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Today is

"Coward or Hero?" - May 11
We review Hutcherson v. Singer.

Training Session with Team Ortiz. Matt Hamill, our deaf MMA fighter, can't wait to fight. "I am composed and cool." Bisping said Hamill is a world class wrestler and that clashes with his pride. He wouldn't insult people like that. Matt takes people down without the use of hands. He finds it more of a challenge. Some fighters are upset at this.

Back at the house...Kendall and Kalib want to see a move that Matt did. He isn't sure if he should show them. Tait said Matt is "cocky. He refers to himself as 'The King'". Kendall pranks Matt by hiding his steak. "Others fighters don't think I am cocky as far as I know." Kendall returns Matt's steak.

Team Ortiz training session. Ortiz tells Matt that he was in his first UFC fight with 6 months training just like he is. Ortiz says Matt is his #1 pick because of his wrestling skills and he learns quick. "The kid is a stud. He works hard and fights hard." Matt wants to be the best and technical as possible. He is ready to fight. "I don't catch all of their names. It takes times to do it. He is with Danny a lot and teaches Danny sign. Danny and Matt become fast friends. Kendall is pissed cause Matt calls himself "The King." Danny feels sorry because everyone in the house hates Matt. Matt still thinks he is the best fighter out there. Danny explains how his "joke" could be seen as being cocky. He apologizes to the team.

Bisping said he is training hard and you can pick up injuries. Matt is hitting to hard..."What am I supposed to do?" Josh said, "You feed me hard, I will hit harder." Kendall rocks Matt hard with a head kick. And then Josh hits Matt hard with an uppercut. "My jaw hurts real bad." Matt never felt that before. He is taken to the hospital. Josh said he tasted MMA for the first time and it's going to get worse. Kendall doesn't like it, but he and the rest of the house are happy Matt got his bell rung. Danny is worried and sleeps with Matt to watch over him. "He is my teammate and my friend."

Training Session with Team Shamrock...Tait says the session went from light contact to full contact. "It's the coaches job to tell someone to stop--but what do I know?" Tait and Shamrock get into it about training. Ken said Tait was attacking his character. "I do have more experience and have been doing this for 15 years." He tells Tait he was acting like a little punk and walks out.

Danny helps Matt out. Bisping isn't cool about it. "Matt never cooks for himself anyway. I think he is milking it. I never ask for a sandwich." Ed Herman says that Matt can kiss his ass. "I got my bell rung. Suck it up." Kalib said he has more psychological damage than physical damage. Danny said he will help Matt out no matter what.

Everyone in the house is getting stir crazy. Tait said he wouldn't do this again. Rory wants to go home. The 6 weeks is killing Bisping. He misses his girlfriend and his kids. Ed said it's hard to sleep and he misses everything. "The house breaks you down."

Fight Announcement time. Dana is in Canada doing promotion for UFC, so Tito gets to announce the fight. He congratulates Rory for winning the fight. Mike is ready to fight. Team Ortiz chooses Josh Haynes. And for Team Shamrock it's Tait Fletcher. Josh says its not personal, just business. Mike says that they are saving Matt for him to pamper him and it will be better for Matt. "Let them think that."

Team Shamrock training session--They bury the hatchet inside the ring. Ken said that they had to find a way to turn it around. "I didn't become the first UFC Champion because I quit."

Team Ortiz training session--Josh was the last pick but he is still tough, Ortiz says. "He works hard, pushes himself & never complains." Josh is stoked and ready to fight. Noah gets a manila envelope.

Josh is stir crazy and toilet paper's Noah's bed. Noah comes out of the bathroom and looks at it. He just says, "Sweet." Noah got a letter from home. Mike wants to talk to Noah and he doesn't want to talk about it. He thinks the letter and its contents are bad enough to make him go home. Everyone thinks it's about his family and something really bad happened. Noah reveals that someone has been posting on the internet that he has been cheating out here and his girlfriend is upset about it. "Someone has been trying to sabotage our relationship." Mike said that isn't as important as family. "It could have been worse. Noah says he can't make the next 2 weeks with contact and he is leaving to solve the problem if he doesn't get the phone call.

Dana returns from Canada and is let in on Noah being crazy and wants to call home. He wakes up Noah and talks to him. He tells Dana about the phone call. "Don't you think that the phone call will f' you up worse?" Noah said that while Dana was trying to give him a pep talk, all he could think about was going home. Dana says he is not a dickhead. "If it was about his family...and something was wrong, I would have no problem about giving a phone call. " He asks how long he is dating this girl. Noah says that doesn't matter.

Then Dana gives the quote of the year so far. "The girl who he has been dating for 6 months thinks he's been cheating on her. I don't give a f**k." He tells Noah that we are looking for the baddest mf'ers who can fight. Dana says that we were all doing this...when were 18. Noah said he is 100% prepared to make this decision. He says he can't be here. Dana tells him he is NOT getting the phone call and he has 2 choices..."screw your head on straight or I will take you to the airport and fly you home right now." Noah says he is gone. "Pack your bags." Dana says Noah Inhofer "isn't an MMA fighter. He isn't mentally or physically tough enough to handle it."

Noah tells us through tears, "People will see me as a coward for leaving, or a hero for standing up for what I believe in. I know I did the right thing."

The teams are called in to the training center and Ortiz is let in on Noah's departure. Dana explains the situation and rips Noah a new ass***e. You see the team members as well as Shamrock and Ortiz rip into Noah and laugh at him. "Man, MMA isn't your sport. This is about sacrifice.", Ortiz says. Dana says, "F**k Noah. I hope the girl is the one and they are married for 40 years and have 19 kids. But I know that he is going to realize that he f***ed up. Noah quit. He is out. And we have to bring someone back....

...and that someone is shown to the fighters, but not to us! At least not until the next episode of the Ultimate Fighter! Who is brought back?

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