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June 6


Sixteen sharpshooters will face off projectile against projectile for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Colby Donaldson
Creator Ralph Wikke
EP Ralph Wikke
Craig Piligian
Dirk Hoogstra
Paul Cabana
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for History Channel
Web history.com/topshot 
Airs 10p Sun, History

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Round 2: Zipline of Fire

(C-Note: The challenges that you are about to read have been designed, tested, supervised, and played by experienced marksmen operating on a closed course. They are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

Last time, the shooters were brought together with a common purpose, to become Top Shot and win $100,000. Shooting instructor Mike took his last shot when he couldn't line up scope on a rifle course, leaving 15 others to take to the range.

Denny likens Mike's elimination to coming back from a funeral. Kelly was happy to live to fight another day, while the Red Team set up their own version of sneakers on a telephone pole with one of Mike's shirts.

Today, the marksmen will play with the primary sidearm of the Army, Air Force, Marines, and law enforcement....

- Beretta 92F (Italy, 1975)


To prepare for the upcoming team challenge, the players will shoot at targets of decreasing size from a distance of 25 feet. Training them on the art of the pistol is US Shooting Academy grand master Ben Stoeger.

Your team will only be given 140 rounds, so it's up to you to determine who needs the most practice.

Blake of the blue team is one to watch, having won many pistol competitions, starting at 12 years old. Tara has also carried this weapon on duty. Jim, on the other hand, is predominantly a rifle shooter, so he's going to have a bit of an issue with handguns.

Over on the red team, Brad and Bill are the most proficient of the handgunners, thinking that they can work with the rest of the team for the challenge. Brad's glock of choice, though, is a .35 special, not a Beretta. Weakest is Kelly, who gets some practice in. He ends up listening and shooting really well. Seeing hi handle his peace, Brad starts to get a bit rattled.


TEsting speed and accuracy, you are to shoot at tubes of decreasing diameter, starting at 4" to 1.5". Each team will rank themselves on skill and then take a tube. They will get ONE shot to shatter plexiglass on the other end of the tube. If you miss your shot, you must step behind the line and let the rest of the team go before you can try again. Whichever team successfully shoots through all seven tubes in the fastest time wins.

Blue Team will sit out a player to be determined by the Red Team. A marksman cannot sit out consecutive challenges. They choose to sit out... quelle supresse, Blake.

Andre is first for the red... HIT. Kelly is next... HIT. Denny... HIT. Frank... Miss. Peter... HIT. Brad... miss. Bill... Miss. Second time out. Frank... Miss... Brad... HIT. Bill.. Miss. Frank on his third try... HIT. Up to Bill... and TIME. The time to beat... will be revealed later.

First up is Jim for the blue... And he's lining it up... still lining it up... Big miss. Caleb next... HIT. Iain...HIT. JJ... HIT. Adam... HIT. Tara... HIT! Chris... HIT! It's up to Jim now... Still waiting... And waiting... HIT!

The final times...

RED: 2:34
BLUE: 2:07 (WIN!)

So Brad, Frank, and Bill are going to be targeted... Literally... on the Nomination Range. Especially Brad, who is a skilled pistol shooter. The group comes to a decision, saying that Brad keeps psyching himself out and blaming the equipment for it. Needless to say, the team is tired of listening to it.


Bill doesn't think it's safe to say that the Blue Team are better marksmen. Frank hopes that his name is on the line, WANTING to go to the elimination challenge.

Andre: BILL
Peter: BRAD
Denny: FRANK
Kelly: BILL
Frank: BRAD

Be careful what you wish for, Frank. You're going to the Elimination Challenge. The question now... who will he go up against now that Frank has changed his mind? Time for a tiebreaker. Colby will draw a name at random (except for the tying marksmen and the person already headed to elimination). That person will cast the deciding vote.

PETER... votes for...BRAD. He's tired of the excuses, as is the rest of the team. So Frank and Brad will face off in...


Using a Beretta 92F, you will be tested on speed, accuracy, and motion. The players will be shooting at targets while traveling down a zipline with your pistol and 15 rounds. Each target counts for one point, with bonus targets worth two. Person with the lowest scores puts the safety on permanently.

Brad is first. Then comes Frank. The final score... 5 to 5... A tie. The good news.... they get to do it again! Who can say they shot stuff from a zipline TWICE?

Second round... By a score of 5 to 1... Frank Campana.... has taken his last shot.

Fourteen shooters are left, but any one of them can be bumped off in the next round. Who knows their way around a longbow? Find out next week.

For more information on "Top Shot", visit www.history.com/topshot.