Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out
Season 4
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Catch it: 10p ET MTV Thursdays

Today is

Episode 4-4: Steve-O - June 28

Nick is batting a perfect 1.000. Unfortunately, the zero is in the win column. Can he get off the schneid and get a win this week?

Guest Star - Steve-O

Guest Musical Star - Big Daddy Kane

Red Squad
Nick Cannon
Affion Crockett
Deray Davis
Taran Killam
Leonard Robinson
Cipha Sounds

Black Squad
Mikey Day
Spanky Hayes
Marques Ray
Rob Hoffman
Rodman (No, not Dennis Rodman, though he'd probably be funnier...albeit unintentionally...)
Corey Holcomb

Nick Cannon does the butterfly as he introduces someone who's a real Wild to speak...Steve-O, who comes out barefoot in a white robe. Steve-O likes Nick Cannon - but came to tear him down. This should be fun...

Round 1 - Got Props. Teams get props and have to creates skits from them. The Red Team, with in ironing board, has it being used as a tackling dummy for MTV's next season of 2 A Days (DING). The Black Team gets a set of jumper cables and is the new Doctor Octopus (DING). Shawty uses his board as Scarface's machine gun (DING), while Steve-O uses it to clamp on his...nether regions (DING). Not satisfied with that, Mikey Day turns into Johnny Knoxville uses the cable attached to Steve-O's nether regions as a jump rope (DING). Nick Cannon parodies Steve-O and sticks his head in the ironing board's mouth (DING). Steve-O used the ironing board as a WWE Table and splashes through it (DING). That finishes off the ironing board, and Steve-O finishes off the Red Team in that round. Black leads 1-0.

Round 2 - Strip Joker. If a joke is funny, the opposing captain must take off an article of clothing. If it bombs, then the captain must take off an article of clothing. Steve-O will probably get naked just for the heck of it. Rob Hoffman says that what goes Blonde/brown/blonde/brown is Paris Hilton doing cartwheels (BUZZ) while Steve-O corrects him with Lindsay Lohan. It doesn't help. Leonard asks what's 6 foot high, 6 foot wide and covered in gasoline? Answer - Steve-O's A$$ (BUZZ). Mikey asks Whats green and Smells like Pork? Kermit the Frog's Penis! (BUZZ). Shawty says that 2 Mexicans playing basketball is Juan on Juan (BUZZ). Corey says that the first thing a woman at a battered shelter does is the dishes if she knows what's good for her (DING). Steve-O asks what's got 2 thumbs and loves to f*ck? (Points to himself) This guy (DING). Affion says that white fairy tales start with 'Once Upon a Time' while Black Fairy Tales start with 'Sh#t, you ain't gonna believe this.' (DING). Steve takes off his robe to reveal his tattooed and nipple pierced body, and the Red Squad ties the game at 1.

Round 3 - Family Reunion. The teams have to find their kinfolk in the audience and say bad things about them. Nick finds his cousin who forgot to get her hair done (DING). Corey's Cousin's forehead is as big as a Hummer Windshield (DING). Affion finds his pastor who's been touching too many little boys (DING!). Mikey finds his stepsister Ling - and he's going to put his fortune in her cookie (DING). Affion's cousin's eyes are bigger than her bra size. Rob's
cousin's throat can gargle peanut butter. Cipha finds his brother with a$$ butter (BUZZ) while Steve-O' (still in his undies) has his 'cousin' hold the mike while Steve-O does a back flip (DING). That's the Black Team's round, and the Black Team has a 2-1 lead.

Fast Fact - After 12 rounds (not counting the Wild Style), The Red Squad is now 2-10.

But anything can happen in the Wild Style Round. Nick starts by Saying that Steve-O won't remember any of it (and he's probably right) (DING - 2-2). Steve-O says that he plays with poo and he's richer than Nick (DING, Black, 3-2). Nick says that it's too bad that Steve will only live 2 more years (DING, 3-3). Steve says that a hamster scares him more than Nick (DING, Black, 4-3). Shawty tells Steve to kiss his black a$$ (BUZZ). Corey says that Nick mopped up R Kellys leftovers (BUZZ). Affion returns the favor saying Corey got trapped in the closet with a whole plate of food (DING, 4-4). Steve says that Nick is MTV's ho (DING, Black, 5-4). That ends the game, and Steve-O keeps Nick Cannon winless this season. Steve-O raises Nick's hand and thanks everybody, but he's still going to take Nick's comedy belt.

Next time: Everyone's been taking Nick's belt. Can he defend it once successfully?


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