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Season 2
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Four home chefs are looking for the sweet taste of victory as they compete for a coveted spot on TGI Friday's menu.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Guy Fieri
Judges: Katherine Alford, Linda Fears, Michael Psilakis
Creators/EP: Jim Berger, Art Edwards, Joseph Levy
Packager: High Noon Entertainment for Food Network
Origin: Food Network Studios, New York City
Airs: Sundays at 9p ET on Food Network

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February 1

Hope you got your sweet tooth, because the cooks are whipping up desserts, but only one of the eight delights will be delightful enough for $25,000 and a spot on menus of TGI Fridays the world over.

First, DENNIS DEEL, a retired social worker from Worcester, OH. Dennis is also a professional competitive cooker after he mad a few surgeries.

Dennis' Signature Dish: Gingersnap Mango Lassi Cheesecake Minis. Creamy, tangy, and crazy.

Next, LISA ROMAN, an Army wife from Oahu, HI. Husband Joe was deployed to Iraq the first year after they married.

Lisa's Signature Dish: Heartbreak Healers, a cookie that got their name from when she took the chocolate and cinnamon delicacies to a friend who had a broken heart.

Then, JENNY FLAKE, a Pilates instructor from Phoenix. She's won other competition, but she's never been in a dessert competition before.

Jenny's Signature Dish: Roasted Banana Bread Drop Doughnuts, a combination of two favorites.

And finally, CAMILLA SAULSBURY, a reigning URS champion from Macadocious, TX. Outside of the kitchen, she's a sociology professor and a fitness instructor, but really,m there isn't a competitive cooker alive that doesn't know who she is.

Camilla's Signature Dish: Roasted Plum & Basil Trifle. Will she repeat with this one?

All four of you will have two hours to cook up your dish, which will be submitted to the judges for tasting and judgment. They'll judge on a 100-point scale...

- 50 on taste
- 25 on creativity
- 20 on appearance
- 5 on ease

The highest score will set the benchmark in the Speed Round, with the highest overall winning his or her chef $25,000 and a spot on the menu at TGI Friday's.

As a reminder, recipes for all of tonight's creations will be available on in case you want to whip it up yourself.

Two hours to make dessert... starting NOW!

Jenny has a problem in the kitchen due to the fact that she's five-foot nothing, give or take three inches. Dennis is not in his own kitchen, and therefore has no control. Lisa gets worried because atht ehalfway mark, her cookies are... raw. Camilla... just flustered. So far, she's the only one in URS history to post a perfect 100.

But everything comes together in the end... or so it seems.

That's time. Let's go face the judges.

Dennis' Gingersnap Mango Lassi Cheesecake Minis: Chef Psilakis wanted to see some goat products, but all three are in agreement that this is the dish to beat so far.

Lisa's Heartbreak Healers: Katherine says that the flavor is classic. Chef Psilakis wanted a little more gooiness.

Jenny's Roasted Banana Bread Drop Doughnuts: in a word, yum.

Camilla's Roasted Plum & Basil Trifle: Some elements are working, and some aren't. The pound cake is too dry. There was no evolution of flavor.

And now, the official scores...

Dennis 48 24 18 5 95
Lisa 45 24 18 5 92
Jenny 46 24 18 5 93
Camilla 44 24 18 5 91

That gives Dancing Dennis the advantage going into round 2, the Speed Round.

This time, 30 minutes to beat Dennis' cheesecakes. If they score higher than 95, they'll earn the menu spot, the presidents, and the bragging rights.

Dennis: Tropical Sweet Potato Faux Fool
Lisa: Baby Cakes
Jenny: Grilled Peaches with Honey Vanilla Mascarpone
Camilla: Raspberry Puffs with Goat Cheese Mousse

Thirty minutes to cash-roo... GO!

The crazy thing about Lisa's recipe... baby food. It retains more moisture than regular food. It's pure puree, and the pumpkins & pears add a little kick. Camilla is thinking napoleon territory, and she uses melted jam to help her along. Will goat cheese be the edge she needs? Dennis is going for 100 this round.. Lisa gets her cakes out early because she's running out of time. Jenny burns her first batch of peaches. Will that cost her?

And... that's time. Plates down! To the panel...

Dennis' Tropical Sweet Potato Faux Fool: the sweet potato comes through, bordering on not really a dessert in her mind. It's a conceptual dessert, so thought is involved. All in all, it didn't work for the judges.

Lisa's Baby Cakes: Katherine thinks it's delicious. Linda thinks that it's a good idea. Chef Psilakis agrees.

Jenny's Grilled Peaches with Honey Vanilla Mascarpone: Katherine thinks simple desserts are winning desserts. Linda thinks the simplicity is taken some ten levels up. Chef Psilakis says it has the composition of a real restaurant dessert.

Camilla's Raspberry Puffs with Goat Cheese Mousse: It's pretty. It's tasty. It's bold. It's another level. Is it another 100? 

The final verdict... with a score of 95 to beat.

Dennis 95 88
Lisa 92 97
Jenny 93 94
Camilla 91 96

Tension-filled result tips the scales... in LISA's favor! For Lisa Roman to win this is huge. She wins $25,000 for her honeymoon and the spot on TGI Friday's menus everywhere. They're off to Dallas, where they add ice cream and caramel. Yummy.

We've got one more show in us. Come back next week, but don't come back hungry.