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Battle of the Sexes 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to face off against each other in a reprise of the Battle of the Sexes to see which gender claims bragging rights this year.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Johnny Moseley
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Bombs Away" - November 1

We're in the new month of November and we're ready for a new episode of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II." But this will be another quickie recap, so here it goes.

The teams competed in the next mission "Bombs Away." Where two members of each team in each round compete to eat different kinds of foods from the best to the worst. After seven rounds, the last remaining player of each team then has go solo in round 8. The first team/player to complete their eating and stick their tongue(s) out at the camera of have their opponents vomit, will win the round. And the runner(s)-up of the round will have their cardboard cutouts of themselves get blown away by a bomb. The remaining players of each team (not including the team leaders) then advance into the next part where they'll have to transport a series of dominoes while walking on the balance beam. When they get to the game board, they must look at a small pattern to be copied on their boards. The first team to have their board match up with the pattern will win a pair of Viseon broadband video phones for each member. A prize package worth in total, $18,000.

The guys choose Chris, Mark, and Steven as their team leaders. The girls choose Ayanna, Coral, and Sophia as their team leaders. The food products included garlic, hot sauce, peanut butter, and cow brains. In cutting a long story short the guys won five rounds and the girls won three. That leaves nine of the boys and 6 of the girls to advance to the puzzle portion. The guys correctly finished the puzzle first to claim another victory. The guys now have a total prize package of $124,600 and the girls once again have absolutely nothing.

Over at Elimination Hill the guys vote off Abram and the girls vote off Ayanna. Before being given the ride home she Ayanna said she slept in her uniform because she wanted to win today. Too bad that didn't happen.

Next time on the battle, will building a junk boat float or sink the girls' chances to win the next mission. You'll find out soon.

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