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Season 2
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Four home chefs are looking for the sweet taste of victory as they compete for a coveted spot on TGI Friday's menu.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Guy Fieri
Judges: Katherine Alford, Linda Fears, Michael Psilakis
Creators/EP: Jim Berger, Art Edwards, Joseph Levy
Packager: High Noon Entertainment for Food Network
Origin: Food Network Studios, New York City
Airs: Sundays at 9p ET on Food Network

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Hometown Favorites
February 15

We've had every bit of ultimate foodstuff imaginable, and we're saving the best for last, as four home cooks try and prove that they have what it takes to become hometown heroes. The clock is set, the kitchens are spotless. Let's get it the heck on!

Tonight's culinary combatants...

ANDREANN GEISE, a personal trainer from Murrells Inlet, SC. She is competing on behalf of her father, who has passed away. She wanted to make a dish that will have everything that he lifed.

Andreann's signature dish: Tongue Tantalizing Barbecue Pork. Traditional Southern cooking at its finest.

JULIE OHNSTAD, a stay-at-home mom from Marietta, GA, a quintessential Southern girl from a quintessential Southern city. She learned everything she could about food from her job at a major metropolitan airline. Her dishes are still her, but it's a little different.

Julie's signature dish: Hotlanta Chicken & Waffle Sandwich.

LAURIE LUFKIN, a home-based business owner from Essex, MA. She's from the home of the clam. Recipes for her clanms go from generations to generations. This particular recipe comes our way from her grandmother.

Laurie's signature dish: Essex Steamer Clam Cakes. Using so many clams, you get clams in every bite.

And finally, CHERYL PERRY, a businesswoman from Elizabeth City, NC. She grew up in New York City, when she came down to N?orth Carolina for summer, usually where it's close to water and fish markets. She's brought her own ingredients.

Cheryl's signature dish: Seafood Stuffed Trout, a regional favorite.

All four of you will have two hours to cook up your dish, which will be submitted to the judges for tasting and judgment. They'll judge on a 100-point scale...

- 50 on taste
- 25 on creativity
- 20 on appearance
- 5 on ease

The highest score will set the benchmark in the Speed Round, with the highest overall winning his or her chef $25,000.

As a reminder, recipes for all of tonight's creations will be available on in case you want to whip it up yourself.

Two hours on the clock... starting now.

Julie's using maple syrup, dry mustard, and horseradish in her waffle. Andreann is making a lot of heat and spice, BUT Linda doesn't like the heat OR the spice. Will this hurt her? Laurie brought her own clams, which wins raves from the judges. And Cheryl... smells of fish. She loves the stuffing, but the judges think that they're overstuffed.

And unless you're in Julie's mindset, you know you have... FIVE MINUTES LEFT! She ends up throwing stuff on the plate until... TIME. And we have an epic fail, as she forgot to sauce the sandwiches.

Time to Face the Judges...

Andreann's Tongue Tantalizing BBQ Pork: Linda gets the kick of spice. Chef Psilakis loves this kind of sandwiches, as he shares his departed father story.

Julie's Hotlanta Chicken & Waffle Sandwich: The judges need the sauce. They get the sauce, but the judging will not be affected by it. Later, they note that the components work together well. (Psilakis's notes: "I'M SCARED!!!").

Laurie's Essex Steamer Clam Cakes: Linda says it all... "Wow". Katherine notes that her frying technique is right on. Psilakis calls it light and fluffy.

Cheryl's Seafood Stuffed Trout: They note the interplay and the balance issues of the dish. It's hard to get to the equilibrium point.

Andreann 49 25 18 5 97
Julie 40 24 13 5 83
Laurie 47 23 18 5 93
Cheryl 44 24 17 5 90

Dad's dancing in heaven, because little Andreann's got the advantage going into round 2, the Speed Round.

Andreann: Blushing She Crab Soup
Julie: Jezebel's Glazed Pork Chops
Laurie: Cod with Succotash
Cheryl: Carolina Pork Tenderloin

Control Room... Give me 30 minutes! GO!

Andreann is working two soup bases and a roasted tomato. Julie needs to cook grits. Laurie needs to cook succotash. Cheryl needs to sear pork. Andreann is using caviar to make a mock she crab soup. But will speedy pork beat the slow-roasted pork of round 1? Judges may have an issue with that. Julie's working fast... not messing around this time. Cheryl takes her pork out of the oven... and the sauce just spills on the floor. Meanwhile, Andreann put her crab into the wrong soup (the tomato as opposed to teh crab soup).

Five minutes left... and the ladies are rushing. And... TIME! Everyone's finished, not without issue, but what are you going to do.

Final judgment...

By the way... Next Food NEtwork Star returns this summer...

Andreann's Blushing She Crab Soup: Katherine thinks that the cheese is overkill. Chef Psilakis likes the whole thing.

Julie's Jezebel's Glazed Pork Chops: Linda says the south is really represented. Chef Psilakis says the dish comes together well.

Laurie's Cod with Succotash: Chef Psilakis calls it picture perfect. Katherine likes the tartness of the cranberries more than the sweetness.

Last but not least, Cheryl's Carolina Pork Tenderloins: the judges like that the protein is still moist and clean.

So who takes home all the cheese this time?

Andreann 97 96
Julie 83 95
Laurie 93 90
Cheryl 90 93

And the ultimate hometown hero this season... is Andreann Geise! She takes home the bragging rights and $25,000! And I bet dad is watching and smiling from ear to ear after that.

And so we close up the URS Kitchen for another season. Thanks for reading, and we hope you didn't watch hungry.