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Today is

Snakes Are Misunderstood... We Have an Understanding Now - February 15

The first castaway dropped out before the show began. The second was blindsided, and many others got random votes. Now they’re licking leaves? Welcome to camp.

Ravu is licking the leaves in order to get some water in their systems. Without fire, they can not boil their water and are stuck in a state of dehydration.

After all the seasons of Survivor you would think someone would practice making fire before getting marooned. Geez.

On the flip side, Moto is living in luxury and enjoying their couch and pillows. Lisi thinks that the game is so vicious that it’s delicious.

Seriously, someone take away the food and comforts. This is Survivor!

Of course, food doesn’t mean that their will be no conniving or voting out. Moto better watch out.

Ravu is rubbing sticks together and getting nothing. The lack of water and food in their systems makes them as entertaining to watch as a pack of snails. Now they are cutting open coconuts for milk. This is the height of the excitement.

Oh wait, now Rocky is eating clams off the ground. At least his accent is entertaining.

Back at Moto, the food and water may be giving us more entertainment. Boo, who will soon be known as Boo-Boo, has an indentation in his eye. They pour some water in it and move on. Then he chops himself with an axe. Then while in the hammock, the ropes snaps and he falls on his back. Ouchies all around.

Sylvia returns from Exile Island and becomes the new 9th member of Ravu. She learns that they have no water and freaks. She tries to help them make fire, but soon her bossy nature comes out. Michelle can’t stand the bossiness, neither can Anthony, but both are keeping it quiet.

Until Sylvia is away that is. Then all the boys start talking and Sylvia has become a huge target.

Dreamz is having it easy. After being homeless on the street he is used to being hungry, but seeing others suffer, he is trying to make it easier on the rest of Moto. He is climbing trees to get fruit to feed the tribe and they are very appreciative.

At Ravu, Earl Erica and Rocky are searching for food by climbing the mountain. They find some rotten Mango and quickly learn how desolate and desperate their situation is. Then, right next to camp, Erica finds pineapple. Ravu rejoices and now is ready to head to challenge.

Moto is putting on War Paint as if it is going to make a difference. Do luxuries include war paint, seriously?!

The challenge:

Paddle out in a canoe and attach a rope to 4 crates. Then return to the beach and drag the crates in. Open the crates to find 6 puzzle pole pieces. Then assemble the pole and raise you team flag.

The first team done will win fishing gear, If Ravu wins they will also get flint. Also, the winning team will get to send one member of the losing team to Exile Island.

The match is close with both teams paddling well. Ravu takes a lead when Moto has difficulty attaching the rope to their 3rd crate.

Ravu gets to the beach first and gets the crates faster, but completely falls apart when Erica starts yelling assuredly that she knows which piece of the pole goes next. She’s wrong and this mistake gives Moto all the time they need to take over.

Moto wins reward and immunity. They send Earl to Exile Island making him safe from tribal.

At exile, Earl gets the second clue to find the immunity idol.

“You must be centered under the highest point through which you have entered.”

Earl is feeling good now, knowing that Sylvia could not have found the idol on Exile Island. He also is sure that she will be the next to go, so there are no worries.

Back at camp, Rocky and Mookie seem to have different ideas. They can’t believe that Erica freaked in the challenge the way that she did and they want her gone. The news spreads like wildfire through the camp and it looks like Erica may be in serious trouble.

On to Tribal council

There is some talk about Sylvia being a bossy leader and some about Erica’s vocal nature being a hindrance during the challenge, but in the end, it’s votes, not talk that counts.

Jeff tallies the votes and here they are.

The seventh vote flips over, and it is the 5th vote cast for Erica. That’s enough to send her home. The tribe has spoken.

For Erica
James (Rocky)

For Sylvia

Ravu is in some serious trouble, but maybe with a little more pineapple and cohesion, they can pull out a much needed win. Danger lurks around every corner. See why on the next Survivor.


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