Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out
Season 4
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Catch it: 10p ET MTV Thursdays

Today is

Episode 4-2: Ne-Yo - June 14

Nick started off Season getting wrecked at the hands of Snoop Dogg. Can he get his first win and move back to .500 this season?

Guest Star/Musical Star - Ne-Yo

The Red Squad
Nick Cannon
Spanky Hayes
Rob Hoffman
Brandon T. Jackson
Affion Crockett

The Black Squad
DeRay Davis
Leonard Robinson
Corey Holcomb
Taran Killam
Mikey Day
Lil' G

Round 1 - Breakin' Up is Hard To Do - The Wild 'N' Out Girls have to get their hearts broken -but in a comic way. Rob tells her that she's dumping her - for her mom - via cell phone (DING). Mikey hires Ne-Yo to sing a breakup song. he sings 'Get ON' Heh. (DING). Shawty wants to break up because he doesn't want Nick Cannon's Leftovers (BUZZ) While Leonard is looking around, but list his feeling for her (DING). Spanky found doo-doo stains on the thongs (DING), Affion hires Leonard to translate, because they are in 2 different worlds (DING). The Black Team wins it, 3-2 and takes a 1-0 lead.

Round 2 - Family Reunion. The teams have to go into the audience and sing about their relatives. Nick found his brother who gets his hand-me downs (DING). Ne-Yo finds his cousin who may be pregnant - with his kid (DING). Rob finds his brothers who like animal porn and Japanese men (DING) Spanky finds his cousin who's pillow is full of activator (DING). Brandon  finds someone on the Down Lo because of his preppy shirt (DING) while Taran finds a relative with the Sanjaya look (DING). The game ends, and the Black Team wins another game. They take a 2-0 lead.

Fast Fact: The Red Team has not won a round yet this season.

Can they finally win one with R & Beef (which requires singing?) Probably not, but the Red Team sings about Fat Girls, while the Black Team sings about Freeloaders. The Red Team laments about the missing cold cuts, missing buns, and making love to her creases. The Black Team sings the first part of it without Ne-Yo (because they are freeloading) and Affion sings about taking Ne-Yo's place, screaming it not Ne-Yo, it's 'Me, Ho'. Despite Ne-Yo getting 5 seconds worth of singing time, the crowd screams for Ne-Yo and the Black Squad takes a
3-0 lead.

Fast Fact: The Red Team has not won a round yet this season.

But can they turn it around in the Wild Style? Nick goes into Porn with Stomp...the Yard (DING, Black, 3-1) while Taran wants to know why Nick is better in a cartoon (DING, Black, 4-1), though Nick points out that said cartoon made over 100 million (DING, Black, 4-2). Deray goes after Nick's Low-A$$ braids (DING, Black 5-2) Nick goes after Deray's Beard (BUZZ) but Deray volunteers to shave it off and add it to Nick's braids (DING, Black, 6-2). Not done yet, Leonard says that Affion's moms best impressions is when she's bent over (DING, Black, 7-2), while Affion talks about them all singing Ne-Yo's music (DING, Black, 7-3). Ne-Yo talks about Affion's stomach (BUZZ), tells Ne-Yo to leave Michael Jackson to Chris Brown (DING, Black, 7-4). With both teams getting 4 points each, The Black Team wins, and Nick Cannon is 0-2 this season.

With that, we finish with a Ne-Yo song, with him singing over a pre-recorded track. Thank you, Ashlee Ne-Yo.

Next week - another episode, and hopefully someone who doesn't sing to a pre-recorded track.


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