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Today is

Real World, Fake Heroes - August 17

Last time, a lunch and a burning building was enough to bring the team against each other thanks to the Dark Enforcer. In the end, Monkey Woman, who saw this as "just another gig", and Tyveculus, who failed in a test of selflessness, got their superhero walking papers, leaving just five.

We begin the day by doing what any superhero would... going through the city and righting wrongs. Littering, jaywalking, guarding against naked mannequins, making sure people don't do anything that will shame their mothers... slow day in LA, isn't it?

Back at the lair, the Dark Enforcer joins up with Stan and the others, telling him that he's done some research... through their families and friends. "I found out that they're lying to you through their teeth."

Regina (Creature's friend) says that she's an eco-conscious kind of gal... but she once chucked some items out of a hotel room.

Sarah (Feedback's wife) says that her husband was perfectly organized... but he's an inconsiderate slob.

Laverne (Fat Momma's momma) says that she was not always proud of her weight... even though she says that she's proud now.

Austin (Major Victory's former coworker) reveals that he's been in the "clothing removal business"... as Thong Man.

Brandy (Lemuria's friend) says that she uses her gold lame to weaken mere mortal men... by dancing on table tops.

Time for another elimination. Creature, Fat Momma, and Major Victory are all on the block. Major Victory is seen as having a little too much stripper inside of him. Fat Momma may not be as satisfied as she thinks. Creature's past actions come back to haunt her... and this morning... she ended up jaywalking on a red light. We know where this is going.

"Creature, please turn in your costume." With the words "Live hard, love harder", she exits the lair.

The next day, the next challenge... Try and touch some hardened incarcerated criminals. Whether they are real or not, well, that's anyone's guess. This is, after all, reality TV.

Nerves, however... very real.

Stan buzzes in again with what he calls the Secret Task game. While trying to get the cons to see the error of their ways, they must do one of the following tasks...

- hug an inmate three times (Fat Momma)
- brush the hair out of an inmate's face three times (Major Victory)
- rub an inmate's shoulders three times (Feedback)
- sit on an inmate's lap for 10 seconds (Lemuria)

After their waiver signs, Lemuria is first, as she's rattled by her costume and some serious yelling on the perp's part. Her task... not completed.

Fat Momma's got the same lady. She lets her know that when she's angry, she can grow five times her size. Not exactly a needed power as she is guaranteed a spot in the next round by completing her task.

Major Victory, meet Big Poppa. They ask him not to touch "Terry", but he does so anyway. Three times. Good job. He's got a pass, although he did remove his cape.. again. "You know what... I'm going to miss Feedback."

Feedback says that the only way he's going to hug that guy is if he feels a genuine response to him. Apparently, they share more than just three hugs, as feedback reveals that his father killed himself (Terry's dad was popped, apparently), so there you go. Looks like Lemuria is the only one on the block. Maybe.

Rooftop time. Stan likes them all, character-wise and personality-wise. Lemuria failed her tasks. Major Victory can't seem to keep his clothes on. Both are on the block.

"Lemuria... turn in your costume." So the Wild Card is played out, leaving the final three. Stan says that he is proud of all of them. Major V says that he will keep his clothes on at all times from here on out. Fat Momma's kind of overwhelmed. "It feels nice to know that you believe in me," she says as she goes on about being an underappreciated mother. Feedback hopes his father would be proud of him. "Spider-Man helped me to be an adult, and I try to live up to that every day."

It only gets harder as we push to the final chapter. "To be continued..."

Until next time, true believers...


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