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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers are teaming up in pairs of rivals in the ultimate of competitions in MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Host TJ Lavin
Creators Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
EP Jonathan Murray
Packager Bunim-Murray Productions for MTV
Origins Costa Rica
Web rivals.mtv.com
Airs 10p Wed, MTV

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July 20

Evan, Kenny and Wes one again tried to get rid of C.T., but their plan went south due to Kenny's poor performance sending hin and Wes back to the Jungle. Kenny and Wes then decide to take on Brandon and Ty in a game of Going Up. The latter two were the next team gone, and soon another girl team will join the others out of Costa Rica.

It seems that some of the other teams have buried the hatched in terms of their past rivalries. As for Jasmine and Jonna, it may have come to surface as they have a fight which may change the game for them.

Challenge #5: Against the Current

Each pair will use a kayak and paddle themselves upstream against the current until that pushes them out. Then they must then turn around and paddle back until they cross the finish line. The time it takes for a pair to fight the current will be subtracted by the time they spend in the rapids. If a team falls out of their boat and end up in the finish line without it, then they have 30 seconds to get back in. The male and female teams with the best times wins.

C.T. & Adam - 47s
Jasmine & Jonna - 1m 14s
Leroy & Michael - 52s
Jenn & Mandi - 52s
Evan & Nehemiah - 1m 35s
Sarah & Katelynn - DQ
Kenny & Wes - DQ
Cara Maria & Laurel - 1m 02s
Johnny & Tyler - 42s
Ev & Paula - 54s

Despite having Tyler get a groin hit via boat, him and Johnny win $2,000. On the girls' side Jenn and Mandi don't have to think about the Jungle as they've won. Sarah and Katelynn are going into the Jungle, although it could have been worse, the former would have been drowned in that challenge.

Normally, the deliberations would take 20 minutes after T.J. leaves homebase. However it took only two for the teams to send Jasmine and Jonna into the Jungle.

The next day, T.J. returns to homebase where he calls on Sarah, Katelynn, Jonna and Jasmine. He then wants one of each team to come with him and the teams choose Katelynn and Jasmine. You'll know why in the next jungle game.

Jungle Game: Unburied

One player of each team is taken away ahead of time and are locked in a coffin, buried underneath a pile of hay. Their other partners must dig through the hay to find their partner, but they don't know which pile contains their partner. After they successfully get their partner out, they must then solve a brain-teaser puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle will wins.

Sarah finds Katelynn first and now they have to arrange the blocks on four poles to form a tower on the farthest pole.

Jasmine and Jonna win this game sending Sarah and Katelynn back home.

To see this episode in its entirety, along with extra content, visit rivals.mtv.com.