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January 4

Four home chefs are looking for the sweet taste of victory as they compete for a coveted spot on TGI Friday's menu.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Guy Fieri
Judges: Katherine Alford, Linda Fears, Michael Psilakis
Creators/EP: Jim Berger, Art Edwards, Joseph Levy
Packager: High Noon Entertainment for Food Network
Origin: Food Network Studios, New York City
Airs: Sundays at 9p ET on Food Network

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January 11

Last week's show saw Rick Massa's Five Cheese Mac'n'Cheese make the menu at TGI Friday's. Now four new chefs have come to do battle for a chance to join the future fabled dish.

Tonight's chefs...

Harold Cohen, a retired plastic surgeon from Hollywood, FL. He feels like an Iron Chef for a day. At 74, he's the oldest contestant in URS history. He is also the only contestant thus far to have been declared legally blind. His son Michael was on Season 1 of the Showdown.

Signature: Iberian Burger, a combination of Spanish flavors, pork sausage, ground chuck, Portobello mushrooms, and white gazpacho mayonnaise.

Brigitte Nguyen, a recent culinary school graduate from Lexington, KY. She thinks this is everything she's always wanted to do. Born and raised in California, she traded in California for Kentucky, and finance for food. She's in this strictly for pride.

Signature: Vietnamese Bistro Burger, which stems from the flavors she had growing up.

Sonya Goergen, a PR specialist from Moorhead, MN, She likes quesadillas. Her family loves burgers. Why not combine the two? She comes from a big family, where she came to cook at age 3. She loves to cook big for her big family.

Signature: Adobo Quesadilla Burger, a combination of Mexican flavors grilled in a tortilla.

And finally, Sarah Sommerfield, a marketing professional from New York City. To get her burger on the menu would be amazing. She grew up in the Village, and sees cooking as something of a hobby. She can be creative and successful in that arena, but will that parlay into a win into THIS arena?

Signature: Croque Monsieur Burger, a takeoff from a Croque Monsieur sandwich.

As a reminder, recipes for all of tonight's creations will be available on in case you want to whip it up yourself.

Each chef will have 60 minutes to create their signature dish, which will be submitted to the judges (director of the Food Network test kitchens Katherine Alford, owner of Mia Dona Michael Psilakis, and editor-in-chief of Family Circle Linda Fears) for tasting and judgment. They'll judge on a 100-point scale...

- 50 on taste
- 25 on creativity
- 20 on appearance
- 5 on ease

The highest score will set the benchmark in the Speed Round, with the highest overall winning his or her chef $25,000 and a spot on the menu at TGI Friday's.

At the end of the Signature Round... and a little bit of fire...

Harold's Iberian Burger: Katherine likes the complex flavors. Chef Psilakis loves the spice of the sausage. Linda would leave the tomato off, but she thinks it's delicious.

Brigitte's Vietnamese Bistro Burger: Katherine thinks the jalapenos are on fire, which is making nuance hard. Linda loves it. The chef... loves the idea of pickling the vegetables.

Sonya's Adobo Quesadilla Burger: Linda thinks that it's a little overcooked. Katherine likes the presentation, but thinks that the texture is grainy. Chef Psilakis wanted a little something more for his quesadilla burger.

Sarah's Croque Monsieur Burger: Katherine thinks this is a burger to beat, but the French toast? Linda agrees. Chef Psilakis loves that Sarah tried to capture the identity.

The results of the scoring...

Sonya 44 25 16 4 89
Sarah 45 22 18 5 90
Harold 47 22 20 4 93
Brigitte 48 23 20 4 95

That gives Brigitte the advantage going into round 2, the Speed Round. It's the same battle, except now you're working on a clock of 30 minutes instead of 60. The score to beat... 95.

Here's what the cooks have to offer...

Harold: Pimiento Cheeseburger
Brigitte: Bluegrass Beercheese Melt
Sonya: Turkey Burger with Prosciutto & Melon
Sarah: Bourbon Burger

Brigitte's using bourbon in the barbecue sauce. Sarah's using bourbon in the meat. Will the alcohol cook out in time? Also, when you're talking about Sonya, you're talking turkey, and the risk is that it will dry out. The judges think that one of the problems with that last round of burgers was that they plated too early. The proteins have to wait until the bitter end.

And... that's time. Let's go to the panel.

Harold's Pimiento Cheeseburger: Linda thinks that it's delicious. Katherine thinks that it's creative and fun. Chef Psilakis says he likes it because he can eat it.

Brigitte's Bluegrass Beercheese Melt: Katherine thinks that it's a bit tricky to eat. The bottom is a little soggy. Linda thinks that it's good to taste, but both she and Chef Psilakis' burgers have deteriorated to nothing because she didn't allow to rest the meat.

Sonya's Turkey Burger with Prosciutto & Melon: The bread, a ciabatta number, is a little tricky, but the flavor shines.

Sarah's Bourbon Burger: Linda's not a bourbon fan, and bourbon flavor comes through too much for her. Meanwhile, Katherine is a BIG bourbon fan. She likes the sweetness. Chef Psilakis says this is what a burger should be, but it's a little too simple.

Final scoring...

Sonya 89 94
Sarah 90 93
Harold 93 96
Brigitte 95 93

And Iron Chef for a Day Harold Cohen takes the burger run, the presidents, the spot on the menu, and of course... the bragging rights!

Next week, four new cooks and eight new amazing recipes. Don't watch hungry.