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Today is

This Isn't Survival... It's Thrival - February 22

One of the things you learn in Survivor... If you're a tribe of one, then you'll be a tribe no more. Explanation inside.

Night 6: Disconnected.

As the Moto continue to feast in the lap of luxury, adversity continues to rear its ugly head over Ravu. Yau-Man still has the will to win, but the tribe needs to come up with the desire for it.

Day 7: Looking nice... still.

The tribe begins the day by painting the floor to keep the ants out. Boo is quick to note that the Moto doesn't need to win anymore. "It's not even survival anymore... it's thrival."

Earl returns to Ravu from Exile Island to welcoming (and begging) arms. He says that he has no idea where the idol is. "It's under something. It's high. It could be anywhere."

Michelle, meanwhile, tries to make fire with her glasses and the sun... The sun is up.. Michelle's glasses are there...  And we have smoke... And where there's smoke... there's fire! The Ravu have created fire, which means that they'll earn fire the next time Probst catches up with them.

Remember... fire = life. Got it.

R-Challenge: Slip Slidin' Away (for a choice of fruit, fishing gear, or their luxury items; Lisi sits out)

Each tribe must retrieve numbered balls from a slippery course and shoot them into a basket according to Jeff's call. The winners will send one losing tribesman to Exile.

Round 1: Anthony vs. Gary "Papa Smurf". Gary scores. Moto leads, 1-0
Round 2: Rita vs. Cassandra. Rita scores. Tied 1-1.
Round 3: Boo vs. Rocky. Rocky scores. Moto leads, 2-1.
Round 4: Michelle vs. Stacy. Stacy scores. Moto lead, 3-1.
Round 5: Mookie vs. Alex. Mookie scores. Moto lead, 3-2
Round 6: Sylvia vs. Liliana. Liliana scores. Moto lead, 4-2
Round 7: Earl vs. Edgardo. Edgardo scores. Moto lead, 5-2
Round 8: Yau-Man vs. Dreamz. Dreamz scores. Moto wins, 6-2.

They're undefeated in challenges... They take the fishing gear and send Sylvia to Exile Island.

On Exile... Sylvia begins to think that she's a bit of an albatross.

Clue #3 to the Hidden Idol...

"When night has fallen, and the tribe is asleep,
Find it under the cave's threshold if you dig deep."

Meanwhile, Moto continues to revel in their victory, as Dreamz notes that their morale goes up as the Ravu goes down. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has a problem breathing. He thinks that he might've broken a rib in that last challenge when he took two hard falls. The medics arrive to take a look.

End result: medical prescribes painkillers, and the tribe decides to let him rest on it. Hopefully whatever it is is minor...

Day 8: Tree-mail!

"Keeping your tribe together won't require brawn,
This one is a true test of will... and it's time to get it on!"

I-Challenge: Holding It Down.

A food eating competition. First tribe to four items wins.

Round 1: Giant clam. Liliana vs. Rocky. Rocky wins. Ravu leads, 1-0.
Round 2: Octopus. Sylvia vs. Dreamz. Dreamz wins. Tied 1-1.
Round 3: Peanut worms. Lisi vs. Mookie. Mookie wins. Ravu leads, 2-1.
Round 4: Sea cucumber. Earl vs. Alex. Alex wins. Tied 2-2.
Round 5: Fish eyes. Michelle vs. Edgardo. Edgardo wins. Moto leads, 3-2.
Round 6: Pig snout. Papa Smurf vs. Anthony. Papa Smurf wins. Moto wins, 4-2.

Night 9: Tribal...

State of the tribe... Tired... Not very happy... Hungry.. Tired... Bad... Mookie notes that they need to come through in the challenges. Sylvia takes the blame for disintegrating in the challenges. Anthony could not swallow his snout. Rocky thinks that trust is becoming an issue. Mookie is pissed off at Anthony for not coming through. He questions his will to win. Rocky thinks that Sylvia might have the idol right now.

Mookie: ANTHONY - "It's not your will, it's your attitude."
Michelle: SYLVIA - "I just gotta know if you have the idol or not."

Rest of the votes...

Anthony: SYLVIA
Rita: EARL

With five votes, Sylvia.... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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