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Today is

"Team Shamrock: On the Ropes" - April 27
We review Pointon v. Grove. Rory Singer said Grove drove him into the cage. Bisping said Grove systematically took him apart. Solomon Hutcherson said Grove was in the cage and was going to get him. Danny Abbadi said Ross gave him his back and Team Punishment wins again.
Team Shamrock meets by the weights. Shamrock says there is "no problem here". Tait Fletcher says that it's anyone's guess who fights who. Shamrock says this fight is the "end of the road" for Team Ortiz.
We see a Team Ortiz training session. Ortiz sees a huge improvement in the last couple of weeks in his fighters. They are becoming complete fighters. Ken Shamrock underestimates him. In Ortiz's eyes, Shamrock only sees him as a punk kid. "I coached in Junior College. The kids trust me and are listening to me. They are not second guessing me. I am in their heads. Will we go through them with only one loss. Time will tell."
Back at the house. Some members of Team Shamrock make fun of Mike Bisping's laugh. Bisping doesn't like it. "I dont like the look in Mike Nickels's face." He is going to yell at the top of his lungs and if they don't like it, they will have to man up and do something about it. He calls Nickels an ass***e and wants to knock that look off his face.
At the Team Shamrock Training Session, they watch fight tapes and rest. Kristian doesn't like that at all. Tait is shocked at the light way of training. He trained on the bag and on the treadmill on his own. Nickels said they were going to put work in on their own, Shamrock or not. Kristian would totally train differently if he was running things. He is envious of the way Team Ortiz is training.
At Team Ortiz, Matt is catching on to everything. Bisping says he is too intense at times. He goes crazy and tries to hurt people. Bisping says Matt is getting special treatment. "It's hard to deal with when he is predetermined to win. It will be Matt and I in the finals and we will see what happens." After seeing some over aggressive moves, Ortiz yells at his team. "I like to see aggression. But we are not here to hurt people. We are here to help each other. We are here to learn something from each other."
At the house, Matt is mocked by Bisping and some housemates. Tait says Matt doesn't respect his team or the opposition. At night, Bisping gets ripped and smokes cigars with Hutcherson and Starnes. He pisses on the team Ortiz/Shamrock concept. He is only it for himself, his girlfriend and his kids. He pisses on Matt and plays to the camera in a foul-mouthed tirade. The next morning Bisping is woken up by Hutcherson as he passed out in his bed. He apologizes to his girlfriend and his kids for acting this way and to his housemates for anything he had said. They try to get Bisping to admit who he his fighting next. He doesn't fall for it. Nickels thinks Bisping is gunning for him. He thinks they are both well-matched. He is ready for the challenge.
Fight Announcement: Team Punishment's Michael Bisping in the Light Heavyweight Division vs. Kristian Rothaermel from Team Shamrock. Kristian is ready to bang. He went in prepared for anything. Ortiz says its like a game of chess. Bisping chose Kristian because he has the skills to take him out. Shamrock says Bisping is like Ross except he has better ground skills. "He is just a banger." Kristian says, "If you can't survive the first round with me, you are in trouble dog." Shamrock tells Kristian to get him on his back and take him out. Hutcherson says Team Ortiz is underestimating Kristian. He says, "Sorry Michael, I Iike you, but it's bye bye and back to Britain for you. Peace Out and Sayonara, sucker!"
Team Ortiz Training Session, Bisping says he was in kickboxing and jujitsu since he was 8 yrs old. He has been in MMA for 3 years. He finishes quick and has never been beaten. He says MMA in England is at a lower level than the US, but he is at a higher level than most British fighters. Kristian will be his first American fighter that he has fought. Kristian is a jujitsu fighter. He is working with Tito to get back on his feet and wear out Kristian first.
Team Shamrock makes up their own training regimen in the backyard of the Las Vegas house. Kristian benefits from Cardio training. Mike said they were making the best of a bad situation. "We aren't getting trained at the next level." Kristian's head views life from a surreal perspective. Ed Herman says he is a trippy dude who quotes poetry. Tait thinks his poetry is torture. As Kristian is making weight, his cause is New Orleans. His father passes away and he lost his clothes due to Katrina. His life is not nearly as bad as other people's situations. He is going to bring it and he is going to go to war. We see the Shamrock team beatbox and scratch in the van, being a bit silly.
Kristian is seen smoking cigars in the backyard. Noah jokes at his conditioning. He knows it isn't as good as Bisping, but he doesn't inhale the cigar so he thinks it's ok. Bisping notices it and says "To each his own."
Team Shamrock training session. Shamrock has been getting wind of the dissension in the ranks and he is going to nip it in the bud now. He feels it's all in their heads and the training isn't the answer. He is going to change their thoughts. Shamrock confronts them. Starnes doesn't care who the coach is(even Carrot Top), he will fight and win. Shamrock tells them he is not going to kill them in the gym. He said it was a challenge to motivate them. "Some got it, and some didn't. But when the gate closes, it's just them and the fighter in front of them." Shamrock works with Kristian. He has won 40 fights. He notices Bisping has conditioning "for days"."It will be a hard fight." He has a game plan to take him down. Shamrock thinks he has a lot of ground knowledge. He thinks Kristian can win the fight.
Weigh In--Bisping 204.5  and Kristian is 204. Ortiz says Bisping's wrestling isn't so good but his striking his great. He says Kristian has no heart. It will be "who is ready for the fight."
At the house, Bisping has a cauliflower ear and we see it sucked out by a needle in all it's bloody detail. Bisping said this is a huge fight for me. He did a lot of jobs, but gave up full time work 2.5 years ago. His wife and children are the only force for his competition. He wants to give them the good life. "Kristian has another thing coming if he thinks he is taking that away from me."
Fight Day--Bisping doesn't think Kristian is in his class. Kristian says he will beat Bisping to the ground. We see last minute prep and trash talking between both me. Both coaches psyche their men up.
Bisping is out first. He is from Cyprus. Kristian is next from New Orleans. Here are the Coors Light Cold Hard Facts:
BISPING                         ROTHAERMEL
26                Age                33
6'1                Ht                  6'0"
73.5"            Reach            72.5"
10-0             Record            40-3   
Ref is John McCarthy
Round 1: At 4:40, Kristian fails at his first takedown attempt. At 4:15 both men simultaneously use kicks. Bisping falls, and Kristian attempts a takedown. It doesn't work. At 4:34 Bisping hits Kristian with a high knee that opens Kristian's skull up and he is bleeding. At 4:20 Bisping is taken down, but by 4:05 he is up. By 3:40 Kristian is winded. At 3:25 Bisping is on the ground and striking with elbows from the bottom position. By 2:15 McCarthy stops the fight due to excessive bleeding. They are cleaned up and we have time in. At 2:07 a left stuns Rothaermel. At 1:48 and 1:33 Bisping lets Rothaermel up from the ground and he hits a series of shots and at 1:10 a right knocks out Rothaermel. McCarthy stops the fight and Bisping advances. 3 in a row for Team Punishment.
The Amp'd Mobile Fight Recap:
Ortiz says Kristian didn't know what hit him. Bisping hit him with 20 different shots. Dana White said when Bisping hit him with the knee that opened him up, he was out of the fight. Shamrock said he lost focus. He wasn't the same guy he saw in training. "It was mentally over before it began."
Bisping says Kristian was a nice guy. He has nothing against him. Kristian said, "I got my ass kicked. He beat me and he is a bad man. I was one step behind him the entire fight."
Will Team Shamrock ever win another fight? Will the coaches come to blows? Tune in next week for Episode 5 of The Ultimate Fighter 3!

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