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Sixteen sharpshooters will face off projectile against projectile for a shot at $100,000.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Colby Donaldson
Creator Ralph Wikke
EP Ralph Wikke
Craig Piligian
Dirk Hoogstra
Paul Cabana
David McKillop
Packager Pilgrim Films & TV for History Channel
Web history.com/topshot 
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Round 8: The Razor's Edge
August 1

(C-Note: The challenges that you are about to read have been designed, tested, supervised, and played by experienced marksmen operating on a closed course. They are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, at any time.)

The remaining shots got tricky as the competition got trickier. Kelly nails his shot, but gets nominated for the elimination challenge anyway. He emerges victorious, and Brad is sent home, leaving only nine.

The next morning... Rain. And lots of it.


Today, we're not working with a firearm... Long before the gun, there was...

- Modern Throwing Knife (based on historic Bowie knife).

Who amongst you will be able to pick up this new skill? International Knife Throwing Hall of Famer Todd Abrams will assist. The secret: do not muscle your way to the target. It's all in the technique. JJ and Adam will have to compete in the next challenge... and neither could hit the broad side of a barn. Iain, on the other hand, is a ringer. On the Red Team, Kelly is known as "the Machine".

At the house, Tara gets a phone call from her dad, who has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Dad says to stay in the competition and win.


Not only are you going to be tested on your throwing ability, but also your balance. You'll throw knives while balancing on a progressively narrower balance beam. Each player will have two shots before switch-out. Quickest time wins. Blue Team must sit three out, while Iain, JJ, and Adam will play.

Blue is first with a time of.... 3:05.

Red .... is only separated by five seconds. Their final time... 3 minutes... 10 seconds. That was a competition, but the BLUE TEAM WINS again!

With only three people going to nomination, Denny is almost expectant to play in the Elimination Challenge. Denny will have to pick is poison. Pete's never voted for Kelly, and Kelly's never voted for Pete. That's not expected to change, but if Kelly gets a vote, he's going to be livid.


Peter: DENNY
Kelly: DENNY

So it's up to Denny to choose his opponent...

Denny: PETER

First time for both. Last time for one.

Meanwhile, Tara gets an emergency call from her brother saying that her father has taken a turn for the worst, and that the doctors and nurses say that they are only thinking a few days.

Tara really wants to stay here, but at the same time... Family first. So with that said, Tara withdraws from the competition.


Denny and Peter will practice using...

- Modern Slingshot (based on a historic slingshot)

You'll be shooting marbles at cans from 20 feet. John "Chief AJ" Huffer will assist.

In the challenge, you will use a slingshot to shoot at 8-, 10-, and 12-inch targets from 20 feet away. Each of you will have 20 marbles and 60 seconds. Most targets wins.

Denny and Peter will compete simultaneously. And by a score of 7-5.... PETER.... is safe. Denny Chapman has fired his last shot.

Next time, it's every man for himself as we prepare for the season finale.

For more information on "Top Shot" or to view this episode in its entirety, visit www.history.com/topshot.