Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out
Season 4
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Catch it: 10p ET MTV Thursdays

Today is

Episode 4-1: Bigg Snoop Dogg - June 7

Its time for ANOTHER season of Wild'N'Out! Yay! This is Gordon Pepper, once again recapping the funny, because there is one comedy show I must see this summer (and no, it's not Last Comic Standing)

Guest Star - Snoop Dogg

Guest Musical Star - Nate G

The Red Squad
Nick Cannon
Spanky Hayes
Rob Hoffman
Brandon T. Jackson

The Black Squad
Affion Crockett
Leonard Robinson
Corey Holcomb
Taran Killam
Mikey Day
Lil' G

DJ D-Wrek is back in action, while Nick, with his Chuck Taylors on,
introduces Snoop Dogg to the screaming audience.

Round 1 - Let Me Holla. It's time to use your best pick up lines on a Wild N Out Girl. Snoop starts with the girl getting out of snowshoes and into Ho'shoes (DING) while a crying Spanky lost his Teddy Bear and wants to sleep with a Wild N Out Girl instead (DING). Leonard sees her hair is done like a rooster and wants to know if his lil' cock-ll-doo (DING), as Shawty wants to lose his virginity - complete with condom - and BUZZ. Mikey waves his little finger and
says that just by doing that, he got her to 'come' (DING). Nick wants to take her to the Opera by giving her the keys to his Phantom (DING). Final score - 4-3, Black Squad, which leads 1-0.

Round 2 - Plead the Fif. Both Nick and Snoop must either come up with repartees to question or Plead the 5th, which gives the other team points. Affion asks between him, Snoop and L. L. Cool J, which artist went negative platinum. Nick, who complains that his company didn't ship enough albums, pleads the 5th and Black gets a point. Snoop is asked if it's his first time in the courtroom today and Snoop says that he courts the streets and the clubs. Point - Black. Mikey brings in a picture of a half naked Nick in as evidence, who says that
the real Nick Cannon is...his face superimposed on a woman's Body. Nick can't speak and the Black Squad gets the point. Snoop is asked if he would let Jermaine Dupree stay in the room when he's with Janet Jackson. Snoop answers, and I quote, 'I'm sort of flustered with this fake-ass Johnny Cochran, Black Eyed-Peas, Gumby on the top of the head, milking a canister, leaning on my shoulder, smelling like cigarettes, booty and donuts.' That answers that, as the Black Squad wins 4-0 and takes a 2-0 lead.

Round 3 - Remix. The teams get a song that they have to rap a nursery rhyme from. The Red Team gets' Hush Little Baby', while the Black Team gets 'Georgie Porgie'. The Red Team bring to the party an uninspired Baby which gets liquor in the Similac while the group gets the whole club drunk. The Black Squad had Georgie Porgie make the girls cry - then Snoop did his thing and made Georgie Porgie cry. The crowd voted for...The Black Team, who's now up 3-0 and who's giving Nick Cannon a serious thrashing.

Wild Style Round - Nick calls out Snoop wondering where Suge Knight is (DING, 3-1, RED), Snoop sees Nick on Santa Monica Boulevard looking for a dude (DING, 4-1 Black). Rob's looking for Snoop's Parole Officer (DING, 4-2 Black), while Snoop calls him Opie Cunningham (DING, 5-2 Black). Spank says that he's housed Snoops woman (BUZZ), while Snoop tells Spanky that he's too small to hold anything except his nuts (DING. 6-2 Black). Nick says he's never been under arrest (DING, 6-3 Black) while Snoop says that he turned down the offer to
replace Nick on his show (DING, 7-3 Black). Snoop wins this one easily and Nick's record this season is 0-1.

We finish the show with Nate and Snoop rapping together - most of it is muted out, but at least most of what he said during the actual show was decipherable. Join us in 7 days to see how much of next week's show gets muted out.


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