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Today is

Fat Momma's Hard Decision - August 24

Last time, the heroes started to defend the city against... well, whatever. However, as secrets were revealed and tasks became harder, Creature and Lemuria were deemed as inferior to the others and were sent on their way.

We're down to three, and each one is determined to be the last person standing.

Stan meets with the final three, as they are presented with the next challenge: inspire people. Which people? "The toughest judges of all... Kids." These kids will hear about our heroes, then pick one to be their favorite.

The three are intro'd by Stan on the class's TV set. And yes, they all like Major V's hair.

Feedback's eyes are covered as the teacher unveils the first surprise... A cover of "Feedback: issue #1" for Dark Horse Comics! Feedback is in awe. Fat Momma also gets her own cover, as does Major Victory. Both are speechless. Major V can only think about his daughter.

Each hero gets some time to explain themselves. Feedback explains his origins and how he gets his powers from video games.. to a well-rested audience. Because a few of them are caught napping at the sight. He says that his favorite game is "Pong". "I think he made it up." Google it when you get home, kid. Then one kid asks, "Did you make all of this stuff up, or are you just nuts?" He answers that people read his creative energy as insanity.

Fat Momma... raps her spiel. And everyone gets it. "You have to first learn to like yourself."

Finally, Major Victory... well, I don't know what the heck he does, but he explains his many... MANY... powers. He seems to be the kids' favorite, as he gets questions on his hair ("It has to be aerodynamic sister.")

Now the kids gets to vote on a favorite. And the winner is.. Fat Momma! As for the other two, they take to the board and write out "I will not pretend to be a superhero" 50 million times.

Next day, at Universal Citywalk, it looks like the Dark Enforcer is at it again. The heroes head out to stop him before he can do any harm. The secret is looking into the clues.

1) If you find a woman with an ankle tattoo, there'll be a message above her high-heeled shoe.

Major V is the first to decipher it.

2) Take the lotion from the woman, and follow the directions on the label. Let's see right now, if you're smart, willing and able.


3) Find a guy over 200 with a diamond in his ear, rub the lotion on his belly, and the next clue will appear.

Major V is first again...

4) She has thirty-three fifty in a fancy purse. Count it now or things will get worse. If you care, she has short hair.

Major V finds it again. Next clue.

5) You've got to find the villain fast, there's no time to stall. He'll be waiting for you around a big round ball. He finds the Dark Enforcer in little over 15 minutes. Feedback... is stuck on the change lady. Feedback... in 15:40 fro second. "I still think there's good in you."

Yeah right.

Later that night, Fat Momma mentions that she can't bear to see Feedback eliminated. She recesses to the bathroom, while the guys wait it out in the kitchen, hoping she won't quit.

Talking with the big giant head (aka Scott Satin, EP), Fat Momma feels bad for Feedback. "I don't want it that bad. I just can't do this. I want to be taken off the show."

The other reenter, telling her not to give up that easily. "I will not be hurt if I lose to either of you two," says Feedback, adding that if he is eliminated tonight, he has no regrets. Major V adds that she should see this through to the end. "Whoever gets eliminated, we'll always be friends."

Time to go to the roof. Stan would rather be anywhere but here. Feedback is on the block. So is Major Victory. So is Fat Momma.

Fat Momma preached self-esteem, and was chosen as the favorite. However, it took Fat Momma an hour to find the Dark Enforcer. Stan is rather disappointed in her for not taking priorities into account. Major Victory didn't inform the class of his background and therefore, a better understanding. Feedback went over the kid's heads. He needs to understand his audience. However, if it weren't for the penny, he would've won the challenge. But he gave up the win to serve others, and that was true heroism.

But who will take the long walk home?

"Major Victory... You've used your talent for humor in all of these challenges, but that makes for a better stand-up comic. You've succeeded in amusing me, but being a superhero is not about being the funniest. You've almost become like a parody of a superhero. It's not exactly what I'm looking. I need someone who'll take this seriously. With that, I take my hat off to you, but then regrettably, I ask you to turn in your costume."

"Victory out."

Feedback almost quits himself, as Major V tells him not to go that way. He walks out when...

"Just a minute, Chris. Please come back." Stan makes mention of his daughter, as Chris gets a chance to speak with her. "Hi, dad." The two exchange pleasantries before she says "You're my hero, dad." Chris is a hero to a lot of people.

And then, there were two. Fat Momma and Feedback. At stake: immortality for the victor. Shame for the loser. In the end, there can only be one...

 "To be continued..."

Until next time, true believers...


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