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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to face off against each other in a reprise of the Battle of the Sexes to see which gender claims bragging rights this year.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Johnny Moseley
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
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"Howdy Santa Fe"/"Dangle Drop" - October 11

I'm Brian Moore and I'm back to give you recaps for... "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2." This is the hour-long, two-part season premiere episode.

36 former "Real World" and "Road Rules" cast members arrive in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They'll compete each day in a series of challenges for a total of $180,000 in prize money. Host Johnny explains the new voting process... and they go like this. After a challenge has been revealed, the teams elect which of their three members would be the team leaders for that mission. The team who wins will have their team leaders become the Inner Circle and vote someone else in their team off. If a team loses a mission, then the rest of their team must select one of the three teams leaders to be voted off. The last three guys and girls will then compete in the final mission for the total amount banked.

The teams arrive at their lodges where they pick their rooms and get settled in. The guys lodge is about 200 yards from the girls' with a common house inbetween, featuring a pool and bar. In the girls villa Cameran feels like the older castmates don't respect the newer ones. Veronica is saying that Katie and her are civil. Mike says that it's good to have Coral on the other team because he knows she'll mess with all their minds.

The moment their cell phones rang, the teams got their first clue that says they'll have to be ready at 7:15 the next morning and to wear bathing suits. Jacquese gets nervous because he can't swim and a bathing suit means a water mission is coming up. Angela and Rachel start off on the wrong foot because Angela believes the older cast mates are attempting to run the show. Derrick starts off by being a bit abrasive which kind of secludes him from the rest of the guys.

The teams gather at Cochiti Lake for mission 1. They play "Dangle Drop" which is a test of endurance and strategy. A metal contraption hangs from a crane and on that contraption hands nine boxing bags. Four heats will be playing with either four or five people from team team hugging the bags. When the horn blows, 15 seconds are allowed for the players to hold onto the bags but not on the chains. A heat ends when one player is left hanging. The winners of the first four heats take part in the fifth and final heat. The winner of the final heat wins the mission and wins a Student City Spring Break Trip to Cancun, Mexico worth $5,000 for all of their teammates.

The teams have made their decisions for their team leaders, the guys elect Abram, Adam, and Eric while the girls choose Genesis, Rachel, and Tina. They flip a coin to decide who'll pick how many they want in the first head. Since the guys won the toss, they pick four while the girls will have five.

In the first heat Veronica drops off first, followed by Arissa, Katie, Robin, Ayanna, Eric, and Steven. Derrick wins the first heat!

In the second heart Kina hit the water first, followed by Cynthia, Aneesa, Ace, Shawn, Mark, Brad, Tina. Abram advances!

In heat 3, Ibis is off first then Mike touched the chain causing him to be disqualified and dropped off next. Then Sophia drops off before Adam got disqualified causing him to drop off next. Genesis, Frank, Theo, and Ruthie fell soon after giving Rachel the win.

In the fourth, non-disqualification heat, Jacquese, Cameran, Shane, Nick, Angela, Randy, Tonya, and Dan fell giving Coral the win. The remaining two men and women then compete in the final heat where Derrick beat out Coral, Rachel, and Abram giving the guys the win. That means that Eric, Abram, and Adam must choose one guy from their team to eliminate. That also means the girls team has to pick between Genesis, Rachel, and Tina to go home.

Back at the villas, there are decisions to be made. Easily the guys picked Jacquese to go home although he did not get disqualified. However Jacquese's hang time was shorter than those who were disqualified. The girls' decision for elimination was harder. They all decide that Rachel is not in the running because she kicked a**. So the choices are narrowed down to Genesis and Tina. They're both liked by the team and they both motivate them.

The teams go over to Elimination Hill where Eric steps up and states that they'll be sending Jacquese home. Sophia then comes up and announces tearfully that Genesis will be going home. Genesis regrets volunteering for team leader, but despite that she says she had a blast the first couple of days.

As Jacquese and Genesis pack their bags and say their goodbyes, Angela starts crying over her feelings. She believes she needs to express her feelings, but she's afraid too. Sophia encourages her to share her feelings because she'll regret it if she doesn't. Veronica says that Angela will be the next to voted off. This proves there is vulnerability in this challenge.

At the show's end Tonya decides that the girls need to take one of the guy's message recliner chair since they have three and the girls don't have any. They successfully take one only to be sabotaged by Abram who takes their toilet seats without their knowledge.

Wow! This has got to be the longest recap I've ever done. I think we have another crazy season on the horizon. See ya next week!

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