Affion wants to lay down some beats with him and Biz Markie (DING). Mikey is wiping his face and clearing a place for her to sit (DING). Shawty wants to get her twin pregnant so she doesn't lose her shape (BUZZ). Lloyd's not Fred Flintstone, but he wants to make her bed rock. (DING). The Black Team wins 3-2, and they take a 1-0 lead in the match.

Fast Fact - Nick Cannon's Team is still perfect - a perfect 0 for 9 so far in Rounds 1-3 this season. Forget Biz Markie, Nick needs to import Snoop Dogg on his team.

Round 2 - Rest In Peace. Create the epitaphs for the famous. Kobe Bryant - Spanky says that finally he passed (DING). Jennifer Hudson - Mikey says that Jennifer Hudson lies here...and here...and here... (BUZZ) LLoyd, as per Shawty. 'Here lies, Milli Vanilli...(DING). Clay Aiken - Leonard Robinson talks about Clay Aiken - and the closet he came out of (DING). DJ D-Wrek - Nick starts DJ D-Wrek at 27 and moves him up to 45 (DING). Nick Cannon - Lloyd says Nick Cannon is part of 'Sell Record or Die Trying' (DING). The Red Team wins 3-2 and ties up the score.

Fast Fact - The Red Team FINALLY wins a game. Someone call Christina Milian and give her the good news. Also - Vanessa Simmons is in the house...

Round 3 - R & Beef. It's time to create music from ideas. The Red Team gets a bad first date, while the Black Team gets a song about feeling tired. The Red Squad get a volunteer from the audience and gives her Halitosis. Lloyd talks about the lazy housewife who leaves her tampons all over the place and smells like fish. Benji plays the housewife and wants some hair weaves. Not surprisingly, the Black Team wins it and goes up 2-1.

Fast Fact - Nick Cannon's season long game winning streak one.

But can Nick win in the Wild Style? Nick confuses them with B2Gay (DING, 2-2), while Lloyd goes after Nick's braids (DING, Black: 3-2). Shawty calls Lloyd Sammy Davis Jr (BUZZ), Lloyd's gang all takes turns riding the freak of the week - Shawty's mom (DING, Black: 4-2). Spanky says that Lloyd looks more like Gay Marvin than Marvin Gaye (BUZZ) Lloyd tells Spanky that his mind is like Mr. Miyagi, Wax Off, Wax On (DING, Black: 5-2). Rob goes after Lloyd being more than friends with Omarion in his videos (DING, Black: 5-3). Lloyd says that Rob should go back to being on New Kids on the Block (DING: Black: 6-3). Nick compares him to the mascot of the Cleveland Indian (DING, Black: 6-4). That closes the gap, but that's as close as they get. The Black Team wins and Lloyd beats Nick Cannon. Then again, so has everyone else, as Nick falls to 0-3 this season. Lloyd sings as we end this episode.

Next week: Will Nick finally get a win? Or will he lose to a person who plays with poo? Join us in 7 to understand what's going on.


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