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Today is

Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone - March 1

Sylvia's failure to find the Idol let Anthony escape with a close shave. Can Anthony redeem his position in the tribe and can Ravu avoid becoming the new Ulong?

Back at camp after tribal, Earl starts a powwow so that the tribe can let out their emotions. In what seems like a game of “Bait Blake” Rocky opens his mouth and complains about Anthony sensitivity and whining.

Funny how one complainer begets another.

Rocky goes as far as to say that the girls that have left prior to Anthony have been better players than him. Anthony reacts to this by crying in confessional that he won’t quit and that if the rest of his tribe wants him gone they will have to push him out.

1. There is no crying in Survivor unless you name is Michael “Fire Boy” Skupin.
2. Wishes have a funny way of being granted in Survivor; never speak of your own demise.

At Moto, Lisi is happy about the bonds that she has made in camp. It must be easy to bond when you are winning and have a couch.

Speaking of that couch, Papa Smurf Gary is still ailing and can’t manage to breathe decently. Cassandra has taken on the role of caretaker, but the entire tribe seems to be showing a warm heart.

Challenge time!

The tribes will have to navigate around themselves on a balance beam. If they fall in while passing a teammate, the will have to start at the beginning of the line.

The challenge starts with Michelle working Ravu into a quick lead. They go up 2-0, and the Moto devises a great strategy where on member squats while the other steps over them.

Ravu has stalled out and Anthony seems to be the sticking point. His entire tribe is telling him that he needs to bend more, but his balance doesn’t seem to be quite good enough. Eventually, All of Ravu jumps in the water in an attempt to rework their order.

After a little practice, and a very wet Lisi, Moto ties up the match and then manages to win 7-2. Yes, it was over that fast.

Moto take home the spoils including fish and a bed for camp. Additionally, they send Yau-Man to Exile, knowing that he will return before the next immunity challenge.

Back at camp, Rocky is PISSED! He is chucking rocks at the cave wall and yelling expectations of voting someone out at tribal council.

Rocky is pissed that he is skinnier than a homeless person. He might have offended a few homeless people there, assuming they see this on TV, umm yeah. Very simply Rocky, let’s be a little more considerate.

Not to say that everyone can’t understand his frustration. Moto has sucked up more luxuries than any Survivor tribe ever and that is hard to handle. Maybe the producers should look back at making this game hard again.

“Here you won’t find the idol that you crave, it’s buried under the highest point of the big cave” That’s clue #4 and Yau-Man is figuring out how to sneak his way into the idol. They can’t really spell it out any better.

At Moto, Lisi is not happy with the way Liliana is using her feminine wiles to control the men. Yeah, let’s back away from the back massages and get back to the medics.

In the morning, Gary is receiving medical treatment and is being put on a stretcher and taken in the medical boat. Somehow with the most cush tribe camp ever, Gary has succumbed to the game. Ouch.

Immunity time:

Gary is officially out of the game, but there will still be immunity and tribal. Here’s the challenge. One tribe member will swim out to a cage that contains the next tribe member. They will unlock it allowing that tribe member to continue over a series of lilypads to the next cage where they will unlock another tribe member. After releasing 4 tribe members, they will paddle back on a boat to the beach to form a human pyramid to release the last tribe member. First team done wins immunity… Add a wax sealed bottle.

Zzzzz…. We’ve all seen this one before. The only difference is that this time Ravu never has the lead. Yau-Man stumbles across the lillipads very slowly and Moto motors their way to yet another win.

So what’s in the bottle? Moto will have to make a choice. Give up their comforts and move to Ravu’s camp, or head to tribal council. In what may potentially be one of the biggest shockers of the season thus far, Moto chooses tribal, giving Ravu a reprieve.

Dreamz is worried. He doesn’t want to see anyone turn into a snake yet. So he lays out his opinions in the open. He suggests that Cassandra and Lisi are the only ones that they can afford to lose. Lisi takes offense, but keeps her mouth shut, confident in her alliance.

Speaking of her alliance, Lisi wants Liliana gone. Cattiness, anyone? Stacy is in agreement, but none of the guys, Edgardo, Boo or Alex, think that it is wise to vote out a girl that is just as physically adept as the guys. They are sure that Cassandra is the better decision…

Tribal Council:

There is nothing of substance to be said. A touching moment occurs when Cassandra gives Liliana plaudits for hanging in this game so well. Lisi calls out Dreamz for his snake soliloquy (Hey, unless you’re Sue Hatch, don’t even try a snake soliloquy). Worse yet, Dreamz completely botches the word “soliloquy.” Can anyone else wait for the merge? Is anyone else hoping that Rocky makes a stupid homeless comment in front of Dreamz? Fun, fun, fun.

The Votes are tallied, with 6 Votes… Liliana the tribe has spoken! Wha!?!?!

Liliana feels blindsided, but says that if they hadn’t gotten rid of her then she would have beaten them all. Have to wonder if there is truth in that.

Votes for Liliana:

Votes for Cassandra:

Votes for Lisi

That’s it for this week. Somehow, the tribes are now tied and Moto probably saved Anthony’s hide. As for that little premonition of a “meeting of minds” between Dreamz and Rocky, wait ‘till next week.


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