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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back to face off against each other in a reprise of the Battle of the Sexes to see which gender claims bragging rights this year.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Johnny Moseley
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Pop Culture Bike-Jump" - December 13

The guys and girls always come out fighting on "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II."

The episode begins with Tonya talked with Theo about her behavior and personality on the previous missions in which she had earned two penalties at the hot tub. Tonya says she has the mindset and the physical capability to be here but she worries about the two penalties hanging over her head.

Next we see Eric with his jump rope, which according to him, represents focus, dedication, and determination. Eric and his jump rope has been everywhere in the Battle of the Sexes. Some of the participants didn't like it much. Coral made a guess that it must be the missing link in his brain. Eric is confident that the rope will create peace, love, unity and teamwork.

The teams receive a message on their cellphones and are told to wear protective clothing and tennis shoes. They were also told to go big or go home! The girls have another chance to break their long losing streak.

The teams compete in the next mission, the "Pop Culture Bike Jump." Members of each team will individually decide if they want to jump off a ramp with a bicycle or answer a pop culture question. The players who decide to jump off, must select which ramp they want to go on, an 8-foot (ramp 1), an 11-foot (ramp 2), or a 14-foot (ramp 3). In order to complete the jump off, players must have the back wheel of their bikes off the ramp and stay on their bikes at jump time. Completing a jump adds points to a teams total score; 1 point for ramp 1, 2 points for ramp 2, and 3 for ramp 3. The players who opt for the pop culture question will have to write answers on their scribble board. The players who give correct answers then have to complete a jump offs of any of the ramps for 6 points. Players who miss their questions will not be allowed to jump off and get no points on the spot. The members of the team with the highest score will each win a Sharper Image iJoy Turbo II Massage Chair valed at $7,200.

The girls know that pop culture is their forte and they might have this mission in the bag. The teams make their decisions for the team leaders, the guys pick Brad, Frank, and Theo while the girls pick Arissa, Sophia, and Tina. The mission begins!

Dan and Sophia go first, Dan goes for the question and Sophia elects to jump off ramp 3.

Question 1: What is the name of Anna Nicole Smith's Dog?

Dan answered Money and was wrong, the correct answer was Sugar Pie giving the guys no points. Sophia completes her jump off ramp 3 for 3 points giving the girls the early lead.

Shane and Tonya are up next, Shane opts for the query and Tonya goes for ramp 3.

Question 2: Name Madonna's two children.

Shane correctly answered Rocco and Lourdes and completed ramp #1 for 6 points taking the lead from the girls. But Tonya completed the jump on ramp 3 for a 6-6 tie.

Theo and Ibis both go for the question and are asked.

Question 3: In Kalis' song "Milkshake," her Milkshake brings what to the what?

Theo wrongly answered "Boys" and "Bar" giving the guys another 0 score. While Ibis correctly answered "Boys to the Yard" and completed a jump on ramp 3 giving the girls a 12-6 lead.

Randy and Robin are up next and they're both going for the question.

Question 4: On "Friends," what does Ross say to Rachel when she accussses him of cheating?

Randy was the only one who correctly answered "We were on a break." and completed ramp 1 for 6 points tying up at 12 a piece.

Mark and Tina have their turns next and once again they both go for the query.

Question 5: Name one member of the band 98 Degrees.

Mark and Tina both say Nick Lachey and they're both correct. Mark completed his jump at ramp 1 and Tina completed hers at ramp 6 giving both teams 6 points for an 18-18 tie.

Steven and Ruthie went on next. Steve wants the question and Ruthie wants ramp 3.

Question 6: Who was the first person ever to be kicked off of MTV's "The Real World?"

Steven mistakenly thought of season 3 when he answered Puck, but was wrong. The query was asking about the original Real World season in New York in which David was kicked out. Therefore David was the correct answer. Ruthie completed her jump at ramp 3 giving the girls the lead 21 to 18.

Frank and Veronica play next with both of them going with the next question.

Question 7: What school activity is the subject of the movie "Bring it On?"

They both correctly answer cheerleading and they both complete their jumps at ramps 1 and 3 respectively. The guys have 24 points and the girls have 27.

Brad and Arissa are the last to go and they both go with this next question.

Final Question: Who is the first woman to be killed off in the "Scream" trilogies?

Brad wrongly answered Carmen Electra and Arissa correctly answered Drew Barrymore. That means the guys' score is stuck at 24 and that gives the girls a guaranteed win. Arlissa was hesitant in completed the jump at ramp 3, but that did stop her from adding 6 more points to the girls' score. With their final score 33 beating the guys 24, the girls have finally won!

The team leaders of the girls and the other team members of the guys get the positions of the Inner Circle. The teams go through their deliberation processes, then they go to Elimination Hill. Over there the guys send home Frank and the girls send home Veronica.

The teams are in their last week and a half, will the girls build on to their winning streak or will the guys be back in the saddle? Find out in the next episode of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes II."

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