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Today is

"A Weighty Issue/Team Dagger" - April 20
We review Inhofer-Forbes: Mike Nichols says Jesse was dominant. Bisping was concerned about Noah. Tait said it was the slowest armbar in history--it was coming for weeks. Bisping said Jesse's inexperience showed.

After the fight, Team Shamrock wanted to work with hand-eye coordination. They go to the Callaway Golf Center to blow off steam. "We need some comedy", says Shamrock. Solomon Hutcherson said, "We don't do this s**t in the hood."

Meanwhile, Team Ortiz is working on cardio in the Hard Rock Hotel. "I never get tired." They jog up stairs and carry teammates through the hotel and walking to walls. Bisping says Tito is training him hard, good and smart. Tito said that Shamrock's team may be training as smart as us, but we believe we can win.

Back at Team Shamrock, we see the team golfing. Solomon called this "bull****". He doesn't like golf.

At the house, Kendall Grove and Solomon Hutcherson have formed a mini alliance or team called "Team Dagger". They are doing this so that they can get to the finals together. Rory is a neat freak and hates the fact most of the house are a bunch of slobs. Ed Herman calls him neurotic and he won't let him get away with anything.

We see a training session with Team Shamrock. He tells everyone what he believes their weaknesses are. Ross Pointion has a bad ground game, and they don't take him seriously.

Back with Team Ortiz, Rory was picked first in the middleweights. He is ready to fight anyone. Ed is drinking heavily with Josh. He talks trash and gives info to Josh, because he was friends before him. He told everyone, "I am the best fighter here. To Tito: "You don't want me on your bad side, bro. You f'd up." Solomon said Rory is afraid of the "big, bad wolf" meaning him. Solomon had a Matrix like dream with lots of Rorys cleaning dishes and he beat all of them up.

Fight Announcement: Team Ortiz member Kendall Grove v. Team Shamrock Member Ross Pointon.

Ed said he and Solomon were pumped but Tito isn't stupid. He will wait to end to fight us. Tito admits he is pissed he didn't pick Ed first. "I didn't know him, but now I do. I messed with Ed's head. I looked straight at him when I picked Ross. I will pick him last."

Ross said he is going to smash his face in. He trash talks and said he is going to the finals. Kalib said Ross is his own man, but his burden is "working with him and his weaknesses." Tait said Ross's ego makes it hard to teach him. Solomon said Ross trains his way and his "confidence is an obstacle in his learning. He is thickheaded." Ross said everyone thinks he is stubborn, but he is taking it all in.

Team Ortiz and we get know about Kendall. He grew up with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He got the nickname "Spider" because he is 6'6", and lanky. Respect is big in Hawaii. He can't wait to fight and represent Maui, Hawaii.

Ross said he doesn't have to do mich to win this fight. Tait said Ross didn't want to hear anything from his teammates about cutting weight. He weighed 199 and was eating pizza. The next day, he lost 8 pounds to 191. People underestimate him, Ross said. Kalib is cutting Christian's hair and Ross couldn't wait for people to go with him to cut more weight. Ross thinks he is alone is doing this.

Michael helped Kendall cut weight. Kendall felt good afterwards.

Ken passes by Tito's team outside the gym. Kendall noticed the legit hatred between Ken and Tito. Tito explained a story that Ken blew off a kid asking for an autograph. Thats once of the reasons why he hates him.

Ken busts on Ross in the sauna as he is wearing a heavy suit. He has been in martial arts for 8 years and is well rounded. He loves to strike and is ready.

Weigh In Time. Both Ross and Kendall make weight at 185. Ken is not worried about Ross. He is tough. Tito said Ross is going to get choked or knocked out. "This match is tailor made match for us to win."

Team Shamrock training session. He said resting is as good as working hard. Ross jokes he went to Middleweight to get away from the tall guys and he gets Ross at 6'6" and he is 5'8". "I can't get away from them!" Kristian is not sure who will win. It is hard to predict. Ed said he hopes Ross will win, but Kendall will win.

Team Ortiz training session. Kendall wants to open his own school in Hawaii. He started 4 years ago and wants to be a role model. He started mopping mats in the gym and still does it. If he gets the contract, he won't clean them anymore. Michael said Ross is looking for a lucky punch. Josh said Ross has no big tool box. Kendall has him outmatched.

At the house, Solomon sells out Ross and gives Kendall some information on him. "Kendall is going to run right through him." Ross said "smashing Kendall's face in will float his boat. No one has ever beat me up before." He has his own game plan. Michael notices Ross is eating a lot of food the night before the fight. Solomon joked he would be clogged eating pizza the night before a fight. Kendall wants to shut Ross up, and it will be nice and peaceful when he is gone.

Fight Day. Kendall said he is never nervous until 5 minutes before a fight. Ross said he is in this for himself, his daughter and his friends back in the UK. Ross and Kendall do the last minute prep and trash talk. Kendall is introduced first from Maui, HI. Ross is next from Northhampton in the United Kingdom.


28 AGE 23
5'8" HT 6'6"
70'5" REACH 76.5"
4-6 RECORD 7-3

The referee is Steve Mazzerotti. The ring girl shows the ring sign and we are underway:


At 4:17 Kendall takes Ross down. Ross tried to stand up, and eventually gets up at 3:26. At 2:57 Ross throws a wild punch and Kendall takes him down again. Ross is winded as hell. Ross down again at 1;40 and at 1:16 Kendall makes Ross tap with a rear naked choke. Kendall Grove advances for Team Ortiz and gets $5,000 for his submission win.

Time for the Amp'd Mobile Fight Recap:

Dana White said the fight went exactly as he thought it would. Kendall went in and really wanted the fight stopped in the first round. Tito said Kendall did an awesome job. Shamrock said Ross knew how to fight but he didn't defend. Kendall said he knew it was his fight. He knew Ross didn't want to fight after the first minute of the right. "That's all folks!" Tito tells his team he is going to pick apart Shamrock one by one. They do a "Team Punishment" chant. Solomon, however calls it a win for "Team Dagger."

Michael consoles Ross and said it was said to see him go. Ross is upset and "it won't be the last of him."

Next week, the 2nd light-heavyweight fight and Ortiz still has control with a 2-1 lead in fights so far.

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