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Today is

"The Light Heavyweights Enter the Octagon" - April 13
We review Kalib Starnes victory over Mike Stine. Solomon Hutcherson said he was "spooked in the ring." Noah Inhofer said trouble started when Starnes took him to the ground. Josh Haynes said "Don't Moan when a guy is on top of you. It's looking for an easy way out. They WILL stop the fight."

Dana White congratulates Starnes on his victory. Shamrock discusses with the team who should be in the Light Heavyweight fight. Ken thinks it should be Jesse Forbes or Mike vs. Noah/Josh. Shamrock--"We Kept The Hammer." They chant "Green Power!"
The two British fighters have a tiff over cleaning a blocked toilet. Ross Pointon called Michael Bisping a "dick" and a "dickhead(which was unbleeped) Matt comes in and says that "New England is having a fight." They explain it's ENGLAND. Ross doesn't know where New England is. Tait Fletcher says that Matt is a great guy but he doesn't think Matt grasp the concept of what's at stake.
Team Ortiz training session. Tito sees Noah dropping his hands. Tito said he needed to find a tool to keep his hands up and he shows him a drill with a basketball in fighting position.
The fight announcement: JESSE FORBES v. NOAH IMHOFER. Jesse is excited. His teammates pump him up with "5 grand" and "Beat Kalib's Time" chants. Bisping says Jesse's boxing is terrible. Jesse picked Noah because his conditioning isn't up to par.
Back at the house, Kendall is bored and kicks the ball around w/Michael into the pool.
Another Team Ortiz training session. Tito calls Matt an awesome athlete and the "next world champion". Michael sees Matt as his only competition and should meet him in the final. Josh said Matt resembles Tito and Tito wants to build another fighter like himself. Tito gives Matt extra time because Matt has a handicap and he lip reads. Michael is upset because Tito is giving him extra time and special treatment. "He should be treated like everyone else. I didn't fly half way around the world for this treatment."
Back at the house Jesse likes to break stuff in the house. Tait calls him "young, crazy and fun." Ed Herman said Jesse is a good 21 yr old kid. Jesse breaks a glass vase all over a pool table. He couldn't care less about maturity and being mature. "If being destructive is how I break boredom then so be it."
Noah found out about Tait kicking the ball and Noah is upset about it. Tait and him have an argument. Tait couldn't care less. "If dumb people got offended being dumb, too bad." He calls Noah after he leaves, "Painfully Dumb." Noah said he will "save the fight for another day". Tait--"No one is going to help him. Tito isn't, the coach isn't, the ball isn't, his team isn't. Jesse is going to run through him like a train."
Team Shamrock training session. Shamrock sees his fighter being overtrained and gives them the day off and the next morning to sleep in. "Don't take this as a sign of weakness. Recover, eat clean." Jesse calls Shamrock a "Smart coach. We won't get into fights banged up or injured."
Ortiz training session. Noah has been wrestling for 2.5 years. Noah feels he his better than him wrestling wise. Tito--"Noah's confidence is high. Jesse is a strict wrestler and Noah is more well-rounded. Saul tells him to concentrate on dribbling.
Back at the house, the "Green Team" is upset at the ball, which was left at the house. Tait and Kalib tell Jesse to stab it with a steak knife. Tait says that Kalib and him are the oldest so we can come with up the crazy ideas and Jesse is young enough(read: stupid enough) to put the ideas into action. Jesse stabs it and puts it in Jesse's bed. Noah had no clue about it, so nothing came of it.
The next day, Noah is juicing stuff up. Jesse doesn't care about the ball. Noah found out that Jesse stabbed the ball. Team members call it ridiculous. Noah calls him an asshole. "It wasn't even my ball." His respect for Jesse went down.
Another Team Ortiz Training Session. Tito said that the biggest challenge working with Matt. So he gets Matt an interpreter. Matt was happy to communicate. He won't get lost in the jungle. He intros the intrepreter to Team Ortiz. Danny Abbadi says he is nice. Bisping says his job is harder now.
Weigh In. Noah is 206(1 over) and Jesse is 204. Dana said Noah is tough and Jess is Young. Ken said Jesse is difficult because he is a southpaw and throws a great right hook. "As long as Jesse doesn't get caught in a stupid submission, he could make it to the finals."
Tito and Dean went over to the house to make the team a spaghetti dinner. "My job is a coach. I want to hang out with them in a different atmosphere. I want them to know that I am there for them." Michael is pissed at the special treatment other people are getting and he isn't going to put on a false smile, "but hey, I got a spaghetti dinner." Tito leaves.
Team Shamrock training session. Shamrock thinks Kalib is slacking. He says he has a deep bruise on his thigh. Ross and Kalib leave the ring. Shamrock says the team isn't paying attention. He calls the team in and rips on Kalib and Ross for leaving the ring. He is pissed off. Kalib said Shamrock crossed the line when he said he didn't care about the team. Kalib and Shamrock had it out. Shamrock said Kalib was slacking due to the fact he was in the semis. "I don't want to walk around with injuries."
Tait said Ken "said the same point 40 times because he couldn't think of anything else. " Ken said this isn't over. "They are going to do it my way or else." They don't talk about it on the way home.
Noah during night practice...Rory is upset.."who trains 24 hours before a fight? You aren't going to learn anything." Noah worked on footwork, but he rolled his ankle. He gets checked out. Rory "That's why you don't drill 24 hours before. It's ridiculous. Hospital shows no fracture. Noah--"I will have to ignore it for 10 minutes. Going home was a big coverup act with no hint of anything wrong. His team helps him.
Fight Day--Jesse I wrestled for 4 years with 1 year All-American. My friends are behind me.
Noah--He will win because he wants to stay here and train with his team.
Jesse--I will fight like a rabid animal and Noah is my food.
Dana said Tito taped his swollen ankle. Noah said Jesse will have "10 full minutes of frustration.
Noah Inhofer from Bigfork, MT comes out first. "Jesse will come out of the cage hurt."
Jesse Forbes from Portland, ME is next. "I will kick Noah's ass and Team Shamrock will kill Team Ortiz"
NOAH INHOFER                                    JESSE FORBES
24                                Age                    21
6'2"                               HT                     6'2"
79"                               Reach                74"
5-2                               Record               2-0
Ref is Herb Dean.
Round 1:
The first 15 seconds was a boxing match. Jesse tried to bring Noah down. He does it at 4:15 mark. Jesse stands up...but Jesse brings Noah down again. Jesse is on top of Noah in the fence. Both coaches scream advice, and at the 2:30 mark, Noah uses the fence and reverses Jesse's position and scissors Jesse into an armbar submission at 2:25 of the first round where Jesse taps. Team Ortiz wins and Noah Inhofer is $5,000 richer.
Time for the Amp'd Mobile Recap.
Shamrock--9 times out of 10, Forbes wins. "Jesse was over confident. He was dominant, but forgot to defend. Once Noah turned his hips, Jesse was in deep. " Ortiz said this was "exactly how I thought the fight would be."
Jesse is upset that he is going out first. "I am better than him and I will be back. We will see how the fight should have gone." Shamrock said "We lost the Hammer." Ortiz calls a "Team Punishment" chant and now Tito is relishing the control of the fights.
Next week, another middleweight pair goes into the Octagon.

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