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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to face off against each other in a reprise of the Battle of the Sexes to see which gender claims bragging rights this year.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Johnny Moseley
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
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"Cast a Spell" - December 27

And before we transition from 2004 to the year 2005, here's another recap entry into "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II."

At the top of the show we see Tonya with some of the participants at a nightclub being the sexy single that she is, but she needs to get her act together in this competition. When she walked to the parking lot, Tonya cries with the pressure of staying of the battle. The teams receive a message on their cell phones telling them to be ready at 9:30 and to wear their bathing suits.

The teams are ready for the next challenge "Cast a Spell." But there's a difference before the challenge begins. Host Johnny Moseley does not tell the teams about the mission until after the team leaders are selected. He also tells the teams that the only muscle they are using is their brains. The prize they're playing for is an HP zd7000 laptop computer worth $2,000 for a total team value of $14,000. The teams are given 30 minutes to deliberate on who should be the team leaders. When time is called the teams are given another note that this challenge is a word game. And in addition Johnny also points out that the teams can't talk to each other or the host himself. The teams are shown their letter boards having the whole set of letters of the alphabet. The teams will then spray the letters (1 for each participant) onto their bodies that spells words (up to 7 of them). The team members who make the words will organize their teammates to form them. Once they've formed a word, the team puts their hands up and then get a Polaroid picture taken to confirm and be placed on the board. This is kind of similar to the Boggle board game where the more letters there are in the word, the more points a team scores.

1 Letter word - 1 point
2 Letter word - 3 points
3 Letter word - 6 points
4 Letter word - 10 points
5 Letter word - 16 points
6 Letter word - 21 points
7 Letter word - 28 points

The team with the highest score wins the challenge. Teams can't reuse words otherwise they get points docked off their total.

For the team leaders, the guys pick Dan, Shane, and Theo and the girls pick Coral, Ruthie, and Tonya. The teams are instructed to stay silent until, but for the guys it's easier said than done. Shane doesn't know what Steve is doing, but he says if gets the guys a DQ (disqualification) then Steve's going home, taking it personally. Once the teams get the signal that they're allowed to talk Shane talks to Steve. Shane said to Seve that's not funny and they almost got them penalized. Then Steve made a BIG mistake by hitting Shane. Any of you viewers of The Real World or Road Rules or the Challenge know that the participans have signed a contract that forbids them from violence. Unfortunately Steve didn't get the memo and then Johnny calls them and the guys over telling them about the strict policy of not hitting anyone. And then Johnny tells Steve that he's ejected from the battle of the sexes. Shane steps in that he can't leave and he felt responsible for this turn of event. While the girls have already selected their letters. The guys have to change their letter selection no longer allowing seven letters. This could be a disadvantage for the guys, but you never know when they'll bounce back.

After the teams have selected their letters the 30-minute time limit begins. The guys use a strategy thinking back to the days of "Wheel of Fortune" where lots of words have letters R, S, and T. While the mission was in progress Steve took some time to write a quick note apologizing for his behavior before the mission even started and then taking the van home. When time has been called the guys accumulated a grand total of 735 points. The girls have a grand total of...624 points. What an upset! The girls couldn't believe that they were outsmarted. Mark claimed that the guys' victory over the women down a man and a letter would be the biggest upset ever in reality television. The girls have to eliminate one of their team leaders while the guys don't get to vote because of Steve's DQ. Tonya knows that she's going home.

In Elimination Hill, with no surprise to the viewers, the girls vote off Tonya. The remaining participants have made it through another round of the Battle of the Sexes and they're that much closer to that $180,000 prize. Which of the men and which of the women will be sent home next? The next recap is pending.

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