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Today is

Something Cruel Is About to Happen... Real Soon - February 8

It's rich against poor as the players arrive in Fiji... for the start of Survivor!

Day 1: The arrival.

First up, the roster...

Alex Angarita
'Boo' Bernis
Earl Cole
Yau-Man Chan
Jessica deBen
Erica Durosseau
Cassandra Franklin
Liliana Gomez
Dre "Dreamz" Herd
Stacy Kimball
Sylvia Kwan
Mookie Lee
Lisi Linares
James 'Rocky' Reid.
Edgardo Rivera
Anthony Robinson
Gary Stritesky
Rita Verreos
Michelle Yi

Missing from the list is a lady named Mellisa, who bowed out before the game even began filming. The big tribe finds water as soon as they arrive near a cave. So we have water... and we have shelter. And therefore the chance at survival. But again, it means nothing if the vote doesn't come out that way.

Anthony is quick to note the banana trees as well, saying that the tribe has been blessed to find this place. Dreamz thinks he could roll with the Fijians, while Earl feels like a king.

Cassandra is your basic city slicker, while Yau-Man shows her the ropes on how to prepare coconut. He grew up in Borneo, a famed Survivor venue, and survival should come as second nature.

So you're probably asking where Jeff is during all of this. The answer... is falling the sky... and into the ocean. The Survivors head out to receive said package. Yau-Man ends up opening the case (after everyone else couldn't), and receives its bounty, instructions on where supplies are located, and plans for a shelter that everyone must build. Alex: "Something cruel is about to happen... real soon."

So the team gets their supplies and heads back to camp, where they are astounded to find a toilet seat of all things. Erica senses a twist coming.

Sylvia guides the team in building the love hut (as she is the architect of the group). Gary isn't too happy to take orders from a woman. Sylvia thinks it's taking too long. Meanwhile, Erica and Jessica concoct a pact... now all they need is a third leg in the form of... well, a third leg. Maybe Rocky's.

Day 2: The shelter.

Earl thinks Yau-Man's a keeper. Jessica ... among those thinking a twist is on the way. Dreamz recalls how he was homeless at age 7. He wishes he could bring his family along for the ride.

Night 2: The nightcrawler.

Dreamz can't get to sleep. He wants people to know who he is, so he starts being "playful", asking how many white people are here. Rocky knows who Dreamz is... and he doesn't like it, spurring an argument with the insomniac. In the end, Rocky ends up sleeping on his own.

Day 3: ... and here's your host...

"Welcome to Survivor Fiji." Those are the words of Jeff Probst as he finally arrives on the scene as we divide the tribe in two per Sylvia's wishes...


Sylvia is odd woman out. That means for her, a trip to Exile Island, where she will receive a clue as to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol. The good news: she is immune tonight, and she'll join the tribe that loses at the Immunity Challenge...

But right now...

R/I-Challenge: Chariots of Mire (for the right to stay at the luxury camp and immunity)

Two people will race on the chariots retrieving three bags of puzzle pieces as the other seven pull them through a quarter-mile length course. Then a player grabs a flag while four tribesmen will start putting together the puzzles, which will reveal a combination to a safe holding a machete. Cut the rope, hoist the flag, you win. To the winner goes the luxury shelter and a few housewarming gifts as well, including a couch, cups, hammocks, and a shower. The losing tribe will go to a new camp where they will be greeted with a pot and a machete.

Oh, and they will also have to vote someone out at the first Tribal.

It really isn't a lop-sided race as it is one person, Jessica, letting her whole camp down.

Winners: Moto. And sure enough, a couch, cutlery, and dishes greet them at their newly constructed camp. Lisi sees the irony in that Sylvia supervised the building of camp... and now she's on ...

Exile Island...

The old saying goes, "No man is an island." This applies to Sylvia first, as she reads the note left for her as to the clue of where the Hidden Immunity Idol is. Thoughts?

"I've been given the opportunity of a clue, but the clue says sorry, it's back at your camp. So now I have to figure out a time and place where I can search for it without prying eyes. That's going to be a challenge in itself."

Once again, the clue says that the Idol buried somewhere in camp.

Day 3 Still...: Bitter much?

Rocky, Jessica and Erica need to think of something. They agree to ally. Earl thinks that Erica and Michelle are tough cookies. Meanwhile, Mookie, Earl, Michelle, Anthony & Erica begin to talk, as Jessica is reminded that yeah, it was her fault that they lost the challenge. Anthony believes in the Trump axiom: "It's nothing personal, it's just business."

Earl says that there are too many actors around.  "Everybody's nervous and you still wonder in the back of your mind, like it might be you. You never know when people are trying to trick you. There's a lot of actors here, a lot of poker faces. This is my poker face."

Night 3: Tribal...

Fire. Life. If you don't know this by now, you're never gonna know this.

Michelle swears that the tribe likes the island. Erica says that there are a lot of coconuts. But Earl is quick to differ, because without fire, there is no water. Without water, there's no life. Again, see Survivor Rule #1: Fire = life. Rocky still believes that his tribe has something special. Yau-Man feels vulnerable. Mookie hopes the tribe stays strong.

Well, in every group of Survivors, someone has to be the first one out.

Jessica (apologetically) - RITA

Yau-Man - JESSICA. "I'm just trying to survive to fight another day."

That's two. The other seven...

Erica: YAU-MAN
Michelle: JESSICA
Anthony: JESSICA

That's six to one to one to one. Jessica... THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.


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