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Today is

"Shamrock Gets Desperate" - May 4
Team Shamrock has lost three fights in a row...can a desperate move by Ken Shamrock fire his team up enough to stop Team Ortiz?

We review Bisping v. Rothaermel. Starnes notes the move that changed the fight was the knee by Bisping that opened Kristian up. That took the life out of him. Hutcherson notes that once people see their own blood--it's curtains for them. Herman said Christian fought with heart.

Ortiz pumps his team by saying Team Shamrock's team confidence is way down. "They are shooting freaking golf balls. We are for real." They have a Team Punishment chant. Shamrock tells his team that two rounds shouldn't be a problem. "Something has to change. We aren't going away."

Back at the house, Solomon Hutcherson is ready to get down. Kendall, being part of "Team Dagger" is going to do whatever is takes to make sure he fights Rory Singer. Hutcherson says that fight would be optimal for him. "I will crush him and put the dog bite on him." Kendall and Solomon talk together. " I might bleed Red, he might bleed Green, but we are Team Dagger."

Training Session for Team Ortiz. Ortiz now thinks that Shamrock will overcompensate for their lack of training and will get pushed too hard and will be burned out. We See Team Ortiz's punishing training session. Ortiz tells Rory that he fighting Ed. He thought he would fight Solomon and have an easier fight. "I have no choice in the matter." Another Team Punishment Chant.

Training Session for Team Shamrock. Shamrock said he failed the team personally. "I am the captain of the ship and I am going down with it...are you coming with me?" We seem them pushed very hard and Ed Herman get bruised.

Back at the house. Dana lets us in that the house is going to get a big screen TV and a chance to see UFC 57--Liddell v. Couture III. He promises more surprises. There is a knock at the door and a box is brought in. Amp'd Mobile drops off phones for the housemates. They can see all the undercard fights live on the phones. The finalists will get an Amp'd Mobile phone and service for life. The fighters are pumped.

Team Shamrock trains without Shamrock who has the stomach flu. Tait works with the team on his own. Kalib still doesn't like Shamrock's training, but he is a nice guy.

The night of UFC 57, Noah explains and shills for Amp'd Mobile touting the fact that they saw the undercard on the phone. Bisping was happy to see the fights on TV. Ed is happy to see his coach, Couture, fight. Josh trains with Couture as well. Ed saw Couture get caught and knocked out. Couture announces his retirement and Ed gets emotional. "Seeing him lose and retire like that brought tears to my eyes. I am going to win it for Randy."

Fight Announcement: Team Ortiz gets to control the fight. Representing Team Ortiz will be Rory Singer and before he picks the member of Team Shamrock. Ortiz again says he should have picked Ed. So, he is going to mess with him mentally. And he picks Solomon to fight Rory. Ortiz notices he is getting pissed--and that's the idea. "It's Mental Warfare." He compares it to Muhammad Ali getting into the heads of fighters. Ed said, "Tito I will smash through your guys...I am not happy."

That is when Shamrock and Ortiz get into a verbal and then almost physical match. Dana said all of a sudden it became a big kindergarten with name calling and shouting. Ortiz said "Shamrock has no confidence. I know what buttons to push...and I push them." Everyone watches and then splits them up physically. Shamrock said, "I had to fire up the team somehow. If it means getting into it with be it." After the pull apart, Shamrock pulls his team together and both teams react. Shamrock is "done with this crap" and "hates losing" which fires up the team. Solomon says he is ready to bang. Team Ortiz is laughing at what happened, although Bisping sensed a new friction in the air. Solomon and Bisping get into it verbally as well. "It got my engine running. I felt I was in the Lion's Den."

Training Session--Team Ortiz. Rory will be 30 in May. He is from Athens, GA and is a nursing student getting his RN. He has been training for 6-7 years and it keeps him sane after cleaning dirty people all day. "It keeps me sane. It's a pure sport and a great way to blow off steam."

Back at the house, Solomon and Rory get into a trash talking war with Bisping as the "judge". Rory said the "bamboo court" was ridiculous. "He can talk better smack than me, but I am not afraid of him."

Training Session Team Shamrock--The plan for Hutcherson is to make it a street fight. They won't let him get set. No boxing, no grappling. Solomon has been fighting for his whole life and it saved him from prison. He was the fat kid who got picked on and beat everyone up. "I fought long and hard for this...this is my time to shine. I can't see myself losing to Rory."

Training Session Team Ortiz--Ortiz says that the worst part of Rory's game is that he doubts himself. He wishes he would have noticed that and he might have picked differently. "The only person that can beat Rory is Rory." Rory gets into it with Kendall for being late going home in the van.

Back at the house, Kendall sneaks training info to Solomon. He doesn't feel guilty about doing it. "He's my boy and this isn't a team thing." He tells Solomon about his bad ankle and bad mental skills.

The Weigh In: Rory comes in at 186, Solomon at 185. The teams say that this is the most anticipated fight so far, and pick their winners. They are split. Dana thinks this was a bad choice for Tito and likes Solomon in the fight.

Fight Day...we see the usual trash talking and last minute prep. Rory Singer is out first. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. Solomon Hutcherson from Racine, WI is next. Time for the Coors Light COLD HARD FACTS:

33 Age 29
5'11" HT 6' 2 1/2"
73" Reach 77"
10-2 Record 9-5

Our Ref is Herb Dean...let's get it on!


Hutcherson attacks Singer right away and at 4:40 slams Singer to the ground big time and goes into ground and pound mode. He doesn't hit as much as Rory does from the bottom(guard)position. Rory is scoring more than Hutcherson. At 2:25 Rory Pushes off. At 2:10 Hutcherson kicks his legs from the standing position. At 1:45 Hutcherson is back on top of Rory. At 1:00 Dean calls for a clean break. At :45 seconds Hutcherson bangs Singer into the fence. At :20 Seconds Hutcherson seems gassed and the round ends.

In between rounds, Ortiz is pumping Singer up. "He is Gassed. Look for the head kicks!" Shamrock says "He is as tired as you are. You have 5 minutes to take it home. Don't let him take it away from you."


At 4:42 of the second round...Singer hits Hutcherson on the side of the head with a head kick which stuns Hutcherson. Rory goes in for the kill and punches him with a series of lefts and rights with no defense and Herb Dean stops the fight. Singer wins $5,000 by knockout of Hutcherson. He advances to the semis.

Time for the Amp'd Mobile Recap:

Dana White says that Rory did what he needed to do. After the slam, he didn't let Solomon do much damage from the top. Ortiz says he survived the storm. Shamrock said that he pumped him up in between rounds and his eyes opened up and he said that he was going to win. Shamrock said the kick to the side of the head was gutwrenching.

The kick was so stunning, Hutcherson didn't know where he was, or if he won or lost. Shamrock explained it to him. He wasn't happy. He said he was mad as hell that his lack of cardio cost him the match. He said he got sloppy and he paid the price.

Kendall said that it will suck without him in the house. Solomon said that "Team Dagger will rise from the ashes." He also said Kendall invited him to train in Hawaii with him.

Next week, one fighter will throw in the towel. Which fighter will leave Las Vegas and give up the dream of becoming the Ultimate Fighter?

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