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Four home chefs are looking for the sweet taste of victory as they compete for a coveted spot on TGI Friday's menu.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host: Guy Fieri
Judges: Katherine Alford, Linda Fears, Michael Psilakis
Creators/EP: Jim Berger, Art Edwards, Joseph Levy
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Hot & Spicy
January 25

So far, we've had the ultimate comfort food, the ultmate burger, and the ultimate cake. Now it's time that things got a little bit hot up in here as URS looks for the Ultimate Hot & Spicy Dish.

tonight's home cooks competing for 25 large and a spot at TGI Friday's...

JASON HERNANDEZ, senior marketing specialist from Memphis. having grown up in Southern California, he finds the food of the south a little different than the food of his youth. He's trying to bring some of his Latin influence into Southern cuisine.

Jason's signature recipe: Spicy Low Country Shrimp & Grits, a classic Southern dish with Latin flavor.

JIM FOX, a CFO for a major real estate investment firm from Chicago. He sees cooking as a way to create family time and as a reflection of the love toward loved once. It's Jim's family's inspiration that got him there in the first place.

Jim's signature recipe: Sharsh's White Bean Chicken Chili, a balance of spice and heat with a nice citrusy flavor.

CHRIS MILANO, a former media relations expert for the San Francisco 49ers. His dishes are inspired by the various tastes of San Francisco. He sees himself as reflective of that bold ethnic-style cooking.

Chris' signature recipe: Argentinean-style Grilled Swordfish with a spicy orange chimichurri. It blends Latin, Italian, and Southern.

LAUREEN PITTMAN, a mother of two from Riverside, CA. She lives to use a lot of Mexican flavors. She loves to go to Mexico, try out the local fare, and then try to duplicate the flavors.

Laureen's signature recipe: Killer Baja Chile Rellenos, stuffed with... well, whatever she can think of.

So we have a little bitty California girl against three corporate heavyweights, but as far as cooking the ultimate dish, we're all on equal playing ground. All four of you will have two hours to cook up your dish, which will be submitted to the judges for tasting and judgment. They'll judge on a 100-point scale...

- 50 on taste
- 25 on creativity
- 20 on appearance
- 5 on ease

The highest score will set the benchmark in the Speed Round, with the highest overall winning his or her chef $25,000 and a spot on the menu at TGI Friday's.

As a reminder, recipes for all of tonight's creations will be available on in case you want to whip it up yourself.

Chris is the first with a knife injury on the field. He almost knocks off the tip of his fingers. We bring in Sarah to change his cutting board and vegetables and get him bandaged up and back into the game. Meanwhile, Jason's wondering if he overdid it on the milk in his grits. Some people use water. He uses milk. Jim has the perfect storm of pressure going on... heat of the stove, heat of the lights, heat of the dish... it's a lot of sweat. And finally, you have Laureen with her chili rellenos. Being Hispanic, Jason finds her stuffing rather strange.

But it all comes together nicely... The bad news... "You have five minutes left."

And... TIME. Now it's time for the judges to turn up the heat.

Jason's Spicy Low Country Shrimp & Grits: the judges were a little worried that there wasn't going to be enough creaminess. But there's creaminess and heat. Chef Psilakis says that the grits were a little cold.

Jim's White Bean Chicken Chili: Chef Psilakis was looking for a little fat. Katherine thinks it's nice and light. Tears for Fears says the chicken is dry for her and the consistency is a little thing for her.

Chris' Argentinean Grilled Swordfish: Linda likes the orange in the sauce. Katherine says he nailed the fish, but the Chef thought it was convoluted.

Laureen's Killer Baja Chile Rellenos: Katherine acquires the heat and taste of the dish, but Linda thought it was more "warm and toasty". Chef Psilakis also didn't feel the heat.

The results of the scoring...

Jason 48 25 17 5 95
Jim 46 25 15 4 90
Chris 43 23 15 3 84
Laureen 45 24 15 5 89

That gives Jason the advantage going into round 2, the Speed Round.

Now our cooks will have 30 seconds to whip up another specialty. If a dish beats the 95 from Jason's Low-Country Grits, then it wins $25,000. The recipes are...

Jason: Sauteed Scallops with Spicy Piquillo Pepper Puree
Jim: Spicy Orange-Glazed Scallops
Chris: Vietnamese Beef Sandwiches with jalapeno aioli
Laureen: Paniolo Steak with Chimichurri

Control room... Give me 30 minutes... and GO!

It looks like kitchen 1 and kitchen 2 are having a scallop competition, as Jim is fighting with grand marnier and peppers. Jason's going more savory than sweet. On the other hand, he's trying to cook too many at once. He's not going to get a nice crust on it. Laureen is going to bring the heat in this one. Chris, on the other hand, was just scatterbrained. It was just a disaster area. He was distressed. Chris seemed to have forgotten the rule: KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

And after three final minutes... DONE. Let's go to the judges to see who'll win $25,000.

Jason's Scallops with Spicy Pepper Puree: the scallops were indeed overcooked, but the presentation was nice and the puree was perfect.

Jim's Spicy Orange Glazed Scallops: Chef Psilakis likes the spicy touch, while the char adds smokiness. The big thing... Texture. This dish is missing some.

Chris' Vietnamese Beef Sandwiches: Chris thinks that his ego couldn't be bruised any more, but Katherine is pleased with the sandwich. As for what Chris said before? Wrong. Chef Psilakis said that it's TOO spicy.

Laureen's Paniolo Steak with Chimichurri: Katherine loves the sauce working with the richness of the meat. Chef Psilakis says it's simple and it tastes good.

So who's the big winner today? Score to beat is 95.

Jason 95 91
Jim 90 93
Chris 84 92
Laureen 89 94

Close, but nothing, but Jason Hernandez is the winner of the bragging rights and the $25,000. And his dish of Low-Country Grits is heading for the test kitchen... 

Next week, four new cooks and eight new amazing recipes. Don't watch hungry.