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Sixteen sharpshooters will face off projectile against projectile for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Colby Donaldson
Creator Ralph Wikke
EP Ralph Wikke
Craig Piligian
Dirk Hoogstra
Paul Cabana
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for History Channel
Web history.com/topshot 
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Round 5: The Good, The Rat & The Ugly
July 11

(C-Note: The challenges that you are about to read have been designed, tested, supervised, and played by experienced marksmen operating on a closed course. They are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

Ever since the game started, the Blue Team has been on the offensive, picking off Red Team members one at a time. That changed last week when the Blues lost the team challenge, and Jim was rubbed out. Now only 12 remain.

The Reds think that the Blues are taking elimination a little less seriously than they'd like.


Today, we're handling this...

- Kentucky Long Rifle (United States, 1700s), the first true American firearm.

You'll get one shot at three targets, 50, 75, and 100 yards away. Garry James will help prepare.

This is a different breed of animal, as it's got a couple hundred years on anything they've tried to this point. Also, there's a bit of delay between the time the bullet is fired and the time the little ball leaves the bore. It's more accurate than anything that was fired before and a lot lighter, so there's some interesting play at work.

Red Team's strategy: adjusting the sight for the gravitational effect. Blue Team's strategy: same thing, some "Kentucky windage." JJ and Blake are two peas in a pod it would appear, though the gun is not the most reliable weapon fired.

Alliance time coming... Chris, Iain, Tara, and Adam. Blake and JJ are their targets. They have to put the two against each other. Adam pulls Caleb aside to talk about "the long game". Caleb is still developing his own strategy, but he's not going to sacrifice his integrity. He doesn't like politics.

Caleb goes to JJ and Blake about the plot. Of course, it's despicable. And now Adam and Chris are being counter-targeted. Peter is eavesdropping... 

The next day, no one's talking, and Caleb is dodging Adam's question about who's been talking to who about what. New strategy in place: rub out the rat before he rats further...

... too late.


Today's challenge will test your accuracy. Targets are set at 25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 yards. Each will be assigned one target. Each target is worth 1 point, except for the longshot worth 4. Closest shot gets the points. Most points wins.

Kelly sits out Adam & Chris.

25-YARD: Brad beats JJ (Red lead, 1-0)
50-YARD: Andre beats Tara (Red lead, 2-0)
75-YARD: Blake gets hangfired... and gets a new gun. Denny beats Blake (Red lead, 3-0)
100-YARD: Kelly beats Iain (Red lead, 4-0)
125-YARD: Caleb versus Peter... Winner... Peter without shooting. RED TEAM WINS!

Okay, team meeting... and it gets heated. Blake & JJ versus Adam & Chris... versus Caleb... with Tara trying to keep the peace. Chris apologizes for coming up with a plan, copping to said plan and agreeing to play the game as it was designed: rub out the Redcoats first, then all bets are off. Caleb then apologizes for being the rat.

Adam isn't buying either.


Caleb: ADAM
Chris: CALEB

So Caleb is going to the Challenge. Who'll he face?

Blake: ADAM

Adam's vote doesn't matter. He's on his way to face Caleb.


Caleb and Adam will take on another old-time rifle...

- Winchester Model 1873 (United States, 1873), the Gun that Won the West.

Each marksman will try to shoot the rungs off of a ladder at 25 feet for practice. Adam is coming into this challenge as Captain Furious, while Caleb is just trying to keep his cool, relying more on Kentucky windage.

And lest the house forget, Adam wants everyone to know that there's a rat in the house. Kelly, lest the house forget, wants everyone to act their age. Adam, lest the house forget, wants everyone to act their size.

BACK TO THE CHALLENGE, though. The challenge is to recreate the Clint Eastwood shot in "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly," severing the hangman's rope with a bullet. First one to lower their opponents blade is safe.

Adam is the first loaded and firing, but there's nothing hitting a rope. Adam connects first. But the one who connects best... Adam. Caleb Giddings is the rat that just got his cheese taken away from him. He has taken his last shot.

Eleven left, but another gun that won the West is waiting in the wings.

For more information on "Top Shot" or to view this episode in its entirety, visit www.history.com/topshot.