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Sixteen sharpshooters will face off projectile against projectile for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Colby Donaldson
Creator Ralph Wikke
EP Ralph Wikke
Craig Piligian
Dirk Hoogstra
Paul Cabana
David McKillop
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for History Channel
Web history.com/topshot 
Airs 10p Sun, History

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Round 9: The Razor's Edge

(C-Note: The challenges that you are about to read have been designed, tested, supervised, and played by experienced marksmen operating on a closed course. They are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

Nine people who never threw a knife in their life had to learn how if they wanted to avoid elimination. The Blue Team smoked the challenge again, leaving the Red Team to duel using slingshots. Denny was sent home, but he wasn't the only one, as Tara had an urgent family emergency to which to attend. Now we're down to seven, and by the end of the hour, three more will be picked off.

First things first. Colby MERGES the teams. From here on out, it's every man for themselves.

In this round, there will be two elimination challenges.


The loser of this first challenge will go home RIGHT NOW.

From 25 feet, using a Beretta 92F, you will have 10 rounds to sever a lit fuse before it goes off. The competitor with the shortest fuse will go home.

First is Iain... OUT OF BULLETS. Blake is next... ALSO OUT OF BULLETS. Then comes Kelly... Same with the first two. JJ is up... and not a cut. Four way tie for first... and last. Peter... CUT! And he just expends the rest of his cartridge for fun. Ha. Chris... Boom. Last up is Adam... Pulls a Pete... So two people safe, five people still on the block.

How to break this tie? Another round.

First is Chris. DONE. Kelly... Back on the hot seat. Blake joins... Kelly. Iain... by the smallest of margins, is safe. JJ takes his next shot... and severs.

Time for a bullseye sudden death. Closest to bull wins. And closer to the target is... Kelly. Blake Miguez, the Ragin' Cajun... you have fired your last.


Four different firearms - the Mosin-Nagant, the SVT-40, the TZ99, and a new peace...

- HK93 (West Germany, 1974), a semi-automatic sporting rifle.

You'll be shooting targets from above, AND you'll be tested on your cardio and stamina. Craig "Sawman" Sawyer will train you.

Still anyone's game.


There are four stations on a hill with weapons on each. First platform has a TZ99 and a target 50 feet away. Second has an HK93 and a 100-footer. Third has the Mosin-Nagant and a 125-footer. Finally, at the top of the mount is the SVT-40 and a 150-yard target. The four fastest times will be safe. The other two are going home.

First is Kelly... hits the first target in one shot. And the second in one shot. And the third in one shot. He's making it look EASY. PERFECT round! Time: 1:30.

Peter only loads one on each of his rounds... he only needs one. TIME: 1:21.

Chris is third up. The time to beat: 1:21. Chris's time.... 1:21! But... he did it in 0.79 seconds faster, so Kelly and Peter are still on the bubble.

Iain is next... His time of 1:25 gets Peter off of the bubble.

Two shooters left. This one will send ONE person home. First is Adam. HE MISSES #3. That is going to cost him some serious times. His time... 1:36 is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Adam Benson has just fired his last shot.

The question: can JJ finish Kelly off, or will he be forced take the long road home? The time to beat was 1:30. JJ's time.. 1 minute... 20! Kelly Bachand has fired his last shot as well.

So your final four is set... JJ, Iain, Peter, and Chris. Next time, one of them will make history as the winner of $100,000 and the title of Top Shot!

For more information on "Top Shot" or to view this episode in its entirety, visit www.history.com/topshot.